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As the year comes to a close and Samhain approaches, the Ivy moon rolls in at the end of the harvest season when successes and losses must be accounted for. Ivy often lives on after its host plant has died, and reminds us that life goes on and there is time to be reborn.

The Ivy teaches us that restrictions are necessary to help us hone our skills. During this month remember that your enemies are your teachers and that opposition is a blessing in disguise. Focus on energy that strengthens your resolve.

  • Dates: September 30 – October 27
  • Celtic Name: Gort (pronounced go-ert)
  • Language of Flowers: Friendship, Fidelity, Marriage, Assiduous to Please (as a sprig with trendrils)
  • Qualities: Fertility, Fidelity, Immortality, Resurrection, Rebirth, Healing, Feminine, Winter
  • Themes: Rebirth, Cleansing, Self-improvement, Boundaries, Healing, Protection, Cooperation

The  Month of the Ivy is the perfect time to banish the negative from your life. Avoid the things that are bringing you negativity, work on improving yourself, place a barricade between you and the things that are toxic to you.

Energy that boots your sense of responsibility will make you ready for what lies ahead. Be prepared to take the long-term view and accept and celebrate your life as it is right now. Trust that the Ivy Moon will prepare you to receive an answer to your prayers at exactly the right time. Be patient and you will be guided to your answer.

You can use the month of the Ivy Moon for energy and rituals for protection, or harness its energy to make charms that will strengthen resolve and help you face challenges. It can also be used in magick performed for cooperation, and to bind lovers together.

 Ivy the Survivor

The Ivy Celtic tree sign is blessed with the ability to overcome all odds and can survive in any situation. People born under the energy of the Ivy are loyal, compassionate and have a sharp intellect. Life may be unfair to them at times, but they endure the troubles with soulful grace. They can be drawn to the spiritual world and their faith is deeply rooted. Ivy signs are charming, soft-spoken and have a good compatibility with the Oak and Ash signs.

People born under the Celtic tree Ivy sign are very giving. They are the people that are always willing to help those less fortunate and in need. The Ivy sign is very connected spiritually and their faith often sees them through the tough times they often experience.

They can be on the shy side, but have a very social nature. They are charismatic and charming and can be quite a delight in social situations.

Ivy Magick and Lore

The Celts interpreted the ivy to symbolize friendship and connection to others. Once those connections were established the lesson progressed to also demonstrate growth through the many twists and turns of regular life. Ivy is very hearty also, which goes to further the message of growing even during challenging times in our lives. Even after fire or severe weather, the ivy would return to growing, signifying the strength and will of the human spirit; surviving against all odds.

Ivy is an autumn and winter plant – a plant of fertility and rebirth with a feminine energy. She is a healing and nourishing plant that gives and receives support and provides insight – going her own way, yet forming connections as part of a community.

Ivy is friendship and fidelity, the loving ties of partnership and family – a plant to see us through hard times with loving kindness. Placing ivy leaves, lily petals and lilac flowers in a blue bag will prevent you from returning to a destructive relationship.

Most ivy plants have five-pointed leaves, making them a symbol of protection (signifies the harmony of the elements unified by common bonding energy). To guard against accidents while driving, carefully secure an ivy leaf on the dashboard of your car.

Ivy grows in a spiral formation reminding us that each cycle of the seasons brings us closer to the center, to spirit.

Churches have used holly and ivy for their Christmas décor since at least the 15th century, with holly representing Jesus and ivy, the Virgin Mary.

It was believed that ivy should only ever be brought into the house for Christmas and was unlucky at any other time – along with all the other Christmas decorations, you should be sure to remove the ivy by Twelfth Night, though!

On New Year’s Eve, you could lay an ivy leaf in water and leave it there, returning to it on Twelfth Night – if the ivy was green and healthy, it augured that the upcoming year would be happy. If, however, the ivy leaf had turned black, illness would come. Worst of all, if the ivy leaf was decayed and disintegrating, an untimely death was foretold!

Grow ivy vines around the front door of your house to prevent negativity from entering your home.  A house covered in ivy was believed to be lucky – the ivy would bind the family together and bring wealth to the inhabitants. Ivy also protected the householders from witchcraft and the Evil Eye!

If ivy on a house withered and died, disaster would unfold – Welsh folklore said, specifically, that the house would pass to others.

Ivy leaves swept around an area were thought to cleanse an area of negativity and ill-fortune, and bring good luck instead. But you should take care not to use the ivy leaves picked from a church! To pick just a single ivy leaf from a church meant sickness would befall you!

House Protection With Ivy

Utilize the magic of ivy to protect your home from negative influences. You will need:

  • A black candle
  • Lots of ivy branches

Light the candle and say, “I call upon the spirits of this place, come in peace.”

Make a circle of ivy branches on the floor and step into the center.

Turn to the north and recite, “Spirits of the Earth protect me.”
To the east say, “Spirits of air protect me.”
To the south say, “Spirits of fire protect me.”
To the west say, “Spirits of water protect me.”

Place the branches that formed your circle at the boundaries of your property.


The Vine is a symbol of both happiness and wrath — passionate emotions, both of them. Do magical workings this month connected to the Autumn Equinox, or Mabon, and celebrate garden magic, joy and exhilaration, wrath and rage, and the darker aspect of the mother goddess. Use the leaves of the Vines to enhance your own ambition and goals. during this month. The month of Vine is also a good time to get balanced, as there are equal hours of darkness and light.

This is the time of great abundance. Spells concerning happiness and great passion are best done at this time. This is the perfect time for your ambitions, goals, and dreams.

  • Dates: September 2 – September 29
  • Celtic Name: Muin
  • Language of Flowers (Bramble): Lowliness, Remorse, Envy,
  • Qualities (Bramble): Flexibility, Tenacity, Fierceness, Beauty Reward for Hard Work,
  • Themes: Harvest, Reward, Tenacity, Vigor, Health and Healing.

The Autumn Equinox, when night and day are equal length, occurs during the month of the Vine and will help you to realign your energy to prepare for the dark half of the year.

This is a time to value input from others because collaborative work brings insights and networks that are made in the time of the Vine may prove useful in the forthcoming months.

Focus on energy that resolves, cast peace to end an argument or use prosperity energy to help you settle bills and pay off existing debts. Energy must be balanced with action now, so use nature’s last burst of energy, visible in the vibrant autumn colors, to inspire you to complete projects begun earlier in the year.

Invest in your health by eating foods packed with vitamin C to stave off colds as the weather declines. Boost your energy levels with herbal drinks.

Use your energy during the month of the Vine to restore peace to troubled relationship and to bring prosperity and fertility into your life.


The Celtic word for Blackberry, taken from the ogham tree letters is ‘muin’. Sometimes, people will interpret ‘muin’ as ‘vine’ – but a vine as we now know it (a grapevine) was not a native plant in Celtic Britain and Ireland where the ogham evidence we have derives from – and so it is now more commonly thought that ‘muin’ refers to the Blackberry. Both fruits (grape and Blackberry) are used in money energy and are linked to fairies.

Vine the Equalizer

The Vine is another shapeshifter of the Celtic astrology. This is due to the fact that people born under this sign are born within the autumnal equinox. This makes them unpredictable, contradictive, and often indecisive. They can see the good and bad in each story, which makes it hard for them to pick a side. However, they are always sure when it comes to their taste in food, wine, music and art – they have a soft spot for guilty pleasures. Vines have a thing for luxury and refinement. Willow and Hazel can suit their classic style.

They are quiet, discreet, they never draw attention on them, they do not raise their voice and very often you do not notice when they are around. Nevertheless, the saying “Still waters run deep” describes them well. Hazel people are usually very intelligent, they have great memory, good intuition and the ability to learn quickly. They come across as plain but potent people. Exactly this type of people used to be considered a saint or blamed for witchcraft a few centuries ago.

