What do you want more of?

Welcome to day 1 of our newest project, What You Focus On Grows. I’m thinking that the best way to get started with this is to spend a little bit of time thinking about what it is that we WANT to grow in our lives. What do you want more of?

For me, the list looks like this:

  • More cash floating around in my pockets and my purse.
  • More time to work on the projects that I’m currently interested in.
  • More time off work.
  • More time to spend having adventures with my favorite people.
  • More energy.
  • More orderliness in my environment.
  • More spiritual experiences.
  • More peace of mind.
  • More happiness.
  • A deeper connection to the Powers that Be and the Earth herself.
  • To feel stronger and healthier, and more alive.

What does the list look like for you?

Some Prosperity Decrees


I found these decrees at the Saint Germain Foundation, and then I added a beginning and an end to each one. There were more on that page if these don’t quite do it for you.


In the name, love, wisdom, power, authority, and victory of the
Beloved I AM Presence,

I AM the Ascended Master Payment of this (of every) bill or obligation,
instantly and eternally manifest through Divine Love.
I demand, I command, I insist and I AM that I AM that I AM.


I AM a being of Violet Fire.
I AM the inescapable, inexhaustible Riches of God
flowing into my hands and use today,
manifest with Full Power, as a glad-free gift of Divine Love.
I refuse everything but the Fullness of God’s Supply to me, NOW!
I AM, I AM the Violet Flame
Almighty I AM
Almighty I AM
Almighty I AM


Mighty I AM Presence Bright
Seal me in your tube of Light.
Protect and empower, in this and every hour.
I AM that I AM
and I AM
Sealed forever in the Peace, Protection, Security, Love, Wisdom, Power, Supply and Freedom of the “Light of God That Never Fails.”


“Mighty I AM Presence”! Thank you for all the money that comes into my hands and use or that touches my world! I accept it as A Messenger of Love and Balance! Charge it with Purity, Love and Blessing without limit; and see that it brings only Freedom and Perfection everywhere in the world.“

Here’s A Concept


I picked up “The Art of Spiritual Healing” by Joel Goldsmith this morning, and the book flipped open to the chapter on “A New Concept of Supply”. Here are a few selected quotes to give us all something to think about.

“… All the supply that exists in heaven or on earth exists within you at this moment, and, therefore, all attempts to demonstrate supply must result in failure. There is no supply outside of your being. If you want to enjoy the abundance of supply, you must open out a way for that supply to escape.”

“Supply is not getting, supply is giving. The bread that you cast upon the water is the bread that comes back to you. It is not your neighbor’s bread; it is your own bread; and if you do not cast it upon the water, there will be no bread to come back to you. All the bread on the water is earmarked for return to the person who has sent it forth.”

“Because of the infinite nature of your being, you cannot add health to yourself or wealth or opportunity or companionship: All you can do is to recognize that you embody all that God is and has. You must not try to get; you must not try to have; you must not try to draw to you: You must learn how to let Infinity flow out from you.”

“Everything that appears is made out of the substance of the Invisible, and it is infinite. For example, there is no way to increase your supply of crops, money,land, or of anything else by what the world calls prayer. There is no miracle of prayer that produces rabbits out of hats. Nobody can do that unless the rabbits were there in the first place. There is no such thing as increase or decrease: There is only Infinity expressing Itself. If you are not the recipient of the bounty of Infinity, it is not because Infinity is absent: It is because of your lack of awareness of Infinity.”

“Watch the miracle that takes place in your life as you learn to relax in the realization that the infinite nature of God makes God the only Is …”

I wish I could transcribe the whole thing, but it is way too long. It certainly gave me something to contemplate this morning.. What do you guys think? What are your thoughts, feelings, insights, long philosophical ramblings?Related Posts with Thumbnails

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