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Have any of you read the book, “The Autobiography of a Yogi”? If you haven’t, it is well worth reading. And if you have, I have a nice little treat this morning because I discovered that the “Self Realization Society” accepts prayer requests.

Monks and nuns of the Self-Realization Fellowship Prayer Council pray daily for all those who request prayers and for world peace. They are joined by SRF members and friends around the globe who are part of our Worldwide Prayer Circle Each morning and evening the SRF Prayer Council deeply prays for the physical, mental, and spiritual healing of all those whose names have been given to us. All prayer requests are confidential and will remain with our Prayer Council for a period of 3 months.

Here is the link:

I also found a page of quotes about goals:

And a nice affirmation:

I relax and cast aside all mental burdens,
allowing God to express through me
His perfect love, peace, and wisdom.


3 Responses to Self Realization

  • Melissa: I wanted to comment on your post the other day. I really admire the way you get in there and do your homework. Your posts show that you have discipline as well as determination. And not only that, you are a really sweet person. So, thank you for your wise words.

    Yes, I agree that one of our monthly projects could, and should include the book you mentioned.

    As for me today, I am taking Yogananda’s affirmation to heart today.

    I cannot say enough about how blessed I am with a loving support system. That is my true prosperity. And I am deeply grateful for it.

  • Hi! Sorry, I sort of dropped out of sight for a few days – I brought Shari home from the hospital Friday night after picking up my 2-year-old granddaughter, so I had my hands full all weekend! And I consider that in and of itself “prosperity”. It means so much to me to love and be loved, and to be there for someone that I love. And that pretty much sums up the weekend. Shari and I have a very special mother/daughter bond, and my granddaughter is also very precious to me! She is 2 years old going on 22! She was so sweet and kind and nurturing and caring to her Aunt Shari! And all those great “feel good” things I experienced this weekend are MY PROSPERITY! I agree with Shirley that there are times money doesn’t seem very important and then all of the sudden something happens and you realize how close you are to not having enough money for food, or toilet paper, and all of the sudden it seems like the MOST important thing in life! But as Shirley found out and I have found out many times over, if you have loving friends and family, your needs are always met! I have had several very DEAR friends give me financial gifts when they knew I was in need, and these people have always made it clear that these are gifts, not loans. And this FEELING that I get from these gifts is truly even MORE prosperous than the money itself!

    I also think that this prosperity project itself is a prosperity-inducing phenomenon. The fact that we are all supporting each other emotionally has to be a very powerful entity!

    I will continue to pray for our prosperity on this 23rd day of this journey, knowing that we are all ALREADY prospered in more ways than we can sometimes recognize.

  • Hi all. Today was a very big day for me. First of all, my best friend Shirley came over and helped me do 25 loads of laundry….what a big job. Thank you so much, Shirley, you are the most awesome friend ever. and what a big relief to have it all done!
    As far as prosperity goes…i really think that i have discovered the most powerful way for me to pray, and that is while I am doing reiki….maybe being plugged into divine energy is good for prayer delivery, i dunno, but i got another framing order today. and the laundry thing is BIG…it is so stressful for me to get that far behind and then look at it day after day and know that i am never going to get it caught up. Now it’s like a fresh start, and that is a good feeling. Tomorrow, Shirley and I will be writing each other’s obituaries because we will be done caput dead, but we accomplished a lot. and it’s not even 2:00 in the morning yet! (scratch that, yes it is) WOW!
    I think this prosperity project has given me a lot to be thankful for, a lot to think about, and a lot to share with others. Shirley had a great idea about making up flyers with all the prayer line numbers on them and handing them out to people we see who might be in need….maybe that is one way to ‘actively’ be thankful for the positive energy we have found by experimenting with the prayer lines. i mean, okay, the guy on the corner today looked like he would rather have five bucks or a cheeseburger, but who’s to say that maybe he wouldn’t have appreciated a couple of 800 prayer lines that he could pour his energy into? Who’s to say it wouldn’t work to better his life? If anything, we have all seen SOMETHING….something more than what we started with. i’ve really enjoyed doing this with all of you….it’s definitely an experience that will stick with me.


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