Words Of Power

This morning I was thinking about our project. We are experimenting with using every day tasks in slightly different ways with the intention of creating positive change for ourselves. And it occurred to me that our words and actions have more power when we believe them to be true. So I thought… OK… what if every ordinary thing I did could be used to enhance my belief in my words and actions? What would that look like?

And VOILA! I had a brilliant idea.

What if, when I turned on a light switch, I said “Let there be light!” and when the light came on, I said, “And there was light!” What if, when I turned on a faucet, I said “Water come forth!” And Boom! Water comes forth! What if when I poured my coffee, I said, “My cup is filled.”

So this morning, I went around my house engaging in words and acts of power. It was quite illuminating, interesting, and I have to say, it really feels good! I command words on the page to appear and look! Here they are! So fun! You should try it!

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