Hazel people usually achieve their goals easily because they are able to take advantage of all their abilities. In relation to others, they tend to be friendly, helpful and easy-going. They can be very patient, understanding and selfless, and they are very generous to their friends. They always start everything with love and goodness because they believe that is the easiest way to achieve things.

Thanks to their foresight and high intelligence they often come up with unusual ideas and solutions that they have thought through to the smallest details.

Although Hazel people tend to be successful in life, they do not like to be spoiled by luxury. They are perfectly adaptable and even little things can make them happy. Fluctuations in their mood are seldom caused by external conditions. So there are moments in their lives when it is better to get out of their way. The same is true about their love life; most of the time they are loving partners, but sometimes they become very grumpy. Still, life with Hazel people is interesting and pleasant, albeit full of change. They are usually reliable and faithful partners in marriage.

Magick and Lore of the Bramble

Our Celtic ancestors valued the Bramble (or Blackberry) as a symbol of spiritual wisdom, emotions, and initiation.

The Bramble shows us flexibility, tenacity, and vigor – and also the importance of connection as the Bramble branches reach out and connect all the other trees and bushes in their thorny embrace. Blackberry is health-giving and healing – a nourishment for our body and soul.

Blackberry is about good preparation (gathering for winter), a healthy reward for hard work and risks taken (blackberrying at risk of prickles), and the importance of being ready to act at the right time (picking brambles when they are ripe, but before they are taken by the witches’ or fairies’ poison).

It was often advised to pick blackberries only in the waxing moon, to gain protection from ill-will.
Many traditions over the correct timing of Blackberry picking have arisen, most focusing on the specific date after which blackberries should never be picked – variously advising dates from the end of August, Michaelmas Day (29 September), or the end of September, or Halloween (31st October) as the blackberries will have been poisoned, spat on, or peed on by fairies, witches, or even the Devil.

It’s likely that the varying dates relate to how far north or south the blackberries grow, so relating to the change in weather – as the late crop of blackberries taste sour in any case and you could certainly believe that they’d been poisoned by witches (or worse, peed on by fairies) were you to taste one.

Elsewhere, blackberries were never eaten – especially in France and Majorca where they believed brambles were made into Christ’s crown of thorns – while in Brittany, it was because they were the food of the fairy folk.

Magick and Lore of the Vine

The Vine month is a time of great harvest — from the grapes of the Mediterranean to the fruits of the northern regions, the Vine produces fruits we can use to make that most wondrous concoction called wine.

The Vine is fast-growing, prolific, and none like each other. They are all unique and adapt with things growing around them. The most valued vine was the grape vine, as it was the source for wine.

The vine is the only plant in the Celtic Tree Calendar that is not native to Britain, although it features in much Bronze Age art. It was cultivated by migrants from Southern Europe.

The name vine comes from the word ‘viere’, meaning ‘to twist’. This refers to the Druidic concept of spiritual development.

A Spell For Peace

Use your energy to bring peace to a troubled relationship or to help heal any conflict or dispute. You will need:

  • A white candle
  • A white ribbon
  • Pen and paper

Hold the candle and say, “I dedicate this candle to peace.”

Write a list of grievances that caused the conflict. Light the candle and focus on sending love to the other party. Burn the list in the flame saying, “For the sake of peace, I let it go.”

Light the candle for a few moments each night and focus on peace. Tie the ribbon to a Bramble or grapevine. When the leaves have all fallen, peace will be restored.


The Hazel Month offers you an opportunity to connect with your inner reserves of wisdom. Now is the time to listen to your intuition. Study of all kinds is blessed during the Hazel Month, so energy that uses ancient knowledge is most effective now.

This is also an excellent time to learn to read Tarot Cards or Runes because lunar energy will enhance your memory and psychic powers. Maintain an optimistic approach and follow your enthusiasm.

  • Dates: August 5 – September 1
  • Celtic Name: Coll
  • Language of Flowers: Reconciliation
    Qualities: Wisdom, knowledge, protection, love, healing, understanding, inspiration, divination
  • Themes: Life Force, Wisdom, Protection, Knowledge, The Creative Muse.

Hazel, known to the Celts as Coll, translates to “the life force inside you,” is the time of year when Hazelnuts are appearing on the trees, and are an early part of the harvest. This is the month of wisdom and protection and magick concerning these areas are best done at this time.

This is a good month to do workings related to wisdom and knowledge, dowsing and divination, and dream journeys. If you’re a creative type, such as an artist, writer, or musician, this is a good month to get your muse back, and find inspiration for your talents. Even if you normally don’t do so, write a poem or song this month.

Bring the creativity and inspiration of the Hazel into your life both at work and at home. Use this time to inspire your inner creativity and wisdom or to ground yourself in nature.

  • Enroll in an evening class. Now is an auspicious time to learn a new skill – try a painting class, learn a language or dance.
  • Keep a journal. Just writing down your wishes and experiences will help you tune into your inner wisdom.
  • Go outside at night and look at the Moon. Staying connected to nature will bring powerful insights and help you remain grounded.
  • Feed your mind. Buy a book of inspiring quotes and read one each day to stimulate and sharpen your thinking.
  • Eat a feast of salmon and hazelnuts before an exam to heighten your powers of concentration and boost your memory.

Hazel the Knower

When a person is born under the energy of the Hazel, he or she becomes highly intelligent, organized and excels in the classroom. Just like the Holly, this Celtic tree sign is naturally gifted when it comes to knowledge. They possess the ability to recite and recall information, which makes them appear as know-it-all to others. However, you can’t blame the Hazel for being naturally smart.

They are quiet, discreet, they never draw attention on them, they do not raise their voice and very often you do not notice when they are around. Nevertheless, the saying “Still waters run deep” describes them well. Hazel people are usually very intelligent, they have great memory, good intuition and the ability to learn quickly. They come across as plain but potent people. Exactly this type of people used to be considered a saint or blamed for witchcraft a few centuries ago.

Hazel people usually achieve their goals easily because they are able to take advantage of all their abilities. In relation to others, they tend to be friendly, helpful and easy-going. They can be very patient, understanding and selfless, and they are very generous to their friends. They always start everything with love and goodness because they believe that is the easiest way to achieve things.

Thanks to their foresight and high intelligence they often come up with unusual ideas and solutions that they have thought through to the smallest details. This clever sign from the Celtic tree horoscope pairs well with the Hawthorn and Rowan signs.

Hazel Magick and Lore

The Hazel tree is known as the Tree of Immortal Wisdom or the Tree of Wisdom and Learning. Hazel branches have been used over history for divining due to their pliancy and affinity for water. The Hazel tree encourages us to seek out wisdom, information, and inspiration in all things both living and inorganic.

In the south-west of England, the Hazel was said to be surrounded by silver snakes around its roots, giving the tree its special life force – an ability to understand all, swiftly, and to understand all connections.

A forked Hazel branch was often used by dowsers – representing the forked tongue of the snake, or perhaps the dual aspect of life and death, which the Hazel also symbolizes.

Hazel branches should only be cut with the tree’s permission – and Hazel rods cut on Midsummer’s Eve are the most powerful. Draw a circle around your bed with a Hazel stick to keep nightmares away. Dreaming about a Hazel tree indicates wealth and unexpected good fortune in the future.

“Wishing wands” (seen in Teutonic myths) were cut from Hazel. It was said that to cut a Hazel wand, you should find a tree that’s not yet fruited, and using a ‘magical sickle’, cut a branch in a single stroke, at sunrise on a ‘day ruled by Mercury’ (a Wednesday).

The Hazel is the Celtic Tree of Knowledge, the Poet’s Tree, a magical tree, and tree of fairies. It’s a tree of wisdom, of understanding and connection, and a tree of clear communications. It’s a tree of life and death, bridging the worlds and enabling connection and communication between the worlds – a tree of health, healing, and protection – and a tree of love!

In Ancient Rome, Hazel torches were lit on the wedding night to ensure a happy marriage. And in Devon, brides would be met from church by an old lady carrying a basket of hazelnuts, for luck.

