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Welcome to my web

Shirleytwofeathers.com is an online resource for indepth information on a wide variety of subjects. This was a brand new site four years ago, and much of the content has still not been uploaded as yet because I made it way more complicated than it needed to be.

My idea was to consolidate all my blogs and websites - gathering together all the information I have shared over the years, rewriting, updating, and adding to it as I go, and then publishing it in one place.

On days when things are going well, I think of it as "putting all of my eggs in one basket", on other days it's my giant "can of worms" or sometimes "the abyss otherwise known as shirleytwofeathers.com."

I have always been interested in the who, what, why, where, and when of just about everything. And as a result I have studied, researched, practiced, shared, taught, and explored a wide variety of techniques, practices, and ideas.

It is my intention to bring all of those techniques, practices, and ideas to this website where they can be explored, shared, and enjoyed.
Ring of Fire
Dark Shadows
Midnight Moon
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Check out Site News for what's going on behind the scenes here at shirleytwofeathers.com. One day I hope to have a better feed, but for now, this one will have to do. :)

A to Z Index of just some of the cool content on this website:

Adorable CutenessAlmanac  * Animal HealingAphrodesiacsArt I LoveAuntie MossAsk The Plumber DudeBad Hair Day * Basic Herbal Medicine ChestBook of Wisdom of the EgyptiansBreak A Hex SpellsCat MemesChakra Central * Cold and Flu RemediesColor TherapyColoring PagesCreepy StuffCthulhu MemesDictionary of Magickal IntentionsDivinationDog Training * Encyclopedia of Herbology * Energy WorkFairy Houses * Fairy Tales and StoriesFlower Magick * Folk MedicineFrequently Asked QuestionsGarden MagickGod Is AliveGods and GoddessesGypsy LoreGypsy Magic * Healing Teas * Healing With ColorHerbal Formulas * Herbs A - ZHey It's MeHigher PowersHistorical GypsyIndependent ReviewIncenseKid StuffKitchen MagickLanguage of FlowersLove SpellsLyrics and SongsMagick WordsMagickal IngredientsMeditationMeme CityMethods of DivinationMore Cool PicturesMy Life In A NutshellMyths and Legends * Old Old Cures * OrangeOur Fortune TellerOur ReceptionistOur Resident WitchPagan CalendarPoetryQuotes * RedRomany Songs and MusicRules for WitchcraftScience of Creative IntelligenceSigils and SymbolsStrange PortraitsTable of Weights and Measures  * Twofeathers ReikiVampire MemesWay Cool Pictures * What A Chakra Feels LikeWheel of the YearWhen Magick FailsWhy Do Spirits Help Us? * WiddershinsWorking With The Spirit World * YellowYummy Food

For a more complete list, visit the Site Map.

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Sometimes I just want someone to hug me and say, “I know its hard. You’re going to be okay. Here is chocolate and 6 million dollars.”