Working With The Violet Flame

I found this simple explanation on working with the violet flame at Violet Flame Miracles. I think it will work as a basic template for our project. I’ve also included a few basic Decrees to get us started.

Invoking the Violet Flame

We lovingly speak and “see” mantras, affirmations, decrees and fiats to invoke the violet flame. Many violet flame mantras, affirmations, discourses, and decrees have been given over the years through organizations like the I AM Movement, The Bridge to Freedom and The Summit Lighthouse.

Be Creative

You can also be creative! Remember that whenever you invoke the violet flame in the name of the I AM THAT I AM, the possibilities are endless. I AM THAT I AM is the primordial name of God, written in our innermost parts. It was the name God gave to Moses in the burning bush and it corresponds to the Eastern Om Tat Sat Om. You can always begin with this beautiful invocation,

“In the name of the Christ Self
and in the name of the living God,
I call forth the energies of the sacred fire
from the altar within my heart.”

Establish a Momentum

You can multiply the effectiveness of your violet flame invocations by giving these mantras out loud for fifteen minutes at a time. To experience a significant benefits in your life, invoke fifteen minutes of violet flame for forty days. Mark your calendar. Write down the specific issues that you would like to see resolved and visualize the violet flame going through these issues. Then give your decrees. Surrender your problems to the violet flame. Invoke God’s will for your life and see what miracles will transpire. Invite the violet flame into your life today.

Below are some beautiful  and simple violet flame mantras and affirmations. Choose the one you like best. Give the decree in a loud voice with authority as a fiat. Repeat in an accelerating decree spiral. When working with Violet Flame mantras, you can also set them to music and sing and dance to their rhythm.

Violet Flame Mantras

I AM a being of violet fire
I AM the purity God desires.

In the name Saint Germain,
Blaze and expand now the violet flame!


I’m calling for an ocean of violet flame
To transmute fear and error, and all sense of shame.


“Breath of God inside each cell, I AM the violet flame.
Searching out all hidden pain I AM the violet flame.”


Light Set me free! Light set me free! Light set me free!
I AM the violet flame!


I love these little mantras, and I thought they might be easier to remember and keep in my mind if they were pictures. So I converted them into images they can be found here: Violet Flame at Mind Magic.

13 Responses to Working With The Violet Flame

  • Yay! Day one! I can’t decide which one to use.Last week when I was getting ready for the project, I was doing the first one (I am a being of violet fire, I am the purity the Gods desire) while driving to and from work, really enjoyed the way it made me feel. When I said the word “purity” i imagined that it meant that all my screw ups, all my errors in judgment, all my bad juju and negative bullshit, all my bad ideas and wrong perceptions were evaporated in the violet fire… also I used the word “Gods” instead of “God” because that fits my belief system better. Anyway… the second time I did it, I noticed that gradually, there was a violet tinge to everything… like I was seeing it… very seriously cool and unexpected. So that’s the one I’ve been sticking with. Love you guys and can’t wait to see which ones you all like best.

  • I will be using the ‘light set me free’ one. It resonated the most with me.

  • I’m going to use the first one for now. I might change it up later and use the ocean one. I can’t wait to start!

  • I am actually going to use the ‘Light Set Me Free’. I feel like If I use this one, I will be free of the guilt I have of being myself and It will help me to truly embrace my self and to be myself without regrets!

  • I’m going to use the ocean one.

  • I like the ocean one, too. I like the part about transmuting fear, error and shame. I’ll use that one for now.

  • I like the Breath of God one, and the Light Set Me Free one too. I’ll try them both and see.

  • Hi Cindy and Melissa… I wish the blog had a thumbs up and a heart thingy… I loved the Breath of God one and yet I haven’t used it yet. Mostly I start off with I am a being of Violet Fire and then I start adding to it and sometimes it turns into something really elaborate and long… I punctuate it with Almighty I AM… because it feels so good to say it. I’ve never had so much fun with my meditations 🙂

  • I actually used the breath of God in each cell, idk for me it covers my entire self and doesn’t leave any room to hide those things that I pretend aren’t there. This instead found it all and cleared the way for good!

    • Hi Daphyne – I like that one too, and I thought it was the one I would use, but instead I got all caught up in a different one.
      Hi Saskia – I saw the spam comment and have taken care of it. Thanks for pointing it out!

  • Hi I missed this in January as I wasn’t aware it was on so I am going to read one blog post a day. Funny thing is I started recently to read my St Germain book with I am decrees..

    “Breath of God inside each cell, I AM the violet flame.
    Searching out all hidden pain I AM the violet flame.”

  • this is good article !!!!!!

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