A sprig of Hazel by the door of a home, or on a windowsill or by a window-opening, was supposed to be able to protect against lightning – and Hazel twigs gathered on Palm Sunday were thought to guard against both lightning and fire.

Hazel Energy Meditation

Practicing this meditation will help you to move through creative blocks, open to inner guidance and develop your intuition.

  • Approach a Hazel tree from the north.
  • When you are within the circumference of its branches, introduce yourself and ask permission to come closer.
  • If it feels right to proceed, circle the trunk clockwise.
  • Try to sense the spirit of the tree and open your heart.
  • Sit with your back against the trunk and breathe deeply.
  • Empty your mind and attune to the tree’s energy.


The eighth Celtic Moon month sees in the start of the waning of the days. The power of the Sun is transferred to the Earth, highlighting our practical needs and desires. The Celtic fire festival of Lammas begins the harvest on 1st August. Thus, the month of the Holly Moon is a time to give thanks for what you have and to appreciate the good things in your life. Focus on your own ‘harvest’ during the month of Holly – on what you wish to achieve and why.

  • Dates: July 8 – August 4
  • Celtic Name: Tinne
  • Language of Flowers: Foresight
  • Qualities: Strength, Protection, Vitality, Life Force, Old Age, Dormancy, Healing
  • Themes: Immortality, Rebirth, Masculine Energy, Protection, Strength, Safety.

Traditionally the first grain harvested was baked into a loaf that represented the spirit of the crop, or ‘John Barleycorn’ as it is called in England. This bread was then shared in a ceremony to ensure the wealth of the entire community.

This month is a time to celebrate your successes with family and friends and to consider sharing your good fortunes with others. Use the energetic blessings of the Holly Moon to celebrate and share the good things in your life and to increase your future fortune and success.

The spirit of renewal in the month of the Holly Moon makes it an excellent time to re-energize your life.

  • Tune into the energies of your environment by eating energy-rich seasonal foods, preferably foods that are produced locally.
  • Use Holly’s influence to rise to physical challenges and overhaul your personal fitness by joining a gym or taking up martial arts.

The Holly takes over the Oak when it starts to fall. This evergreen plant reminds us all year long about the immortality of nature. The Holly moon was called Tinne, pronounced chihnn-uh, by the Celts, who knew the potent Holly was a symbol of masculine energy and firmness.

The planetary ruler of Holly is Mars, which bestows upon the tree certain qualities. The ability to restore direction in your life. To re-balance and align energy. And, to help you achieve a sense of purpose.

In pagan tradition, men carry sachets of Holly leaves and berries, which will enhance their masculinity due to the trees restorative and energizing powers.

Holly the Ruler

The noble one among the Celtic tree astrology signs is the Holly. Those born under this sign are natural leaders and easily acquire power and higher status. They can effortlessly tackle the hardest tasks and often possess rare skills and tact. The Holly is always set to reach its goal and can be too competitive and ambitious at times.

This tree sign brims with confidence, kindness and passion. However, if it doesn’t lead and active lifestyle, the Holly can become too lazy. Ash and Elder signs can form a good partnership with the noble Holly sign.

Holly Magick and Lore

The Holly is a tree of strength and protection. It’s a tree that contains a vital life force to take us through the darkest days with light, colour, and tenacity. It’s a tree of foresight, wisdom and healing, of age and rebirth.

It’s a symbol of nature – the ‘wildman’ (and perhaps woman) in all of us – linking midsummer to midwinter – and linking our darkest hours to our times of plenty, giving us life and strength to carry on.

The Holly King is the god or guardian of the darker part of the year, while the Oak King is the god or guardian of the lighter part of the year…

But the switch-over was marked at the solstices – so the Oak King guards the waxing year of fecundity (from midwinter to midsummer) – and hands over the mantel at midsummer to the Holly King who guards the waning year (midsummer to midwinter) – the period of harvest, the dying days of the year and dormancy.

This is why we see the Holly tree, which we normally associate with midwinter festivities, celebrated in the very middle of summer, as the solstice is marked as a turning point in the year – the fulcrum point where the natural world starts to wane and die, ready to re-emerge again at the winter solstice.

The ancients used the wood of the Holly in the construction of weapons, but also in protective magick. Hang a sprig of Holly in your house to ensure good luck and safety to your family. Wear as a charm, or make Holly Water by soaking leaves overnight in spring water under a full moon — then use the water as a blessing to sprinkle on people or around the house for protection and cleansing.

The Holly tree is also known as the tree of sacrifice. It’s symbolic of sacrifice, unconditional love, and reincarnation. Holly serves to remind us to control our emotions and remain calm during periods of decision-making. Likewise we must also remain calm and accept responsibility for our actions; even when such acceptance comes with consequences. More importantly, the Holly encourages us to love ourselves, as well as others, in the light of compassion and unconditional love.

The wood of the Holly was used to make spears due to it’s firmness after being dried. Holly berries were used in spellwork for female fertility and sexuality – they symbolize the blood of the life-giving Goddess.

The power of the Holly was seen to be in its life force – its living energy, so strong and vibrant in midwinter. This led to Druids advising people to bring the green foliage inside to decorate their homes and bring that life force inside.

The main symbolic importance of Holly is in its evergreen nature – in the darkest midwinter days, the Holly stays shiny and green and is even lit up with brilliant red berries – the hardy leaves withstanding even the harshest winter weathers. The glossy leaves of the Holly also reflected all available light around home and made those darkest days of winter a little lighter and brighter, lifting the mood of the inhabitants of the home.

It was also thought that the foliage would provide shelter to the elves and fairies who could live safely side by side with humans at this special time – with the caveat that the Holly foliage should be removed by Imbolc Eve (31st January).

Holly Money Energy

On the full Moon hold up a note of money to the moonlight and recite the words:

“Lady bright, lade bright,
harvest abundant dreams tonight.
Three times three times three times three,
prosperity return to me.”

Give the money to charity and in return the positive energy of Holly will provide you with the funds you need in the coming months.


Oak month falls during a time when the trees are beginning to reach their full blooming stages. The mighty Oak is strong, powerful, and typically towering over all of its neighbors. The Oak King rules over the summer months, and this tree was sacred to the Druids.

The longest day of the year and the shortest night fall during the Oak Month. Known as the Summer Solstice, celebrations revolve around the power of the Sun at its zenith. Folklore decrees that “He who sleeps on the shortest night shall sleep all year”, meaning that this is a time for action not rest.

  • Dates: June 10 – July 7
  • Celtic Name: Duir
  • Language of Flowers: Bravery, Hospitality
  • Qualities: Tree of the Gods, Strength, Power, Longevity, Endurance, Sacred, Fire, Lightning, Protection, Love, healing,
  • Themes: Strength, Power, Fertility, Luck, Success.

The Oak tree has long been venerated by people of many cultures as a symbol of strength and power. The Celts called this month Duir, which some scholars believe to mean “door”, the root word of “Druid.”

The Oak is connected with spells for protection and strength, fertility, money and success, and good fortune. Carry an acorn in your pocket when you go to an interview or business meeting; it will be bring you good luck. If you catch a falling Oak leaf before it hits the ground, you’ll stay healthy the following year.

Feel energized by the power of the Sun and Oak during this energetic time of year. Harness powerful solar energies for Oak Moon work to bring cheer and success to your life. Energy at this time should concentrate on areas of life that fall under sunny auspices such as health, success, prosperity, and blessings. Cast energy that injects solar flare into your projects by decorating you home with gold and yellow. Wear orange to boost your vitality and stamina.

Often linked with the fairies and ghosts, Midsummer brings the perfect opportunity to summon assistance from the spirits. Ask for help to being beneficial results from creative plans.

Oak the Stabilizer

The Celtic druids knew that, when a child was born under the Oak sign, it’d possess a special gift of strength. People from this Celtic tree astrology sign become protectors of the weak and speak for those who don’t have a voice. They are generous, helpful, and gentle. The Oaks have a deep understanding of history and ancestry and maybe that’s the reason why many of them become teachers.

