Wealthy Week – Day 3

This is the third day of Wealthy Week, and this evening it’s a pink candle that is lit, hopefully our pile of coins is a little bit bigger, and we are experiencing little glimmerings of experience in being supported by the invisible world.


I found this picture on an investment website. I wish is was a picture of gypsy women harvesting money instead of “corporate type” men.. But I figure we can use our imagination and visioning skills and look beyond the “appearance”.

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  • I am working today on putting up ads from affiliate sites. I am trying really hard to make sure they are not annoying, or disruptive to the blog. I am having a hard time finding ads that do contain graphics and at the same time don’t also blink – blare – or hog the space. In the mean time – does it look ok? Is the cafe press ad just too much? Feedback is appreciated.

  • For obvious reasons I won’t comment on the ads.. LOL..

    I am finding it a little bit difficult to do BOTH the spindle spell and the candle spells.. which is silly because they only take about 5 seconds apiece. I wonder if anyone else is having that problem?

    I really love the candle light shimmering and reflecting off the money – so I have been religious about that one. The spindle has 3 dollars on it, and I have one check stub and 3 notes of payments and gifts to put on it, but I have yet to do it.. I don’t know why I am putting it off.. the most recent excuse was “the bottle of cinnamon is in the dining room”.. another thing that has been happening is that I am getting the affirmations mixed up.. saying “I am prosperity” to the candle.. and “thanks to the invisible world” to the spindle..

    So how is it going for everyone else?

    A miracle is going to happen today.. and boy am I glad of that!

  • The site looks great!

  • The sites look great – the ads look great! Great job!

    Apparently, I really WAS insane about the reverse writing on the gold dollar coins. I had doubted my eyes before and when I asked my daughter to verify she mistunderstood me – so, unfortunately, none of the coins have reverse writing! I am just “seeing things”. This doesn’t come as a surprise, however!

    I haven’t been burning my candles until they go out – they are too big and the only way it could be done is to leave one unattended with nobody home and that won’t work, but I feel confident that the spell is just as effective without that part. I have my $3 on the spindle and an envelope on the spindle holding more dollar bills. That makes me happy!

    I haven’t seen any sure signs of prosperity yet, but Shari has – hopefully she will log on and share.

    I’ve been sick the last couple of days but feeling better now.

  • Hi everyone!
    I have had several examples of prosperity happen to me in the past few days. First of all, a few days ago I was out with my friend and was getting something out of my purse and found seventeen dollars in one of the pockets. (I have no idea where that came from.) My mom says it was hers, she wishes! When we did the spell with the gold coin in the olive oil, afterwards I looked in the jar and it looked like there were four coins instead of one! That was pretty neat. Lastly every night that we have done the spell with the candle and the change around it, when Ive gone back to put the jar of change on my dresser I have found a piece of change lying there that was not there before. I can hardly believe it. My mom says its the gypsys giving back from the invisible world!

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