Wealthy Week – Day 6

This is day six of Wealthy Week, only one more day of colored candles and coins and then we are on to something new and different. A variety of objects will be needed for Sunday, I don’t think any of them will be hard to find. You can find a preview of our Sunday project over at Gyspy Magic Spells and Charms. Also it might be a good idea to review our Gathering Supplies post to see what’s coming up.

This evening, we burn a blue candle surrounded by piles of loose change. It is important not to count the cash. If there are so few coins you cannot help but notice, cover them with a handkerchief. Watching the candle flame, say:

“Thank you for the money I have already received from the invisible world.”

Leave the candle to burn down and extinguish itself. Afterward gather up the coins for use tomorrow night.


What an awesome picture this is. I wonder what it was like to grow up in a house like this! It makes me want a gypsy wagon and a gypsy lifestyle, but then I would have to have horses, and a man to take care of the horses, the wagon wheels, and firewood. And I would want my family and friends riding along with me; I would want to be traveling in a place where we DON’T have blizzards and 10 inches of snow; I would want to be young enough to enjoy it, and old enough to feel comfortable and settled into it. I wonder, would I miss my computer really a lot? And where would I put all my stuff?

One Response to Wealthy Week – Day 6

  • Well, yesterday was such a long day that I did the candle thing twice!! I burned a candle over my coins and left it to burn down while I watched TV. Then later, I got on the computer and worked on stuff until about 1AM when the electricity went out. So that was creepy and scary since I have an all electric home, and live out in the middle of no where. So I lit a couple of candles, piled a bunch of extra blankets on the bed, did the candle burning spell (again), and went to bed – hoping I wasn’t going to freeze to death before morning.

    Just about the time that the candle burned out, the electricity came back on. And so all is well.. and I wonder if I have “doubled” my fortune.. or if I just needed the extra “mojo”..

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