Oak is a manly tree, and the people born under its rule are “people of action”. These people were given the ability to be the protectors of the weak and oppressed. They are literally the embodiment of spiritual power, great courage and determination.

Oak people are usually well-built and physically strong. They are straightforward and honest. They always try to find the easiest way to achieve their goal; they never shy away from dealing with problems and never use intrigues or do something that is not right.

Suitable partners for this crusader of the Celtic tree zodiac are Ash and Reed, but can reach harmony with Ivy signs too.

Oak Magick and Lore

The Oak is a sign of strength, both the strength of its branches and wood, and its strengthening qualities as a medicine and magical tree. All cultures have revered the Oak and sought such strengthening qualities, and that strength can be seen throughout the lore.

Tied to the ancient term for “druid” as “Oak knowledge” Oak has long been associated with knowledge and wisdom. We can see this also in the Native American lore, where Oak “makes space for councils”.

The Oak can be used as a haven for restoration. When your spirit needs rest and comfort it can be soothed beneath the tree’s vast branches and many sacred rituals were conducted in the shadow of an Oak tree in Ancient Britain. Meditating with your spine resting on the trunk of an Oak tree soothes the nervous system and induces feelings of inner peace.

Oak trees conduct the energy of endurance and strength, offering a magical remedy for fear and despair. They bring courage and protection from adversity.

The great size and age of the Oak made it a symbol of the continuity of the community. The water that collects in the dips in its branches was though to be sacred and used to cleanse and heal the body of negative energy.

Each Oak tree was believed to be the home to a multitude of faeries and each acorn was thought to be the home to a sprite. Bringing an acorn into the house was one way to develop a stronger relationship to the faerie world.

Oak has low electrical resistance and is often struck by lightning. So forests of Oak attracted violent electrical storms – and as lightning was seen as a message from the gods, so Oak came to be associated with the gods of storm, thunder, and lightning.

Thunder was said to be the voice of Zeus – and an Oak tree that had been struck by lightning was believed to be particularly sacred.

​ A purification ritual for the Oak Moon

You can burn Oak leaves to purify the atmosphere and banish fear and doubt. You will need:

  • Small bottle of wine
  • Basket
  • Pestle and mortar
  • Needle and thread
  • Fireproof bowl
  • Charcoal disc and matches

On the night after the full moon go to an Oak tree and pour a libation of wine onto the roots, asking the tree for its help. Gather a basket of leaves and sew them together, then hang up the leaves to dry out for three days.

When the leaves have dried, carefully remove the thread and pound the leaves with a pestle and mortar into incense. Light the charcoal in the fireproof dish. When it glows red add the dried leaves to create an energetic purification smoke.


The month of the Hawthorne is the time of fertility, masculinity, sexual energy, and fire. Coming right on the heels of Beltane, this month is a time when male potency is high — if you’re hoping to conceive a child, get busy this month!

The hawthorn is closely linked to witches due to an ancient belief that it was created from witches who had been transformed into trees. Any magic performed beside the hawthorn or during its month is though to be twice as powerful.

  • Dates: May 13 – June 9
  • Celtic Name: Huath, 
  • Language of Flowers: Hope
  • Qualities: Healing, Protection, Passion, Commitment, Challenge
  • Themes: Fertility, Masculine Energy, Fire, Business and Professional, Magical Protection

Take advantage of the fertile, prosperous energies of the month of the Hawthorn Moon to help you spice up your life.

This is the time for lovers to attend to matters of the heart, as the Celtic fire festival of Beltane heralds the start of summer. Celebrated on the first full Moon after the May tree (hawthorn) has blossomed, cattle were driven between two fires to purify them before moving to summer pastures. Young people were adorned with blossom and lovers lay in fields to empower their relationship and the crops with fertility and prosperity.

The Hawthorn has a raw, phallic sort of energy about it — use it for magic related to masculine power, business decisions, making professional connections. The Hawthorn is also associated with the realm of Faerie, and when the Hawthorn grows in tandem with an Ash and Oak, it is said to attract the Fae.

Adorned with flowers in spring, berries in autumn, and bare thorns in winter, the seasonal appearance of hawthorn has led to its sacred association with the three faces of the Great Goddess. Maiden (virginal white flowers of spring), Mother (rich, fertile red berries of autumn). And Crone (the cruel thorns of winter).

Hawthorn wood was traditionally used in amulets and charms. The wood grows into many twisted patterns, thought to be the origin of the love knot charm. As an amulet, the flowers were thought to ward off depression. The Romans placed such amulets in cradles to protect babies from curses.

Hawthorn the Illusionist

Just like Gemini in western astrology, the Hawthorn from the Celtic tree astrology isn’t all that it appears to be. Their exterior world can be completely different from the inner landscape and they can show a new side to you each day. If you hang out with Hawthorn signs too often, you’ll see that they put the term “never judge a book by its cover” to the test. They have a never-dying creative flame, always full of energy and curiosity.

This sign from the Celtic horoscope can adapt to any situation and can be both a good listener and give inspiring speeches. A good match for this shapeshifter can be the Ash or Rowan sign.

Magick and Lore

Hawthorn has a strong association with fertility, passion and love. When the Ancient Greek goddess Hera touched Hawthorn blossoms, she conceived twins.

Hawthorn seems to be particularly associated with wedding celebrations, perhaps because of its longtime reverence as the tree of that iconic May Day marriage of springtime that’s re-enacted in villages across Britain – the crowning of the May Queen, often bedecked in may blossom, and her joining together with the Oak King.

In Celtic writings, Cuchulainn calls hawthorn ‘most difficult night’ and Oengus calls hawthorn ‘whitening of the face’ – a moment when the face goes white at the thought of the challenges that lie before us.

Hawthorn has traditionally been seen as the tree of protection. As a hedgerow, it protects many little birds and animals, and up to 50 different species of insect. Hawthorn also protects boundaries – in Cornwall, clods of earth with a sprig of hawthorn were often left on boundary stones to protect the boundary of a farm or village area. Hawthorn hedges are still seen as powerful boundary protection for our modern homes, gardens and fields.

The ‘fairy trees’ or ‘faery thorns’ were respected and it was seen as very advisable never to harm a hawthorn, nor never to cut it except for ritual purposes when you would make a prayer and ask permission before taking any. Specifically, you should not clear hawthorn for practical purposes lest misfortune befall you!

Soulmate Attraction

Finding the right person to form a relationship with is not an easy task. Fortunately, you can harness the energetic forces of the Hawthorn to help you find that special someone.

Beside a hawthorn tree place a red candle in the earth and light it, saying,

“Trust by flowers white,
passion by berries red,
and protection of thorn.
May we grow together”.

Next describe your ideal partner on a red piece of paper. Bury it, allow the candle to burn. Decorate your door with Hawthorn blossoms, and you will find true love in the next summer.

Note: If you do not have the time to stay with the candle until it burns all the way down, bury what is left of it next to the paper. Do not leave a burning candle unattended next to a tree.


During the time of April showers, the watery month of the Willow Moon teaches you to release pent-up emotions and experience your grief. Tears are linked to healing and as you express difficult and painful feelings, you are able to purge yourself of subconscious fears, which would otherwise prevent you from reaching your dreams.

The Willow Moon offered a healing month to the Celts who literally spring-cleaned themselves in steamy saunas, known as sweat lodges, in readiness for the Beltane Festival at the start of May.

  • Dates: April 15 – May 12
  • Celtic Name: Saille
  • Color: Silver
  • Themes: Healing, growth, protection, women, nurturing.
  • Language of Flowers: Mourning
  • Qualities: Healing, Flexibility, Grace, Compassion

This month is the month for spells and rituals for growth, healing, nurturing, and magick related to the mystery of women.  It is also associated with fertility, inspiration, protection, binding, and creativity. The willow tree was sacred to Crone aspect of the triple goddess in Celtic lore, and closely associated with the Cailleach (“old woman” in Gaelic).

