Feng Shui In The Bathroom

I found this great little article about How A Bathroom Flushes Prosperity & What You Can Do About It. And I thought it was time to take a peek into our bathrooms, especially now that we are making all that wonderfully luxurious and delicious bath stuff.

Bathrooms and toilets have a really bad reputation as far as feng shui is concerned. This is because bathrooms and toilets have the tendency to drain or flush away the positive “Qi” energy of your home.

Hence, if “Qi” enters the bathroom, n rest assured that chances are it’s being flushed right out of your house and we certainly don’t want that to happen.

Since each and every part or corner of a house is related to an aspect of life, a bathroom in one particular corner or part would affect that specific area of life, and without proper precautions, will drain the luck or benefits of that aspect of life.

A bathroom in the center of your home:

A bathroom in the center of the house is usually considered bad feng shui. As the center of the house is the heart of the space in feng shui, also called the yin-yang point, you want to have it open, light and with a sense of beauty to it. Take these steps to fill your center home bathroom with good feng shui:

  • Keep the bathroom clean and tidy
  • Add art, candles or flowers to the room
  • Position several air-purifying plants in the bathroom
  • Be aware of the light quality in the room and add a dimmer switch to adjust the light if the room has no window
A bathroom facing the front door:

The reason a bathroom door facing the main door is considered bad feng shui is simple: the Universal energy, or Chi, comes into the house through the front door. If your bathroom is facing the front door, most of the good energy will escape through the bathroom, leaving little or no good feng shui energy to nourish the house. Use these practical tips to improve the potentially bad feng shui situation of a bathroom door facing your front door.

  • Keep the bathroom door closed
  • Create good feng shui in the bathroom
  • Create a focal point near the entry to direct energy away from the bathroom
  • Focus on good feng shui in the entry area to enhance the energy in the area
A bathroom in the money area:

A bathroom in the feng shui money area can certainly be a challenge. The first thing to do when you are dealing with any challenging feng shui area is to commit to keeping it very clean and orderly. There can be no good feng shui without cleanliness and order, and this especially applies to a challenging bagua area. Next, you can explore feng shui money area decorating tips and see which ones are possible to apply in your home. They include:

  • Decorate the area with lush green plants
  • Use pleasant scents, fresh flowers, and candles in the area
  • Decorate with images of natural landscapes
  • Add a water feature or mirror for good feng shui
A bathroom facing the kitchen area:

Having the kitchen and the bathroom doors face each other is very bad feng shui. You don’t need to know much about feng shui to intuitively understand that this is not a good setup for a healthy home. When two doors are opposite each other, the feng shui energies flow faster in and out of the spaces guarded by the doors. The solution is to create as much division between the two areas as possible. Use these tips:

  • Keep the bathroom door closed
  • Keep the bathroom clean and filled with good feng shui energy
  • Use a divider screen, bamboo curtain or a tall plant to define the boundary between the two rooms
  • Use different paint on the kitchen door wall and the bathroom door wall to define the areas
  • Create a focal point between the two areas
A bathroom above the bedroom area:

A bathroom located above the bedroom is not good feng shui. An important factor to consider in looking for feng shui cures is how busy the upstairs bathroom will be. Combat the bad feng shui using these tips:

  • Limit the upstairs bathroom to occasional use, such as a guest bathroom
  • Relocate the bed if it is situated directly beneath the bathroom
  • Use very light colors in the upstairs bathroom
  • Use design features on the bedroom ceiling such as crown molding or a decorative medallion around the ceiling light
A bathroom over your front door:

If you have a bathroom above your front door, it is very important to take care of its good feng shui, as the quality of energy that comes through the front door determines the quality of energy in the house. Use these tips to address the challenging feng shui of a bathroom over your front door:

  • Keep the bathroom clean and tidy
  • Strengthen the bathroom feng shui element and keep the door closed
  • Create a separation between the two spaces with a bathroom rug or deep color floor
  • Position a crystal chandelier in the main entry
  • Strengthen the feng shui of the main entrance with tall vertical elements
A bathroom under the staircase:

Stairs have a bad reputation in feng shui, although it isn’t as bad as the reputations of bathrooms. If you have a bathroom located under a staircase, you’ll need to take steps to address this challenging feng shui situation. Both areas require special attention to enhancing good feng shui.

  • Keep the stairs well lit and in good repair
  • Use light colors for the staircase
  • Position a crystal chandelier at the bottom of the staircase for good feng shui
  • Move a bathroom located under a staircase if possible
  • Keep the feng shui elements of the bathroom strong
  • Keep the door to the bathroom closed at all times
  • Decorate the bathroom in colors appropriate for its sector
A bathroom in the south-east sector:

Since South-East part of a house is related to wealth, a bathroom in this part will drain away all the money from the house; joblessness, sinking income, increasing debt and even bankruptcy are some effects of South-East bathroom

For bathrooms located in the South-East sector of your home, follow the basic recommendations for good feng shui in any bathroom. Keep the door and toilet lid closed and keep the bathroom clean and tidy. In addition, these tips can improve the feng shui of the room:

  • Position several air-purifying plants in the bathroom
  • Hang a mirror on the bathroom door (following feng shui mirror guidance)
  • Use metallic colored gold, silver or gray rugs, preferably in circular shapes
  • Hang a metallic wind chime in the area
  • Burn candles in the room frequently
A bathroom in the north-west sector:

The North-West part of the house deals with helpful people and luck from heaven, a toilet in this part will drain away all those from you. No help from anyone, backstabbing, office politics, discredit etc. are some effects of North-West bathroom.

