The Inner Dad

I was sitting here, wondering what to post, when I noticed this postcard. It came to me a long time ago, and the image of this very intense man looked so familiar to me that I put him on my desk.

He is now the “master” of my bills.. and frowns at me when I don’t pay them. This morning I realized that he very much resembles my “inner dad”, and might even be a portrait of who “god” is to me.

What’s really funny and interesting is that his persona.. his “look”.. his mood and attitude.. is so much like my ex-husband that the first time my granddaughter saw the picture (she was about 3), she said “Is that my grandpa?”

Anyway.. I am wondering if I need to somehow find a new understanding of my “inner dad” and a different perspective of who “god” is to me.

The picture is called “Machismo”, the artist is Hector Casanova. The postcard came to me from the Mattie Rhodes Art Gallery in Kansas City Mo.

3 Responses to The Inner Dad

  • I believe we deal with our inner parents as our subconcious. We feel them nagging when we just feel like being a bum so the id in us rebels and we procrastinate.
    We often know we are doing the wrong thing but we do it anyway knowing that their voices will still be nagging. So we end up worrying and feeling guilty.

  • Okay, weird. This time I posted and signed in and it went through – then I went to look at it and it’s not there! So here I go again – if the other one shows up, sorry about that!

    I just e-mailed Unity again today, but I’m shooting for calling them tomorrow.

    I’m pretty non-functional right now as I have been up all night and now at work.

  • As for what anonymous said, I could add that if our “inner parents” (or however you want to label those inner voices) are way too hard on us, it becomes a matter of vital importance.. even survival to resist and run away. And running from ourselves is really a pointless exercise in futility, since it is impossible.. so we wear ourselves out and get tired and cranky.. and next thing you know, we come crawling back to recrimination and punishment. And if we could just reach in and reset those inner voices.. and create compassionate, wise, and loving “inner parents”.. the whole thing would unfold in a totally different way.

    Anyway.. Nothing new to report, just keeping on keeping on.. finding it easier to email for prayer than to call..

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