The Unexpected

12134644_f520Here is a prayer for unexpected income:

We dwell in the midst of infinite abundance.
The abundance of God is our infinite source.
The river of life is always flowing.
It flows through us into lavish expression.
Good comes to us through unexpected avenues.
God works in myriad ways to bless us.
We now open our minds to receive our good and wonderful things begin to happen.
With God as our source, everything amazes us.
We give freely and fearlessly into life and life gives back to us with fabulous increase.
Blessings come in expected and unexpected ways.
God provides for us and we are grateful.
And so it is.

9 Responses to The Unexpected

  • Well I still haven’t come up with anything interesting or intelligent to say about being open to prosperity regardless of the means or method..

    I have been thinking alot about vibrational levels.. I bet that dirty dishes in the sink for a week is a pretty low vibration.. not to mention fatigue and the associated downer of SADD.. (seasonal affect disorder) .. and I am contemplating what I can do to raise the vibrational level of my home and my self.

    That unexpected income prayer got me thinking about the phrase “give fearlessly”. How often do I ACTUALLY do that? Usually there is fear attached to the whole process of putting myself and my art out there. I do tend to “overthink” everything I do.. and fuss and fret and have agony and angst.. that’s just how I “do” life. So today I have decided to just put some of my art on eBay with no additional anxiety.. (I have already put a certain amount of that into it – just ask Daniel)..

    The other thing I did that was interesting, I called the Science of Mind prayer line for healing prayers for my dog. It was a really enjoyable experience. I liked the way it was done – and it really felt good.

    Right now I am blogging from work, so later on when I get home I will add the link so that if you guys want to go check them out, you can.

    I wonder if music and insense can raise the vibration of dirty dishes in the sink.. or will I actually have to wash them… (sigh).. 🙂

  • Regarding Daniel’s question as to whether a person should do something illegal (or immoral, or unethical) to get $$ because it appears that this is an “opportunity” the universe has presented – I say NO! PEOPLE may present you with chances to do risky things. GOD only wants our highest good, so GOD will not show us a path that could get us killed, land us in jail, or cause us to borrow money from the mob. God will give us ideas of ways to earn money, such as Shirley’s idea to go ahead and fearlessly put her art on eBay and see what happens, and all the screenwriting ideas that God has flowing to me and my writing partner. In the past, God has shown me that it was definitely time to leave a previous job, and although the search for a new job took 3 months, when the new job materialized, it was much higher-paying with awesome benefits and I felt like it was the right place for me to be – I’ve been there for 4 years now. I had continued to work the other job until I found the new one, so sometimes it does take time for all the pieces to fit together correctly in the universe. But of course we have to be willing to take the first steps. I’m not going to sit here and say “I want someone to pay me $1,000,000 for my screenplay” when it’s not even written yet. My writing partner and I had to write the storyline, develop the characters, now we’re writing the dialogue, and we’re attending a huge screenwriting seminar in December. We’ve spent lots of time studying the industry so we know not only how folks go about writing a screenplay, but how the industry works and what the process is for copyrighting your script and registering it with the writer’s guild, and which websites are reputable and successful for submitting your script to and actually getting it optioned or sold. So we are taking the steps that God is guiding us to take in order to eventually have that million-dollar screenplay sell. And we’re not saying “If no one buys THIS screenplay, then it’s all for nothing.” We have 9 ideas in active development – we don’t know which one will sell first, or which ones will sell at all, but we’re not saying “It’s this one screenplay that HAS to sell or God’s not doing his job.” We’re open to the income coming from various avenues, some of which we are not even currently aware of. What if, when we’re at the seminar and we’re networking with those other 150 attendees (who will be fellow writers, producers, directors, and network executives), someone offers to hire us to write a screenplay that THEY have in mind? Again, we’re not saying “I’m not going to write my own screenplay, I’m not going to prove my worth, but I expect someone to hire me anyway.” We are doing the work on our end to prove our talent and our value, so we will have multiple options later – we can write our own scripts and sell them; we can get paid as script consultants to work with others to script their story ideas; we can write books; we can write scripts for corporate training films…. Meanwhile, I have not quit my job and said “God, you have to give me $10,000 right now because I’m not willing to work to support my family.” I’m still working a full-time job, and I have my home-based business (my online travel store), and in addition to that, I’m writing. So I am giving God as many opportunities as possible to provide for me. (As many LEGAL, ethical opportunities.) And if a hinckey, smarmy “opportunity”, a get-rich-quick scheme came along, I know that would not be from God, so I would not do it. There’s a difference between an legitimate Spirit-guided opportunity, and a dicey proposition that someone who is NOT guided by Spirit tries to suck you into. You have to pray on it and go with your gut to figure out if it’s an opportunity you should take, and just follow your conscience. If it hurts someone, it’s most likely not from God. If it could land you in jail, it’s not from God. There’s an Amish saying that says “When you pray, move your feet.” While you’re opening yourself to abundance, keep doing the work you need to do in this world while the pieces are falling into place. Don’t sit on your laurels watching Wheel of Fortune wondering where YOUR fortune is. Keep doing the work, both the physical work in this world and the spiritual work within so you can better understand what prosperity means and how to attain it. You’ve got to be productive – you’ve got to be a contributing member of society. You’ve got to make the world a better place in whatever way you know how, and the abundance will come. I really like discussing these things on the board and finding out what other people think.

