All talk of surrender is like stealing sugar from a sugar image of Ganesha and then offering it to the same Ganesha. You say that you offer up your body and soul and all your possessions to God, but were they yours to offer?

At best you can say, ‘I wrongly imagined till now that all these, which are Yours, were mine. Now I realize that they are Yours and shall no longer act as though they were mine’. And this knowledge that there is nothing but God or Self, that ‘I’ and ‘mine’ do not exist and that only the Self exists is jnana. It is enough that one surrenders oneself.

~Ramana Maharshi, as quoted in Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi in His Own Words (1996).

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Victory to Ganesha, who when dancing makes a shower of stars fall like a rain of flowers from the sky by the movement of his trunk.  ~Somadeva

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