The Willow Moon provides the perfect time to harness lunar power and energy for wishing, divination, healing, and protection.

Linked with the energy of the moon, the willow takes on a feminine-type energy of flow, flexibility and balance as well as gentle compassion and emotional sensitivity.

This month is the perfect time to perform lunar magic and to let go of the past. Cast energy to restore and nurture during the Waxing Moon and to release problems during the Waning Moon. Drinking more water will also help you to attune to the Willow Moon, and so enable you to connect to the tree’s watery magic.

Because the Willow is imbued with the power of the Moon, it has always been particularly linked with witchcraft. The traditional witches’ broom is bound with a Willow branch and lunar wands used specifically for Moon magic are made of Willow wood.

The Willow’s close ties to the Moon and tides also connects it to affairs of the heart. An old English tradition involved jilted lovers wearing a sprig of Willow in their hats, which originated from an ancient Willow charm to heal a broken heart.

Willow the Observer

According to the Celtic horoscope, people born under the sign of the Willow hold many aspects of the lunar realm. They tend to be highly creative and intuitive and often possess higher IQ. Willow signs understand cycles and know very well that everything that happens in your life can teach you a lesson. This Celtic tree astrology sign is patient and down to earth. Ivy and Birch signs can be a good match for the Willow sign.

Willow people have a lot of imagination, sometimes they like to daydream and they are able to understand exactly how other people feel. They are very good psychologists and they can use this ability for their advantage.

People born under the rule of Willow can enjoy life to the fullest; they know exactly what they need in their life and where to find it. From time to time these people become restless without reason and this restlessness forces them to change jobs, frequently move from one place to another and to make various other changes in their lives.

Despite their instability, they are very honest and principled under any circumstances. They literally shock others with courageous and honest acts that do not benefit them. Their adaptability and tolerance allows them to eat at one table with beggars or kings without having to pretend anything.

Willow people usually live a long life and they become respected elders. When they get old, the settle down and because of their rich life full of changes they become a rich source of inspiration for other people.

Willow Magick and Lore

Willows are often seen as gateway or boundary trees – the trees of the ‘in-between’ liminal places – on the banks of rivers and streams, between water and dry land. In ancient Celtic times, watery places were seen as sacred places – so willow trees were viewed as able to connect the world of humans with the mystical Otherworld.

Bees are very attracted to all kinds of willow trees for the pollen and were seen as messengers from the Otherworld.

In ancient Tibet, the willow was revered as the ‘world tree’ or ‘tree of life’. Because of its healing use by the wise women, the willow became known as the ‘witch’s tree’ and later as ‘witch’s aspirin’.
The willow is often linked to the Celtic ‘Morrigan’ or Morgana le Fay of Arthurian legend.

As well as healing, willow traditionally protects. Goat willow (Pussy willow) was known as Palm Willow and was commonly cut for Palm Sunday celebrations and carried to church. The Palm Willow was then kept through the year to protect the home against thunder, lightning, disease and other dangers.

Willow twigs would be placed around the hearth of the home and around crops or animals in garden and fields to protect these for the coming year. It is thought that the ancient Celtic Druids would use goat willow to make wands to give protection against evil.

The saying “knock on wood” or “touch wood” may have come from ancient customs of knocking on or touching a willow tree to bring good fortune and avoid bad fortune.

The Celts would use willow wood for coracles and boats and travelers and adventurers would set out with the protection of being in willow boats ‘over the ninth wave’ to seek their destiny.

Druids would sleep beneath willow trees to involve dreams of divination and Celtic priests would use cut willow for the same purpose. In Celtic tales of Manannan mac Lir, willow rods were used for divination.

Willows grow vigorously in spring and even a small twig or cut branch of willow, stuck into the ground, will quickly take root and grow into a young sapling. As such, the willow is seen to represent rebirth, new life, and vigor – including fertility. In fact, ancient Chinese tradition sees the willow as a tree of immortality for this very special ability.

Willow Moon Ritual

This Willow tree ritual should be performed outside and can be used to make a wish. or heart’s desire, come true.

At the time of the full Moon go to a shallow river or stream where willow trees grow. Stand with your feet in the water and hold your arms up towards the Moon. Visualize moonlight flooding your aura, filling your body with each breath. Recite this incantation:

“Lady Moon of wax and wane,
bring my wish and take my pain”

Perform an act of ritual purification by washing your hands in the water by the roots of the tree, Focus on your wish and tie a knot with string around a willow branch to seal it. When your wish comes true, untie the knot.


The fifteenth lunar day is generally counted as the fifteenth day from the new moon. More information on the Lunar Days can be found here: The Thirty Lunar Days.

The European and Vedic traditions view today as an unbiased day that favors physical and romantic activities. According to the Vedic books, today can be a great day to begin new endeavors but for Globa, it marks a Satanic day with grave effects.

  • Symbol: Fiery serpent
  • Other Symbols: Snake, Winged Jackal (a winged communicator between Isis and Osiris). In the Indian tradition – Cobra.
  • Old Names: The “Fire Serpent” and “Jackal with Wings”.
  • Stones and Minerals:  Agate, Morion, Jet, Agate, Emerald, Selenite.
  • Aromatherapy: Cinnamon
  • Chakra Activation: During the 15th lunar day the Anahata chakra and chest are active.

Overall Forecast

Today is a full-moon. This is a high energy day. There is a large chance of giving way to temptation, persuasion or laziness. According to some traditions, it is advisable to suppress emotions, control your passions and strengthen self-discipline. Behave quietly and peacefully. Alternatively, it might be a great day to indulge in pleasures of the body.


A free soul experienced in astral battles and carnal temptations. In some traditions this day is considered satanic, during which there are astral battles, the temptations of the flesh. It is necessary to protect justice. The dream that day will be prophetic for a whole month. You can not succumb to temptations on this day, there are apples and quarrels. A good sign is a dog.


It is recommended to:

  • Perform simple actions and not overexert yourself.
  • Buy, sell or trade.
  • Hang on to curious ideas, these may become helpful in the future.

It is not recommended to:

  • Overload yourself.
  • Demonstrate ambitions.
  • Do any important projects.
  • Shift responsibility to other people.
  • Work with finances.
  • Make any important negotiations.
  • Give into impulsive risks.
  • Dental treatment.

A haircut in the 15th lunar day will negatively affect the mental state of a person, probably an increase in pressure, the appearance of headaches and incomprehensible fears.

According to some traditions the full moon is not the time for water, and it is best to refrain from the bath. Other traditions recommend a moonlight swim.

Influence on Health

Pancreas and diaphragm are active. It is good to fast or keep a healthy diet. Avoid strong tea, coffee, alcohol. For memory improvement use viburnum. Japanese kitchen is recommended.

  • Nutrition tips: Take only fresh and quality food. Spicy, hot and lenten food, fresh vegetables and fruits, porridges and herbal tea are very good. Take beans, barley and kidney bean. Do not take apples, cabbage, garlic, eggs and long vegetables. Paprika, cranberry, red ashberry, nettle and home-made jams are allowed.

Rejuvenation procedures are favorable today; ideal places for them are natural bodies of water where you can swim in the moonlight.

On this day it is better not to get sick. In general, hormonal and regulatory functions, may be overloaded, hysteria and/or phobias can intensify. The fifteenth lunar day is also considered traumatic. It is recommended to pay attention to the diaphragm and the operation of the pancreas.


Dreams this lunar day might have a very different character, everything will depend on your current state. If you had a bright, good dream it may come true, but only if you keep it a secret. If your dream was heavy it means your current state is imbalanced, take care of yourself.

Light or dark – you may use this information to determine what energy is dominant in your subconscious now.

Dreams today might be prophetic and provide information about the next lunar month. They show the most pressing problems, but symbolically, so you have to work hard at deciphering the symbols. The result will be within 30 days. You can even “order” a dream, and spy on the future of any person.


