October 23 is Slap Your Irritating Co-Worker Day! How fun is that? This is the day each year when those who have an irritating coworker don’t have to hold back, and have an excuse to slap the person they just can’t stand.

The creators of the day seem to imply that it is perfectly acceptable to really get into the day, but we think maybe the day should be taken a little tongue-in-cheek. In what ways may a co-worker be irritating?

  • Maybe they talk nonstop.
  • Maybe they act like they think you’re stupid.
  • Maybe they constantly mess things up and create more work for other people.
  • Maybe they are a constant suck up to the boss.
  • Maybe they can’t keep their noses out of your personal life.
  • Maybe they are so unpleasant no one can stand being in the same room with them.

Whatever it is that makes them irritating, they better watch out, because today they are going to get slapped.

How do you observe this really fun and interesting day? You could celebrate the day by slapping your irritating co-workers. But wait just one minute, even slapping has rules!

  • Only one person can be slapped per hour.
  • If you slap someone and they do something irritating again, you can slap them again.
  • The irritating person can be held down while other co-workers slap them.
  • If you are questioned by your supervisor or others, it is acceptable to lie.

Some Fun Slap A Coworker Day Activities

  • Watch a Three Stooges marathon

Without a doubt, you can’t dissect the science of slapping without the Three Stooges. It is reported that Moe slapped Larry so much that one side of Larry’s face felt like leather. (You definitely have to build up to that much slapping.) So, after you survive yet another day of torture with that most obnoxious of coworkers who sits two cubes over, enjoy back-to-back episodes of one of the funniest trios in film.

  • Perfect your slapping technique

Before you go into work, make sure you are ready to administer the most effective slap possible. You have, in fact, been flexing your hand muscles regularly in anticipation — and the day has finally arrived. Decide on the forehand slap, backhand slap or five finger slap. National Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day is rife with possibilities.

  • Train others on how to give a good slap

Since it’s National Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day, don’t keep all the fun to yourself. Spread the joy around. During the next break, train a group of your favorite coworkers on all the possible slapping scenarios. Help them with their coordination because there’s nothing worse than winding up to slap somebody and missing the mark.


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