  • I had a thought about “giving fearlessly” as a means to access abundance. The Sisters of Charity work in a shantytown in Mexico, Anapra, where they have a clinic for handicapped children. There are single mothers living in paper shacks and to say they qualify as the poorest of the poor would be the understatement… Some of these mothers can’t work because there is no one to take care of their autistic or brain damaged child. One mother carries her disabled child everywhere and he weighs alot now; she carries him to the bridge between Juarez and El Paso where she sells old clothes to buy food. Rather than pathetic she radiates a joy and acceptance that gives her an amazing light and a more amazing smile – a visitor from Colorado met her and was so moved by her genuine depth she gave this woman $5,000 – needless to say, she has spent her last day on the bridge and the woman who gave her $5,000 must have had the most remarkable feeling of joy, abundance and prosperity in the act of making that happen…

  • i agreed with everything Melissa said. However….
    I think that there is a certain level of depression, anxiety, and desperation that goes along with living for any length of time in a totally depleted state financially. Add to it the things that just happen every day, and looking at anything in a positive way is challenging to say the least.
    I love the talk of vibrational levels, because i am a firm believer in metaphysics and quantum physics. Shirley, one way you may be able to raise vibrational levels in yourself without doing your dishes is to use music or sound…like your mickey hart drum cd or the tibetan (and i know this is wrong) clangey thingy. use that with smudge or an incense that you feel spiritually connected to the scent of.
    we are all a bunch of poor folk heading into cold weather. I think that regardless of what money does or doesn’t come in, we have an opportunity here to help each other raise the spirits of one another. I have an idea for a Reiki circle, where each of us has a crystal charged with Reiki that we can use to Reiki each other and amplify those vibrations. This is not for prosperity, but so that we can create a tangible strength of energy between us and maybe alleviate some of the sadness and depression that is so prevalent among us. If we can feel good about things, even if they aren’t what we want or need in entirety….our positive vibrational level will rise. like i said, not to draw prosperity, but to increase happiness and feel connected to each other. what do you all think? I have plenty of quartz crystals that i have aleady wrapped in wire to be worn. I would love to charge them wth Reiki and send one to each of you. if you want one, email me with where to send it.

  • When I made the comment about doing things that were illegal as a means of increasing prosperity it was truely more of a philosophical question more than an idea I was contemplating. I don’t exactly have people offering me money to run drugs or anything but what made me think of it is that some people who call for prayer asking for prosperity may live in an area/place where opportunities like this are offered regularly and maybe they have always turned them down, then someone on a prayer line says be open to all the possibilities etc and bam someone again offers and this person then thinks HMMMMM? is this one of those opportunities Silent Unity was talking about? So please don’t worry about me that I am considering a life of crime as a way of prosperity.
    As Shirley knows for the past few days I have had no voice, or at least not much. At first I thought I was experiencing this as a gift from her, but I have not actually felt ill, I just couldn’t speak. So today my mind was off and running with some deep river of thinking when it occured to me that maybe, a strong maybe, I am having difficulties with this prayer project and not relating to the prayers is because I feel like I have let my life be guided by prayer and my life is not in a very good place. I am not a poor mexican mother schlepping my disabled children around but for a so called priveledged white american male my life is crap, one big ZERO. Anyways, maybe I did not actually hear God/Universe, maybe I just did a combination of floating and acting out of fear and iced it with telling myself it was God. So maybe I don’t know how to hear God. Which led me to thinking that maybe because I feel like my prayers are not being heard by God, my needs are not being heard by those who surround me, some who supposedly love me, that I feel I have no voice to be heard with and hence I have no voice in reality. This is not coming out as well as I would like, but I think you’ll all understand. My prayer person today seemed to emphasize trusting in God and I have to admitt at this point in my life I am not sure I do. I want to but then I look around at what is the reality of my life and definitely feel fear. I know that the vibrations in my life could probably not get much lower than where they are… but I also feel that it should not be this hard. We are told that if we have the faith of a mustard seed are prayers will be answered and I do feel I have at least that much faith and yet….no answers. Why?