Fragrance of Cinnamon improves the well-being of a person, tuning to an optimistic mood. Develops optimism, personal integrity, faith in oneself and self-esteem. The fragrance creates a cozy atmosphere of trust and goodwill. It improves memory and increases efficiency.

Cinnamon warms, increases and thickens the aura. Helps to get rid of feelings of anger and envy, self-pity and fixation on past problems and mistakes. It eliminates depressive conditions and emotional coldness.


Due to the fact that the fifteenth lunar day is this difficult day of the month, it is better to deal only with household chores that do not cause stress or special strain.

On this Lunar day one may feel joyous and uplifted while others may become depressed. It is very important to understand your condition and plan your day accordingly. Don’t do any big projects or difficult work around the house today; airing out, humidifying and burning candle and incenses will be sufficient. Thus the energy of the full moon will show you its bright side and bring with it peace and calmness for your soul.

Often this exact day is the day of a Supermoon. If this is the case be extra attentive to the atmosphere at home; guard it with your inner intention and you quiet interactions with your family. Avoid painful topics with your relatives, better to keep silent and be appreciative of their individual choices. Don’t give into any irritation if someone decides to show a lot of energy and activity with house chores. Observe yourself.

Weddings and Relationships

This is a very complicated lunar day. Only adult and experienced partners have a chance to constitute a family. Young couples which are not ready for family constitution can have disappointments. This is unfavorable day for rendezvous.

All the romance meetings and appointments scheduled for the fifteenth lunar day are best postponed until a more appropriate time. This is one of the most difficult days of the month, and there is no place for romance in it. Even if you are married, it may be better to avoid intimacy.

Also on this day there may be a sudden desire to tell a person harsh and offensive words. If a person is dear to you, this is not the most correct line of behavior. People tend to give in to provocations, or commit rash acts.

In addition, there is a strong desire for carnal pleasures, short-term bliss, which may result in shame, or unfortunate consequences and disappointment. People are often prone to deception: they deceive themselves and deceive others without any reason.

To conclude a marriage in this lunar period is favorable only for mature people, who know exactly what they want. In order to withstand the power of the moon, you need to be strong within yourself. But young couples and emotionally weak individuals should pick a different day for a wedding, as this is not a favorable day to  create a family. For them, such an alliance, as a rule, will end in divorce. Such families can not withstand the rapid and powerful energy of the Moon.

Conception of a Child

This is a critical day for conception. Parents should not lie on this day, instead they should be extremely honest. The child, conceived on the 15th lunar day, will fight against evil, love and hatred will own it. Feelings and suffering will overwhelm him, and the support of the earthly and heavenly powers is assured.

A child, conceived on this day will either be a great scoundrel, or a great teacher. He can reach both transcendental heights, and fall into the deepest abyss.

Born on this Day

People born this day are able to achieve success in trade. They are helped by remarkable working capacity and highly developed intellect. In study and work, they highlight the main thing and are only interested in it, not exchanging for trifles.

In any situation, those born on the 15th day feel themselves internally free. They feel their independence, and strive for spiritual harmony. They do not tolerate pressure and coercion. They are also great lovers and lovers of the opposite sex.

  • Tip: Avoid heavy physical activity, limit communication with unpleasant people.

On their journey through life they meet a lot of temptations and often can not resist them. It is useful for such people to restrain their passions, as they are apt to act destructively, and undermine their health. The main problem of these people is negative emotions. These must be kept under strict control.

Business and Money

Despite its complexity, this day forms the foundation for the rest of lunar month and you may already see the results of your efforts from the first part of this period.

The first half of this day is rather complicated and considered unfavorable. During these hours, various difficulties in work and personal life can arise. After noon you will have a chance to execute your plans but only if you use your creativity.

In the first half of the day there may be difficulties in professional and family relations. The main problems will be created because of ambition and the desire to shift all responsibility and part of their work to someone else.

The second half of the fifteenth lunar day is less unpleasant. During this period, it is even possible to implement a plan, though, most likely, in a completely different way. Do not make any financial transactions, do not listen to advisers. Do not conduct important negotiations.

It is undesirable to start important business today . The only exception is the legal sphere: it is possible (and necessary) to sue, but only if you are 100% sure of your rightness and the legitimacy of your case. If injustice is committed against you, you need to accept the challenge and fight for justice. It is impossible to avoid fighting this day. If you are not sure of the method, do not do anything, insure yourself.

At the same time, there is a chance to find new acquaintances. Successful events or promising new acquaintances are possible.  Curious or interesting ideas might pop up. Pay attention to them, they are worth it. Today, luck is on the side of those who work related to trade.

It is possible to realize everything conceived, but through other people and by other methods. New ideas and thoughts may arise.

This is a favorable day for all types of shopping. But if you have the slightest hint that someone is trying to cheat you, asking an inflated price or selling a poor-quality product  – immediately refuse to buy. This is a sure sign that the thing you want to buy now will not bring you joy. Wait a couple of days and try again. The fifteenth lunar day is the time to buy unambiguous goods – those that do not cause you a shadow of a doubt either in the product itself, in its price, in quality, or in warranty service.

Moon Day 15 Meditations

  • Key words: Silence, Emptiness, Placidity.

The Moon is in its maximum power. The best meditation for this day is silence. Either early in the morning or in the evening time, sit in a comfortable pose and listen to the silence of your mind. Try to stop your thoughts, so they won’t disturb you anymore. Your thoughts are like clouds, flying by the clear sky of your mind. Try to keep this balanced feeling as long as possible and don’t strain your body.

Magick for Moon Day 15

This is the “Day of influence of the Spirit of the flesh of Ahriman.”

From ancient times in all cultures, the fifteenth lunar day – the full moon, was considered the best day for any magickal action, any ritual and ceremony. This period was actively used by all sorcerers, witches, healers, black and white magicians.

The full moon is the peak of the lunar and, consequently, of the astral energy. For this reason, the connection between the human world and other dimensions is particularly subtle, so that all predictions will be extremely accurate, and you will have additional forces to penetrate the essence of things.  An excellent day for sex magick.


The fourteenth lunar day is generally counted as the fourteenth day from the new moon. More information on the Lunar Days can be found here: The Thirty Lunar Days.

Major traditions contradict each other when it comes to the 14th Moon Day. The Vedic tradition advises against beginning a new endeavor especially if it is linked to financial and traveling aspects in your life. Meanwhile, Globa states that it is perfectly fine for business dealings whereas the European tradition maintains that today is a generally joyous day.

  • Symbol: A pipe, a hunting horn.
  • Other Symbols: Crown.
  • Meaning: This is the day of the call. Trumpet calls to start matters of great importance.
  • Flowers: Hyacinth.
  • Stones and Minerals: Sapphire, Lapis lazuli, Graphite.
  • Aromatherapy: Lavender.
  • Chakra Activation: During the 14th lunar day the Manipura chakra is active.
  • Body Part: Underbelly.

Overall Forecast

This lunar day is well suited to start a lot of new important things, to use information and various appeals for anything. Projects started on this day will succeed on their own. Today has a strong connection to the usage of informational sources.

This lunar day, or rather its first half, will be favorable for the promotion of your ideas to a whole new level. The bosses may note that your endeavors and aspirations to improve the business, new partners, new connections may appear. The second half of the day can be dragged into unnecessary business and worries, and this will lead to loss of energy and time, and perhaps to overeating. On this day, you can also spend a lot of sexual energy.

Also on this day, melancholy, sadness, and grief are possible. It is counter-indicative to be engaged in magick, to strain vision, to use spirits and to be seen in a mirror.


Onn the 14th lunar day, any manipulation of hair is good. All of them will lead to an increase in the material condition, strengthening of the social situation, perhaps the chance of a profitable acquisition of real estate.

