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A short and simple explanation of our privacy policy is that we value our own privacy, and we are not the least bit interested in compromising yours. We do not collect information to share or to sell. Any information that happens to get collected is purely for simple stuff like visitor stats, (how many hits a particular post has), comments (so we can monitor and get rid of spam comments, which can be a real problem), and the “share this” buttons.

I do not purposefully or consciously use cookies on my site. I did a check with the cookie checker and confirmed that no cookies are being used. So… as far as I know, this site is cookie free. I don’t know about you, but I hate being tracked online… I do, however like some of the more benevolent aspects of cookies such as when my browser remembers my name and address.

While some websites may collect information from other sources, here at, we do not. We are way too self absorbed and disinterested. We are probably missing lots of marketing opportunities, and we don’t really care.

So that’s the short and sweet. If you want the long involved privacy policy explanation… read more on our in depth Privacy Policy page over at Site News.

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