  • Hi Daniel,
    I should clarify that none of my comments were directed at you – they were directed at the group as a whole as a means of generating a deeper discussion of what the universe provides vs. what someone not Spirit-guided might lead us to believe. I know no one here intends to lead a life of crime! 🙂
    I should have been clearer in my reponse. Sorry for any miscommunication. I do like the deep philisophical discussions we are having – how does a negative attitude affect a person’s ability to receive abundance, etc. I too have been so low that it was a joy to discover that I had $11 to my name. My point was that each person needs to keep working at whatever they can do to make the world a better place, to better their community, and the abundance will follow.

  • Apology in advance for longwindedness, but here’s something interesting….I wonder if having a job that relies on the need for prayer, and in which you must lead people in prayer has anything to do with how you feel about prayer in general, and your belief in whether it works or not. And, I hate to point this out, because for most people of a Christian background the Bible and Reality are one and the same….but the concept that the faith of a mustard seed will move a mountain is a Biblical reference, not reality. However, I know what concept you are getting at, and I really do believe that Faith is the ‘mover’, or the ‘vehicle’ that moves energy in the universe. Faith is a hard thing to grasp, learn, and practice. It isn’t easy. Especially if you are unsure about what to have faith in! Daniel…if you sat quietly, and tried to get everything about prayer and faith and God that you have been taught out of your mind, do you think you could come up with the very simplest ideas about what YOU truly believe? you can’t have faith in something you don’t believe in. faith is believing in something without seeing it, it is trust in the process. Everyone’s process is different!
    that’s a tricky statement too. We are trying to establish whether prayer works, calling it in on a phone line, whether we believe in it or not. will it work without faith?
    Maybe. It has the faith of an unseen number of people at Unity behind it, not just our own(or lack thereof).
    While I am not Mexican, I do a fair amount of schlepping children around, although they are not disabled, so things for me could be worse. They could also be a lot better. I believe everything I just told you, and yet, I can’t seem to make it continuously work either. Maybe that’s just part of the lesson of being in physical form…trying to spiritually create physical reality. The physical work has a lot to do with it too, because nothing will move without effort of some kind. We have examples of physical work in an act of charity, the act of prayer or offering, the act of going to a job, the act of teaching and learning. This is the way I see it…Faith + Effort = Results. Believe in yourself and the reality of your own needs, and have faith in your ability to be open to prosperity, and open to God whether He preaches to you from a scripture or shows you clarity in a droplet of rain.
    I always likened depression to being in a car in the rain and not turning on the windshield wipers. you can see for a while, make things out. Gradually, your view is completely distorted. I think sometimes turning on the windshield wipers is just what we need….sweep away the all the stuff we heard, the stuff we’re afraid of, the stuff we’re worried about, the stuff we can’t control and just get a clearer view.

  • This is really interesting. On my way home from work this morning, I had this thought that maybe my own issues with prosperity could be compared to what happened the other morning when I was on my way home.

    Normally my drive home is uneventful and easy, but that morning suddenly the traffic came to a dead stop. I couldn’t see what was going on up ahead. I didn’t know what was causing the problem. At first I thought it was a wreck in the upcoming intersection – I fully expected that in a very few minutes traffic would begin to slowly move in either one lane or the other. But nothing happened. Every now and then we would inch forward when someone with a truck pulled out of the line and drove across the median and went the other direction. This went on for a really really long time.. and it wasn’t the upcoming intersection, or the one after that, or the one after that, or even the one after that.

    And it occured to me that it would have been a lot easier to wait if I could have “seen” what was happenning, if I would have been watching the tow trucks and the ambulances and the policemen and the emt’s and all the activity. I might even have been content to just sit there as the events unfolded. I might even have WANTED to watch it all unfold.

    So this morning I was thinking – what if the apparant “suckness” I am feeling with regards to finances and the sale of my art is really me waiting for something up ahead .. some blockage in the road.. to be cleared up. Something that might have even have happened TO me if I had been moving faster and been further along in my journey.. and maybe I am worring endlessly about NOTHING.

    And as I read the posts this afternoon, I thought about that woman in mexico.. living in a paper house, carrying her child around, selling old clothes on a bridge for small change, and how was it that she could be full of peace and love.. I wonder if it might have something to do with acceptance.. just being accepting that this is it.. this is it and that’s ok with me.

