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I picked up “The Art of Spiritual Healing” by Joel Goldsmith this morning, and the book flipped open to the chapter on “A New Concept of Supply”. Here are a few selected quotes to give us all something to think about.

“… All the supply that exists in heaven or on earth exists within you at this moment, and, therefore, all attempts to demonstrate supply must result in failure. There is no supply outside of your being. If you want to enjoy the abundance of supply, you must open out a way for that supply to escape.”

“Supply is not getting, supply is giving. The bread that you cast upon the water is the bread that comes back to you. It is not your neighbor’s bread; it is your own bread; and if you do not cast it upon the water, there will be no bread to come back to you. All the bread on the water is earmarked for return to the person who has sent it forth.”

“Because of the infinite nature of your being, you cannot add health to yourself or wealth or opportunity or companionship: All you can do is to recognize that you embody all that God is and has. You must not try to get; you must not try to have; you must not try to draw to you: You must learn how to let Infinity flow out from you.”

“Everything that appears is made out of the substance of the Invisible, and it is infinite. For example, there is no way to increase your supply of crops, money,land, or of anything else by what the world calls prayer. There is no miracle of prayer that produces rabbits out of hats. Nobody can do that unless the rabbits were there in the first place. There is no such thing as increase or decrease: There is only Infinity expressing Itself. If you are not the recipient of the bounty of Infinity, it is not because Infinity is absent: It is because of your lack of awareness of Infinity.”

“Watch the miracle that takes place in your life as you learn to relax in the realization that the infinite nature of God makes God the only Is …”

I wish I could transcribe the whole thing, but it is way too long. It certainly gave me something to contemplate this morning.. What do you guys think? What are your thoughts, feelings, insights, long philosophical ramblings?Related Posts with Thumbnails

4 Responses to Here’s A Concept

  • Ok.. so on some level I believe this is true. And I want to be able to actually “live” it.. On many other levels I get all caught up in “wanting” .. I want this.. I want that.. and then there is this part of me that says something like this: “Well that’s all fine and dandy.. but what about this and what about that?” And I start questioning the whole concept.

    I think today I will call Science of Mind, and do a large chunk of prayer line research.. and my prayer request today will be that I can know my oneness with infinite supply.. and for the more “fundamental” prayer lines.. I will request to know my oneness with God.

    Because that is what I really want, and that is what I really think is important..

    And that other part of me.. the wanting part says.. “yeah do it and then you can get a new printer, $500 in your savings account, christmas gifts for family and friends, your bills paid, you can buy mama shirley’s T-shirt factory, your art will begin to sell, and you can get your car ready for winter.. LOL

    and the skeptical part of me is sitting back, imaginary martini in one hand, imaginary cigarette in the other, saying.. yeah but.. who can know God.. and what about all those “saintly” people with NO supply, what about all those “giving” people who continue to have nothing.. what about them huh? huh? huh? What about Joan of Arc.. they burned her at the stake!

    I am so silly.. so that means that if I do manage to find oneness with God that I will be burned at the stake?? In this life time?? I don’t think so..

    Anyway.. I am going to focus on this for a while and see what happens.

    Oh, and by the way… I agree with Melissa that 30 days really is a long time to commit to something, and I too cannot wait for the Gypsy Magic to start.

  • what a profound commentary. I think that is an interesting concept…and at the risk of sounding redundant about the whole reiki prayer thing…i think the reason it feels so fulfilling is because it is maybe tapping into that very concept. the perfect energy of the universe flows through you, and out from you. If the needs you perceive are put into this stream of infinite perfection, is it a ripple on the water that comes back to you? it feels like it. maybe it does work. it sure is a lot easier to release that need into that energy when you feel surrounded by its perfection, divinity and love. really, on a fundamental level, i believe reiki IS the god energy….because i believe that god is the total of all the energy in the universe, positive and negative…..everything that we and our world are made up of. maybe as you are able to let go of the lack, and have trust and faith that you are at least heard in your prayers, things get better. here is something i would lke to think as an example. last might, i was talking to a friend and we were discussing christmas presents. i told her i wanted to get the baby that little dinosaur from fisher price that the baby puts the little balls into and they roll all through it and come out its mouth. she said….’my sister said she has the one she got brand new for her baby in march, and he’s done with it so she has it in her car and was actually going to drop it on my doorstep yesterday but didn’t have time. wow! that was like, immediate. i said it…it was there. i really want to believe that this is an example of ‘being in the flow of positive energy’ and ‘things being taken care of by a higher source.’ it’s a small thing…but it was really powerful to me in the way it happened. of the 1000 toys that fisher price makes, i want the specific one that someone unbeknownst to me is getting ready to give me. cool.

  • It’s interesting that the book you quoted says prayer for prosperity won’t work. I’m not sure I believe that but who knows? And I agree, Shirley, that there are plenty of shining examples of people who give and give and sacrifice but struggle financially all the time (all of us??), and then there are other people who are mean and selfish and have everything they could possibly want! Travel to exotic places, drive a new car (or 2), live in a beautiful house and have the resources to pay for their houses to be cleaned, their laundry done, their yard work done. That has been bothering me for a LONG time! I do believe that money can’t buy happiness, but I sure think it can help!

    I had to laugh at the concept of whether or not to do the pay it forward in December! I agree – it would be great to do at holiday time but then again, do we really want to do it during holiday time? LOL.

    Hey- I don’t usually watch Oprah but I have been looking at her website and thinking of making a video (if I can find a camera to borrow) telling her show about the mess my house is in, how I owe more than it’s worth, there are so many repairs that need done, the basement is damaged from a flood and I am totally stuck in this falling down house with a huge house payment and no ability to move if I wanted to! To sell the house I would need to have the basement redone (and all the trash and ruined stuff hauled away), and get new windows, a new roof and new gutters. But of course I can’t afford to do any of that and to sell it like it is I would lose money! So they ask you to send in a video if you have any situation like that and maybe they’ll have you be on their show and help you out. The main point of telling you all this is that there was also a section about paying it forward and wouldn’t it be cool if we did our pay it forward month and then all of us get to go to be on the Oprah show to tell about the experience!! (In case you didn’t hear, 2 ladies from Independence who were in her audience received $2000 each to give away here locally and they will go back to the show and tell how it went in the future. They gave a lot of it out at grocery stores, etc., and the rest to charity.

    I’m excited about whatever new thing we do next month!


  • Cindy, the Oprah thing sounds interesting. I think Saskia’s house is in absolutely the worst shape.. Michelle is finally going to get out of hers.. and I have a lot of empathy for you and your situation.

    I like your idea, and I will think about it some more and maybe post more later

    My grand daughter just came up for a quick visit and now I can’t think of what else I was going to say.. LOL.. so I will post again later on when I can think.

    So, I wanted to finish my thought that was interrupted earlier.

    As for money not buying happiness, I would sure like to have enough of it to test that theory..

    Cindy: I think that when Goldsmith said that prayers for prosperity do not work, what he meant by that was that we already have everything. It would be like a fish in the ocean asking God for saltwater.. There is no point in that because saltwater is already there in abundance.

    What he actually is saying throughout the whole book is that when you are in direct alignment with God, you are in direct alignment with all that is. And when you are a clear and open channel to “God Energy” you are a clear and open channel for substance to manifest thru you.

    And I think that Michelle is right when she says that Reiki prayers are very similar to what he is talking about and maybe that’s why they are working so well for her.

    Anyway, it’s pretty deep, and like Melissa was saying about that book by Charles Filmore.. when I read Goldsmith I usually have to read it out loud and slow just to really get it.

    I better shut up before I start to really ramble.

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