North-West sector bathrooms should follow the basic recommendations for good feng shui. Avoid clutter and don’t position a mirror to reflect the toilet seat. Replace any leaky faucets to prevent them from flushing away money. In addition:

  • Use lush houseplants in the bathroom
  • Put a container with water in the room
  • Use a blue rug on the bathroom floor
  • Never use metallic chimes in a North-West bathroom

General Rules For Good Feng Shui in the Bathroom

A bathroom has to be somewhere in the house. Doesn’t it? The answer to that it yes, but remember, it’s vital to  minimize – or possibly eliminate – the draining or flushing of chi and the “good” from your life.

The main feng shui cure – and the most solid one – to neutralize the negative energy of a bathroom is to actually take good care of your bathroom. If you focus on creating good energy in your bathroom if you transform your bathroom into a beautiful spa – why would you need protection from its energy then?

There are any ways to create a bathroom that has a clear, fresh and nourishing energy, you just have to put some time and effort into creating good energy, and then maintaining it.

Here is a list of general bathroom tips:

  • Always keep the bathroom door closed.
  • Make sure to keep the toilet lid closed.
  • Replace any torn curtains with new ones.
  • Keep the bathroom clean, fresh and airy.
  • Use a good air freshener.
  • Make sure that the bathroom receives ample sunlight and fresh air.
  • Keep windows, ventilators and doors of bathroom clean.
  • Get the best essential aromatic oils for a relaxed bath.

If there’s a bathroom in North-East or South-West then;

  • Hang a metallic wind chime in the bathroom.
  • Make sure that there are no Chinese symbols on the chime.
  • Make sure that no one passes or sits under the wind chime.
  • Place metallic colored rugs such as gold, silver or grey; circular shaped ones must be preferred.

If there’s a bathroom in South then;

  • Hang a crystal ball in the window of the bathroom; the rainbow lights from the crystal will reduce the bad fire energy.
  • Make sure to cleanse the crystal ball as it’s going to absorb negative energy.
  • Alternatively, you can also use a crystal geode which is a rock with hollow center.
  • lace square shaped skin colored rug; you can also opt for yellow, pink or chocolate brown colored ones.

If there’s a bathroom in North then;

  • Place some lush green houseplants in the bathroom.
  • Put a square shaped rug in shades of green.

If there’s a bathroom in East or South-East then;

  • Place glitter lamps in the bathroom and make sure to turn them on for around 2-3 hours daily.
  • If glitter lamps aren’t your thing then you can light candles in the bathroom.
  • Triangular rugs in shades of red are best for such a bathroom.

If there’s a bathroom in West or North-West then;

  • Just place an urn with water in the bathroom.
  • Place blue shaded rug; if possible, get a wavy shaped one.

What to Avoid

  • Avoid clutter in the bathroom; in fact avoid it everywhere.
  • Avoid mirrors reflecting toilet seats.
  • Avoid leaking taps and faucets; replace them immediately else they’ll flush away the money.
  • Replace broken items, such as, soap dispensers, shampoo bottles etc.
  • Don’t keep old and worn-out toothbrushes in bathroom.
  • Avoid a bathroom or toilet at the center of home.
  • Avoid bathroom door facing bedroom, kitchen or dining room.
  • Avoid locating a bathroom adjacent or near to house entrance.
  • Never have a bathroom above kitchen or main door.
  • Avoid locating a bathroom or toilet under staircases.
  • Never place metallic wind chimes in North, North-West or West bathroom.
  • Never try to place metallic things in the South-East bathroom; it’ll drain away all the money from house.

Mirrors and bathroom doors:

The reason mirrors are sometimes recommended in feng shui for the bathroom door is because a mirror can make a wall or a door energetically disappear, so to speak.

A mirror also pushes the energy back; this is why, for example, it is always recommended to avoid a mirror facing the main door.

A mirror outside the bathroom door is sometimes used in feng shui as the mirror pushes the energy away from entering the bathroom, thus the energy is prevented from going down the drain. Bathrooms have a very bad reputation in feng shui, so a mirror on the bathroom door became a popular feng shui cure for it.

You have to decide for yourself if a mirror on the bathroom door is something you would like in your home decor scheme. And if it makes sense to you.

If you do love mirrors, the best place to have them is not on the bathroom door, but actually in the bathroom.

Mirrors bring the feng shui energy of the water element, and this is excellent for any bathroom as it cleanses – energetically speaking – and refreshes the stagnant and stale energy. Busy bathrooms create a lot of low or challenging energy very quickly, so instead of trying to pretend that there is no bathroom there – which is the goal of placing a mirror on the door, I suggest to actually deal with the energy of the bathroom in the first place.

Another point to consider is this: when you place a mirror on the bathroom door, you actually make the door disappear, too! And doors are very important in feng shui as energetic guardians of any given space, they create good containers for specific energies.


Here is a cute idea for the bathroom sink so that the energy doesn’t simply run away down the drain. Of course, the stones you use would have to be maintained so that they wouldn’t attract anything furry or green… like algae or soap scum, but it’s really a cute idea, and worth doing, if you like it!

Important points:

The first and foremost thing about feng shui cures that work is that they have to be really liked by you and make sense in your overall home decor style.

If you bring a so-called powerful feng shui cure that is supposed to work but looks totally out of sorts in your space, I assure you it will not create good feng shui for you. Maybe even quite the opposite.

Last but not least:

Lastly, I thought it might be fun to upload a gallery of really amazing and wonderful bathrooms so that we can drool, and fantasize, and dream…



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