It is recommended to:

  • Get active and take decisive action.
  • Start any important or serious affairs.
  • Have no doubts about forthcoming successes.
  • Go slow, elaborate each step.
  • Communicate with all your various contacts: friends, relatives, colleagues, partners, bosses, etc; you may possibly meet new profitable acquaintances.
  • Publicly announce your ideas during the first half of day; share your plans.
  • Consolidate family relations, straighten out relations with elders.
  • Carry on career and business.
  • Solve financial matters.

It is not recommended to:

  • Be idle.
  • Waste energy for insignificant events.
  • Interfere with someone else’s problems or needless affairs during the second half of day.

It is also better to refrain from the bath.

Influence on Health

Intestines are active. It is better not to drink a lot of fluids; dry fasting is also favorable. Stomach and intestinal cleaning are useful. Physical exercises will be helpful. Take care of your vision.

  • Nutrition tips: Freshly prepared food plays an important role today.

Today it is good to cleanse the body with liquids, eat almonds and salty foods. Discard bitter and sweet foods. Diseases that began on this lunar day, as a rule, quickly pass. But the psyche can be overloaded and the mood swings can affect the affairs. It is good to use fluids to cleanse toxins, poisons and waste.


Dreams this lunar day are not significant, but they may show hidden abilities which should be developed and this is the only reason why they deserve your consideration. Typically, these dreams don’t come true; so, if you woke up with any sad or unpleasant memories, don’t fret.


The scent of Lavender provides full energy relaxation. Protects against negative energies. A wonderful remedy for overwork, overexcitement, irritability and aggression. Eliminates tearfulness and hysterical reactions. Restores sleep.


Try to cleanse your living space today and do any type of purification for your home: try and free it from negative energy which can be attributed to the activity of evil spirits. This is especially important on the eve of the full moon.

Magickal cleansing of the house should be done with the help of the four elements:

  • Earth is symbolized by salt.
  • Air by incense.
  • Water by a bowl of holy water.
  • Fire by a burning candle.

Salt should be thrown into corners and incense should be carried throughout the entire house; sprinkle water everywhere as well and with the candle one must also go clockwise around all living areas while praying aloud. If you want to make things more simple just mop the floor with slightly sea-salted water and burn candles and incense.

Also a very good day for repairs. The 14th lunar day is ideal for cleaning your home. Spend a general cleaning in the house, and you will free up space for new living energy. Think of purity in all its manifestations. It is very good to clean up your space with energy.

Weddings and Relationships

This is favorable day to create a family for those partners who have had long premarital relations. Also it’s a good time to create a family for divorced persons. There is a chance to change your life to better and try to start a new family relationship having the benefits of previous experience.

On a date, you may find that people are usually shy and tend to equivocate. So listen carefully and don’t miss the details.

On the fourteenth lunar day, people often feel apathetic and depressed, due to the fact that the lunar energy is strong, and not yet available for use. Remember this, and do not give in to the sad mood.

Many people may drop hints on this day. So listen carefully to everything that you are told. Do not miss the details, it’s possible the person really wants to tell you something.

This is a day for strengthening family relationships, relationships with relatives.

A characteristic feature of this day from the point of view of marriage is that, figuratively speaking, it is a day of free flight, that is, the Moon gives a new family a huge energy reserve, it seems to lift it high into the sky and release it to freedom. And now everything will depend only on the spouses – whether they will be able to continue their “heavenly flight” or again return to earth. Therefore, it is considered not very successful.

Conception of a Child

A child conceived on the 14th lunar day will have powerful support from its ancestors. Such a person has the opportunity to maintain contact with another world.  He is a man (or woman) with a strong intuition. But whatever heavy forebodings he is tormented by, in even the most difficult circumstances, he will not lose protection from above. He will not lose it in the difficult life situations that will occur with him, as with any other person.

In addition, when it comes to the voice of conscience, he will always act accordingly. The help of ancestors will allow him to cope with everyday worries, and with moral feelings.

Born on this Day

People born on the 14th lunar day are considered “elected.” They still in childhood realize their vocation in life, find the only correct way and start to follow it early. They are peculiar: intuition, insights, providence. They are purposeful and volitional in nature, internally ready for accomplishment.

People of the 14th day are important to listen to for advice, and “signs of fate.” They can often dream prophetic dreams. Despite their directness, they are flexible people, easily adaptable in any situation. Achievements are expected in medicine, management, pedagogy.

The main danger for people of the 14th day is mood swings. It is necessary to to keep yourself in hand and not give in to laziness.  Be sure to give yourself daily physical activity.

Business and Money

In business, this can be one of the luckiest and most powerful days of the lunar month. There is a high possibility for advancing office, a raise in salary or receiving a deserved honor.

An excellent day for careerists and businessmen. As already mentioned, the fourteenth lunar day is the strongest and most powerful day of the month, and in business it is the happiest. It is a time for decisive action.

Particularly favorable is the first half of the fourteenth lunar day. At this time, you can make some idea, idea or proposal to the public. This will lead to a transition to a qualitatively new level. For example, it is possible to increase in service, receive an increase in salary, a reward in short, and well-deserved recognition. And also new profitable acquaintances, new interesting connections, etc.

Direct energy to important matters. One of the best days for solving financial issues. The fourteenth lunar day is a good time for signing contracts, opening accounts, interviewing about work, etc. Do not focus on little things that are not worth it, dedicate this day to the main goal.

The best day for attending a refresher course. A great day to do your favorite hobby, develop your talents and abilities. An interesting day for business, as there is an opportunity for the success of the most seemingly hopeless enterprises. A good day for business meetings and trips, subject to careful and thorough analysis of the situation.

This period is the best time to buy what you have long dreamed of. If you saved money for a long time, worked hard to acquire a coveted thing, now is the time to do it. And it does not matter if it’s big or small, it’s a car, a house or just some bauble. The main thing is that it personifies the fulfillment of your dreams. If there is no such purchase, then it is advisable to refrain from buying, as in the end you may be waited by very unpleasant surprises.

Moon Day Fourteen Meditations

  • Chanting mantras.
  • Sacred sounds.

Meditate on “OM” and “AUM” sounds. Try to sing it by yourself, or you may use a recording. This day is favorable for starting any cycle of mantras or 40-day practices.

On the 14th lunar day the Moon gets to its maximum power, so women have the best chance to perform rejuvenation procedures.

Magick for Moon Day Fourteen

  • Full moon rites.
  • Love spells.
  • Rites and magick for money and luck.

When practicing divination, ask only questions related to your inner state or the state of mind of someone who addresses you.

It is also a wonderful period for the transition to a new stage in the development of extrasensory abilities.


The thirteenth lunar day is generally counted as the thirteenth day from the new moon. More information on the Lunar Days can be found here: The Thirty Lunar Days.

According to European tradition, you should avoid undertaking most activities including health related endeavors today for it is not an optimal time to do so. Vedic traditions say otherwise, and you can expect to enjoy a lucky day especially when it comes to new beginnings, renewed relationships with people around you and generally a satisfying leisure time ahead.

  • Symbol: Wheel.
  • Other Symbols: A  circle, a snake biting its tail. A wheel with a swastika inside.
  • Meaning: Wheels rotate, movement continues.
  • Stones and Minerals: Labyrinth stones, Hematite, Selenite, Opal, Ruby.
  • Aromatherapy: Neroli
  • Chakra Activation: The Hara chakra is active.

About The Swastika

The Swastika mentioned here symbolizes movement, primarily – blood, intestinal peristalsis, circulation of qi (prana) energy through the channels of our body. The swastika, going clockwise, symbolizes the eternal movement, for example, the movement of the sun, blood circulation, intestinal peristalsis, movement of energy through the channels of our body.

Overall Forecast

This is a day to renew the vital energy of your life. This is a good day for group work, acquiring new information and initiating new training cycles. Use today for accumulation, acquisition and making of household items; baking bread is suggested.

The first part of the day will be very unfavorable. It will preserve the negative trends of the past day. But if a person can overcome the test of pride, then he will have new opportunities, which are associated with the strengthening of his aura. For this reason, in the second half of the lunar day, new perspectives for the manifestation of creativity will open. The possibility of achieving new goals is increasing.