    So how do WE get there? I have no idea. How did SHE get there? Well, I think it is a heck of a lot easier to accept a situation when there is OBVIOUSLY no way out of it. It’s when we think there might be a way out of it, it’s when we think that there is something we could be, should be DOING that we (at least I) begin to feel antsy and anxious about our situations. As a matter of fact,when I start thinking “coulda/shoulda”.. I am pretty much well on the road to a deeply intense day of Shirley Bashing.

    And as for people who might call a prayer line and hear the words “open to prosperity” and then next thing you know Joe Blow comes over with a drug deal “made in heaven” and so the person goes ahead and participates.. I am not convinced that it WOULDN’T be “God” offering that opportunity up.. Doesn’t prosperity come to you thru the channels that you have open? And what if selling drugs is the ONLY channel you have open.. the most comfortable.. the most traveled.. and isn’t it conceivable that participation in that particular drug deal could lead that person to meet or interact with a someone who totally changes their life? or learn something invaluable about who they really are? and from that point on the person’s life is unequivicablly changed? in a good way?

    Which brings up the question.. was Robin Hood a philanthropist or a criminal?

    And another thought about that woman in Mexico.. was it really her “light” that bought her the “deliverance” money? or was it simply time for her to move on and do something different with her life and this was the BEST way for the Master of the Universe help her out of her situation and propel her into a brand new one. There is no “happily ever after”, so I wonder if that money will diminish her acceptance and joy even while it increases her happiness and peace?

    As for vibrational levels.. Ok I am putting on some music and burning some insence and washing the dishes… really really soon.. maybe even later on… (smile)

    As for Daniel’s comment about floating.. and icing it with fear.. and then calling it guidance.. how do we really know that we are doing just that? I mean, I do that kind of thing all the time – and I never know that was what I was doing until AFTER the fact.

    And another thing about guidance.. I remember a time when I was praying and praying for guidance.. agonizing.. angsting.. and freaking out because I didn’t know what to do and I really really wanted to be sure that I was doing the “right” thing. I was working at a job that was burning me out big time, and I had a really risky but intriguing opportunity to do something different.. and so I told God that I wanted my guidance to be absolutely clear.. I wanted it to be so clear that it was AUDIBLE.. And then one day God spoke to me in an audible voice.. it was really intense.. I was drifting in and out of consciousness early one morning. I was awake but not awake.. and then suddenly and loudly.. I heard “Shirley”.. I woke totally up and I knew immediately that God had spoken to me in an audible voice. So that day I went in to work and gave notice and quit my job.

    And then what happened? I took a job as a phone psychic, walked into an almost palpable wall of fear, spent one month being absolutely terrified, made a whopping $45, and in the process was able to really come to peace with my 3 closest and dearest friends: Worry, Guilt, and Fear.

    And as I reread this.. I am thinking .. OK.. all God said was “Shirley”.. nothing was said about “quit your job” or “stay where you are” .. it was just “Shirley”.. interestingly I took that to mean “Shirley quit your job.” Probably because that is what I wanted to do.

    Well.. I need to shut up now.. so.. I love you guys and I love our discussion.

    And one more thing.. I do not in any way mean to diminish that Mexican woman’s experience.. or make light of the terrifically difficult life she must have – even with the $5000 – I am sure her life continues to be really really hard. And here I am griping about my little problems when there are hundreds of thousands of people living in boxes, in dangerous shanty towns, with NO joy and NO peace, with sickness, and dirt, and flies, and rotten teeth, and walking miles to find water that might or might not be ok to drink.. I just can’t wrap my mind around all that other suffering, in the end it is only my own suffering and the suffering of my family and friends that really touches me.. and now I am wondering if that means I am selfish and hard…

  • Well I am checking in, and it looks like I have missed some excitement. I have come to the conclusion that I feel the same way Daniel feels. I don’t feel connected in any way when I call in for prayer. Then again I have never been one to openly pray either. I have always chosen to pray to god or universe inwardly. I have something to add about the woman in Mexico. I think she only gave off the impression of acceptence and joy, because she ultimately gave up on her life being anything else. Kinda of like what Shirley was saying. If you give up and quit fighting for your life to be better than of course your going to be peaceful and joyful because you won’t be inwardly fighting with yourself to make things better. So instead of looking at her and saying oh how wonderful is that(which is a lie, because not every thing is wonderful, especially if you live in a cardboard box and sell old clothes for food) you say oh how awful for that woman, that, she feels hopeless that anything better is going to come along so she has given up. Which is why some rich woman felt sorry for her and gave her money. Hmmm I wonder were the woman is now, did that money help her to stay on her feet.

    For Michelle’s idea, I really like the idea, count me in.

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