Hi guys,

I am working on “The Prayer Request Hotline” which will be a definitive list of places to call and/or email for prayer. I would like to include comments about the sites listed. Is it OK if I use comments that have been posted here? Or would you prefer to go to that blog, and comment yourselves on the sites that you have visited? The reason I want to post comments is because my experience has been that it’s really scary to call a prayer line for the first time. And I think it would be really helpful to read feedback..

And here’s another question: In the future, there may be people who want to try the 30 day prayers for prosperity project themselves, and it occurred to me that it might be useful to provide a list of books on that subject. We originally started with Unity prayers, so I think that a Unity book on prayer would be good to list, also we talked a lot about Science of Mind, and just recently I mentioned The Autobiography of a Yogi. If you guys feel like it, how about posting on your favorite books about prayer or prosperity. Melissa mentioned several in her post a couple of days ago.. so just make sure you post the title and the author.

We are coming towards the end of our 30 days. Monday, Nov 13 will the final day of this part of the project. WOW. Let’s start thinking of how this has changed our lives, what goals have been met, what goals remain to be met, and any other thoughts on the prayers for prosperity process.

I also thought that since the name of this post is “feedback” it might be a good idea to include a picture of food.


This awesome painting is by Owen Ford.

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  • I’m okay with you pulling my comments off of this blog to put on the other ones regarding the prayer lines.

    I have a prosperity challenge for everyone: I lost my paycheck from my part-time job! I have looked EVERYWHERE I can think of and no luck! I know if I can’t find it I can get another one issued, but it is just SO annoying and troubling to lose it! And I really need the money now! As you know, I’m a big proponent of prayer for finding lost objects and I have faith that the check will just “turn up” in some obvious place where I have looked a million times before! I’ll let you know when and where I find it!

    I think it’s rather ironic that I lost this check since we are working on prosperity and I can’t help but wonder what type of lesson I’m to learn from this. (Other than just the obvious ones of not being careless or having a messy house!)

    Shirley, that was so nice of you to reach out and help someone overrun with laundry! May I add that to the suggestion pool for one of our future projects – maybe each one of us can reach out to someone either in or out of this group and offer some sort of help to someone overwhelmed – not financial help, but PHYSICAL help like Shirley provided – actually going somewhere and helping someone with their laundry, clean their kitchen, sort through a closet, etc. I don’t know about you guys but sometimes it’s easier to go help someone else than to tackle our own messes by ourselves. Just a thought. God bless all of you!

  • Cindy, I know that you will find that pay check. I lose checks all the time, and I find them all the time. As a matter of fact, one time (this was about 10 years ago) I was cleaning out some old files and paper work and found a check for $300 dollars that was almost a year old. It was 2 days away from being a worthless piece of paper. The funny thing was that I had never even realized that it was missing.

    And I think you have a great idea. We could do a “pay it forward” 30 day project. I like that.

    The laundry thing was quite a deal.. and I think it was the most fun I have had in months.

    Today I am planning to try Michelle’s method of “reiki prayer”, I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

  • hey this is the very first thing that came to my mind when I read about the lost paycheck…i envisioned a check folded in half thinly in the pocket of jeans under some towels. it could be total crap, but you never know. hope you find it!!

  • Gosh, 30 days is a really long time to commit to something! That’s the big lesson I’ve learned in all of this. I’m really looking forward to our next project. Are we doing gypsy magic? That sounded like so much fun. And are we getting together for coffee? I would love to just sit and chat with all of you.

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