The Flowers of February are said to be the Primrose, Iris, and the Violet. Whether they are your “birth” flowers or not, these colorful flowers are sure to lift your spirits.


With Valentine’s Day at the forefront of everyone’s mind in February, it may come as a surprise that the red rose is not February’s birth month flower. Instead, those born in the second month of the year are linked to the primrose.

The Primrose flower symbolizes patience, kindness and gentleness. The Primrose also brings the meaning of belonging, and nurturing. Primrose is used magically as a symbol to meditate upon to draw protection and love, Oil of primrose has been used to cleanse and purify in the Druidic tradition. This wildflower is also used to symbolize the beloved guest.

If you grow primroses in your garden, take very good care of them. Unhealthy primroses upset the fairies and it is not recommended to have cross fairies. If kept indoors, Primroses are said to bring sickness and sorrow, perhaps this is because they generally do not grow well indoors and upset the fairies.

Though primroses are toxic to dogs, cats, and horses — and may cause vomiting if ingested — primroses are edible for humans. Leaves and flowers may be eaten raw or cooked, used as a herb, or as a garnish. The flowers can be used to make wine and syrup.

An old gypsy cure for skin complaints on the face: take three primrose leaves and boil them in a pint of water, drink the water.


The February birth flower is the iris. The warm, deep color of the iris is a harbinger of the luxuries of spring, as we know February has long been a month known for romance and love. The iris comes in a few colors including cool blue and snowy white, remembrances of winter.

The iris flower meanings are faith, wisdom, and hope.

There are hundreds of species of the February birth flower, the iris. The iris is a perennial herb. An iris can be grown from a creeping rhizomes or a bulb. The bulb is usually used in drier climates. The iris has been valued since ancient times. There is a flower on the sphinx in Egypt believed to be an iris. Another iris appears on a bas-relief from the 28th Egyptian Dynasty.

In ancient times iris roots were used in perfume and medicine. The fleur-de-lis is a stylized iris, which was used much in heraldry. The February birth flower, iris, is Greek for “rainbow”.


Not many flowers bloom in February, however, the tiny woodland plants of February brighten the landscape like purple, colorful slippers. Wild violets show off their purple-blue petals and heart-shaped leaves in the coldest months!

The violet has been thought to symbolize modesty, faithfulness, everlasting love, innocence, remembrance. The Ancient Greeks considered the violet a symbol of fertility and love, using it in love potions.

Both Greeks and Romans used the flower for things like herbal remedies, wine, funeral decorations, and to sweeten food. Persians used violets as a calming agent against anger and headaches.

In the Middle Ages, Monks were said to have called them the “Herb of the Trinity” because of their three primary colors—purple, yellow and green.

In the Victorian age, a gift of violets was a declaration to always be true. It still serves as a reminder of loyalty, thoughtfulness and dependability. Give a violet to someone to let them know you’ll always be there for them!

Each color has its own meaning:

  • Yellow symbolizes high worth.
  • White is for innocence and purity.
  • Purple means truth and loyalty.
  • Blue is for faithfulness and devotion.

In Christianity, violet flower symbolizes the Virgin Mary’s humility. It is believed that the flowers blossomed when the angel Gabriel told Mary that Jesus would be her baby. In religious art, violets are often portrayed as a symbol of modesty and humbleness.


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