The Ganesha Oracle

Look what I found! Whispers of Lord Ganesha oracle cards. I thought they were pretty nifty, and so I went on a search to see if I could find them online to share here. I found some, but not all. So, I had this idea that we could have our own “oracle” for this little website.

Here’s how it works:

I uploaded all the images I found into a gallery, and set it to display in random order. Each time the page reloads, the images should be arranged differently. So, ask the Lord Ganesha what quality, aspect, or idea he’s willing to work with you on today and reload the page. The first image in the gallery is his answer.

If you like these, you can find them at Amazon: Whispers of Lord Ganesha. They also have a journal for those of you who like journaling.

Victory to Ganesha, who when dancing makes a shower of stars fall like a rain of flowers from the sky by the movement of his trunk.  ~Somadeva

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