Removing Hazards to Prosperity

For the next few days we will be removing hazardous elements from the areas we have been working on.

Prosperity area:

Get rid of broken items. If it’s broke, you’re broke.

Remove reminders of broke or bad times. If your refrigerator is in your Prosperity area, take some dollar bills and roll them up and place them in the freezer. Then you will always have “cold cash” when you need it.

Remove trash cans. If you HAVE to have one in this area, use one with a lid and place a red line around the rim of the can with red paint, red tape, or red fingernail polish. This will stop your chi from ending up at the local landfill.

Dried flowers and dead plants are not welcome in the Prosperity area.

If there is a fireplace in the Prosperity area, it can suggest that you burn through money, or your money is going up in smoke. Balance out the fireplace by adding a water element, such as the color black, or a mirror over the mantel.

Is there a toilet in your Prosperity area? This will suck the cash out of your wallet faster than anything else. Balance this out using two mirrors facing each other in the bathroom.

Or place a small mirror on the floor behind the toilet, or in the tank, making sure the mirrors are facing up. This will uplift the chi. You can also place an eye-catching picture high up, so whoever enters the bathroom looks up. .

Or maybe you could get this innovative mirrored toilet lid. I found it at the invention connection.

From Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life
by Karen Rauch Carter


If you are unsure of where the prosperity area is, see these posts:

One Response to Removing Hazards to Prosperity

  • Comments from 2007:


    That toilet lid is cool. I think I could really use one. I wonder how hard it would be to make one.

    As for the broken stuff.. I currently am working on an art project assembling broken stuff into an art piece.. It’s part of my crucifixion series.. the name of it is “Leap and a net will appear — oops maybe not”.

    I am doing the work of assembling it on my dining room table.. so all that broken and discarded stuff is sitting right there in my prosperity area. I hope that since I am creating something with it, that it won’t affect the feng shui there too much.

    The project will likely take me several weeks to complete, otherwise I wouldn’t worry about it. I wonder if there is a cure for that sort of thing?

    Melissa J

    Feng shui experts say that you can pump up the energy of anything with the right “intention”. Since your intention with the broken items is NOT to let them sit around blocking your chi, but to do something positive and fun and creative and worthwhile (and possibly bring in monetary gain) with them, I think the intention would cancel out any chi-stagnating effects. Just my opinion!


    Well, truth be told, they have been sitting around blocking my chi, cluttering up my art room, and piling up and spilling over every container I have put them in.

    And I think that the decision to get started on the project is going to have a huge effect on my prosperity because it’s like I am taking the “broken” pieces of my life and reassembling them in a way that brings me joy.. and hopefully money too.

    One thing that did happen is that the day I got the stuff out for my assemblage, I made my first sale at Green Dolphin Studio. So.. wow.. I wonder if simply continuing to put the series together, and make use of the really cool but busted up stuff I have collected will “cure” my prosperity blues even as it “heals” my inner woes..

    Which reminds me, if any of you have any beat up Barbie dolls – I could sure use them.

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