This is a very good lunar day for a haircut. It will refresh the appearance, give beauty and happiness. It is also recommended to:

  • Extend the sphere of your influence.
  • Correct your business policy.
  • Sign agreements.
  • Hire new employees.
  • Organize public events.
  • Get new information, improve education and increase knowledge.
  • Create groups or teams.
  • Work in a team and discuss urgent problems with colleagues.
  • Solve financial matters.

It is not recommended to:

  • Start serious projects, especially by yourself.
  • Quit any previously started projects.
  • Take long breaks or rest too much.

Weather Forecast

Three days before the full moon look for a change in the weather.

Influence on Health

Pancreas and hara (energy center) are active. Filling up on food is recommended. Energy and blood circulation is increased. Procedures for body rejuvenation are recommended. It is possible to clean the liver.

Medicines and various cosmetics today are very susceptible to the body. Therefore, today it is good to take medicine, decoctions and infusions. It is good to carry out procedures for rejuvenating the body.

  • Nutrition tips: Vegetables and fruits are irreplaceable as usual.

It is favorable to take seafood and experiment with food. Digestion of solid grain porridge is very good. Bake and take bread. The best day for cosmetic and rejuvenating procedures in the bath. A good day for good company.


The energy of this lunar day shows, if you are spinning in a circle, shooting yourself in the foot, or if something is changing and you are moving up the spiral staircase. Dreams hold the key to the door, which hides things we don’t want to change or are difficult to overcome.

Sleep is the main clue on the way of this understanding. He can reveal to us, where we do not want to change. On this day in dreams, life itself is knocking at your door, and shows you the way to go in the direction of change. It is important not to ignore these directions, and in life to begin to follow them, then you will free up some of your energy for further action.

On the 13th lunar day, dreams can carry new information about old problems, but not directly, but in the form of symbols, and one should try to understand and decipher them in order to begin solving the problem as soon as possible. Decipher the message of your subconscious, it can serve as a guide and give you a clue.

To properly analyze your dreams do not forget to record them immediately upon waking. Dreams today might be warnings; they could come true fairly soon, some say in eight days.


The scent of Neroli eliminates neurotic, asthenic-depressive and hysterical reactions. Objectivizes the psycho-emotional state. Helps with insomnia. The aroma of Neroli harmonizes the emotional and energy plans of man. Promotes the manifestation of noble features of man. Prevents the appearance of envy and protects against bad deeds and thoughts. It encourages high and bright aspirations.


On this magical and mystical day it is very favorable to bake round bread. Pleasure yourself and your loved ones with a delicious, crispy crust of homemade loaf. The thirteenth lunar day is a wonderful time for repairs and major household affairs, fruitful and extensive work on the improvement of the house and the backyard.

The energy of this day has a dualistic character. The first half of it is especially difficult and demands of us some effort in order to maintain inner balance. Therefore if starting any projects measure carefully their level of importance. If you can’t delay a project, use all possible love and care while completing it, and whatever you do don’t rush. Any hurried behavior is sure to cause blunders today.

The 13th lunar day is favorable for beginning to build any round objects, such as wells, fountains or cupolas. It is also advantageous to spin threads, make round talismans or bake round breads and pastries.

Weddings and Relationships

The thirteenth lunar day is good for marriage to people connected with science – scientists, researchers, academics, students and so on, as well as those whose profession consists in discovering a new one – to travelers, seafarers, geologists, etc. Due to the fact that these lunar days are the time of transition, they are also favorable for marriage to those who by age enter a new period of their lives into a new social status.

The coincidence of these two events will bring a positive result – the family created in this period will coincide with the natural rhythms of nature, which will enable it to develop in the right direction, bypassing many cataclysms. Such marriage, as a rule, is characterized by stability and harmony between spouses.

Some astrological schools believe that the thirteenth lunar day is also suitable for creating a family after the age of thirty. This is because people at this age become mature, and the Moon in a sense also becomes “mature”, that is, as close as possible to the peak of the full moon.

It is advisable to refrain from new acquaintances and contacts. It is very likely that you will meet people with whom you break up, and not in the most joyful way. This is a day of reviewing relations. During this day you can discuss sensitive issues and start a new way of living.

Do not be surprised if, today, suddenly, for no apparent reason, your ex-husband or lover will appear on the horizon. And, having reconsidered your old mistakes, you can understand that it was not so bad, and the reasons for which you broke up may seem to you both trifles and trivial things. If you still have feelings for this person, then do not miss the opportunity that the moon gives, try to start everything from the beginning, “from scratch”.

On the thirteenth lunar day, rarely do proposals, and even less often, marriages occur, since it is a day of revising old relationships, a time when it’s time to look back, and not make plans for the future.

This is the time when you can talk about painful issues and situations. It is a most suitable day to finally figure out what’s what. Very often it turns out that everything that was secret, becomes obvious. Sometimes a person did not intend to say something, but it happened to come out.

Today, old problems can appear. Not only what you suspected, but what you already forgot. This can be unpleasant.

Conception of a Child

The main role in the life of a man conceived in the 13th lunar day will be played by the case. It will be a happy or unhappy event, depends on both fortune and karma. Happiness or unhappiness? Complete freedom or total dependence on circumstances? What is the karmic load that an incipient soul will bring with it to this world, so is the answer.

Born on this Day

On the 13th lunar day, restless, very sensitive people are born. They are easy to rise, sociable, receptive to information. They have a wonderful memory, so they learn everything “playfully”. They can do several things at once, have versatile abilities. But they are inclined to “walk in a circle” throughout their lives, making the same mistakes.

  • Advice: use your potential abilities, because you are given a lot.

In the energy plan, these people work well with time. If you want to program your future, you will succeed. The people of this day are well aware of the relationship between cause and effect, between long-standing events and what is happening now. The main thing is to draw conclusions. Those born on the 13th lunar day can easily make a career in any chosen area.

Business and Money

All initiatives are unfavorable. The function of this day is revision, revision and completion of old cases. The most successful day for a thorough review and analysis of contracts and projects and their correction. Go back to the very beginning, and follow the whole chain until today. This practice will help to see all the shortcomings and shortcomings, to find the “weak link” and strengthen it. It is good to finish the enterprises that are scheduled for this day.

In the 13th lunar day, try to act together. In addition, today you can deal with money matters, material issues. The day is especially fortunate for scientific and creative work, social events, group contacts. An excellent day for getting new information, improved education, replenishing the knowledge of a subject of interest to you.

As for purchases, the main thing is not what you buy, but how you buy, or rather, what quality you choose. It is very important in the thirteenth lunar day not to rush, but to approach with all responsibility to the thing that you are going to acquire. Carefully study it, inspect the entire range and choose the best.

  • Priorities in purchases on the thirteenth lunar day are distributed as follows: quality, style, originality.

In this period, you need only get the very best, and only in this case it will bring you benefit and pleasure. If you yourself can not assess the quality of what you get, then invite an expert to help you. Certainly, it is better to give preference to expensive purchases in such a careful approach, so that the time spent for the choice itself justifies itself.

Moon Day Thirteen Meditations

  • Wheel.

The 13th lunar day is the day of energy renewal and cleansing of old mental blockages. You may notice, that some situations are repeated in your life. To change these patterns and renew your life, you may run the “Renewal Wheel” today.

Magick for Moon Day Thirteen

  • This is a magickal day.

Energy magick on this day prevails, the day is good for working with karma, there is a correction of the past, the accumulation of information and contacts. Contacts can be made with other worlds. A good day to make round talismans, for spinning threads, and baking bread.

Any spellbinding rituals are especially strong especially those utilizing spells using menstrual blood. Also a recommended day for rites to bring money and good luck.

Divination practices should be focused in the direction of clarifying questions concerning the future. It is not recommended to seek clarification of the present state of affairs or the past.


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