Prayers To Ganesh

Here is an assortment of prayers for specific situations. These can be said aloud, or silently while visualizing Ganesh or looking at an image of Him. A nice little ritual can also be made with these prayers. Here’s how:

  • Light a candle and burn some sandalwood incense.
  • Write the prayer on a piece of paper.
  • Imagine that you are now putting that prayer, that request, that issue, that problem into the capable hands of the God.
  • As you imagine the above, light the paper and allow it to burn completely.
  • While the paper is burning let go completely of all worry, anxiety, fear, or need to control. Give it completely up.
  • Disperse the ashes in running water.

Moments of Decision

Aum Sri Ganeshaya Namaha

Great Lord of Wisdom, here I stand with so many decisions to make, with so many ways to turn. I beg for your grace. Fill me with righteous judgment and clear discrimination as I lay all confusion at Your holy feet and immerse myself solely in You.

Aum Ganesha Sharanam Sharanam Ganesha

Times of Need

Aum Sri Ganeshaya Namaha

Ganapati, Lord of Ganas, I, too, am a deva under Your command. I know I can never ever separate myself from the intricate mind of the supreme intelligence. O Lord who destroys the obstacles of His devotees, grant me protection, guidance and help in this hour of need. (State your need or troubles.)

Aum Ganesha, grant me Your grace, Sharanam Ganesha

Family Welfare

O Lord Ganesha, holder of the noose and goad, sweets, fruits and sugarcane, please provide for the welfare of my family. Guide prosperity and abundance to our door. But while we wait and mostly see only our wants and needs, please help us feel within our home Your goodness and Divinity, which no calamity can conceal.

Aum Ganesha Sharanam Sharanam Ganesha

Freedom from Fear and Anger

Omnipresent Lamboradara, pure and peaceful doer of all good. Take away my fear and anger. Let me see Thee everywhere and at all times. Show me the truth that there is no intrinsic evil. Remove all barriers in my mind to understanding, true trust, and love. Guide me to a harmonious life and righteous success in the fulfillment of my dharma.

Aum Ganesha Sharanam Sharanam Ganesha


Aum Sri Ganeshaya Namaha

Peerless One, industrious indweller in all, we see You in the full warmth of the Sun, in the full life of Earth and the orderliness of all the turning planets. O Lord and lover of intellect, You are the intricate knowledge blossoming in the mind of the people. O Lord who rules the mind of each and all who worship You, because of You, chaos never was nor will it ever be.

Aum Ganesha Sharanam Sharanam Ganesha

Morning Prayer

Aum Lord Ganesha, you make the flowers grow, You keep the Earth going around the Sun. All day You keep things going right. You are Lord of the devas. I am one of Your devas, too. Help me to think of the needso of others, and to be kind to everyone I meet. Help me to think of You first before beginning something new and to always do what is right and kind.

Aum Ganesha Sharanam Sharanam Ganesha

Bedtime Prayer

Aum, Lord Ganesha, nightime is here and the moon is in the sky above, reminding me of your crescent tusk. Remain with me, Ganesha, through the night, in my deepest sleep, in my inner experiences, as You have remained with me during my daytime, outer encounters. Let me never forget You, even in my dreams. May we as a family be guided by Your loving wisdom, even there.

Aum Ganesha Sharanam Sharanam Ganesha

from Loving Ganesha
by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

One Response to Prayers To Ganesh

    Michelle said…
    How pretty. I think letting go of something is the obstacle to having faith. Faith seems to me to be the ‘mover’ or ‘wind’ in the flow of spiritual and lifely energy. I think dropping the load at the feet of Ganesh is very comforting, and sort of a loving way to give up the load. You know, the load of crap we all carry around and try to solve all the time….I so get this one. It does really weigh us down. I think Faith has a hard time taking hold of your sails and propelling you toward new good things if your anchor is in port worrying over the load of crap you cannot solve. Of course…as good as this seems in writing….some of that crap is precious damn crap. You know what? I think the universe is vast and can handle whatever we throw into it…and bind it with the correct energy to balance it out. And somehow, it has you tagged. You sent it out there….good or bad, it will find it’s way back to you. And as with all children, bring friends. Human people are prone to negativity, because negativity is controlling and hampered down and ‘kept’…..the child in us, the innocence, wants to feel good, and be happy….but the adult says, be grown up, be sucks. we send so much negative crap out there and keep dragging it and it’s friends around with us that we have a hard time just dropping it at the feet of anyone. It’s our flag. So really, dropping all the worries at the feet of Ganesh is more than just a simple ‘drag and drop’ campaign. Maybe, that is why Ganesh is smart enough to work with a mantra. An autopilot for the cause, not allowing the negative energy to take hold. I like it. I think it could work. It has caused if nothing else, some fire of creativity in me. Which means that on some level, the peace has been balanced out. IF things are changing drastically…then I guess I will just fall down because that is just what I do. hopefully I will already be like, squatting, or something…and not fall far.

    6:13 PM
    shirley said…
    I love that phase.. “drag and drop campaign”… I think that what I like about the mantra is that it keeps my mind off of the hamster wheel in my head that keeps spinning and spinning and spinning.

    Another thing I like is that Ganesh, Ganesh prayers, and the Ganesh Mantras have been utilized for this specific purpose for a really really long time by a lot .. and I mean a lot .. of people. That alone would give it power.

    I want a little ganesh statue. so I can light candles, and make offerings, and have something concrete to focus on when I need something that I can see with my eyes and touch with my hands.

    12:25 PM
    michelle said…
    yeah, me too. let’s look for Ganesh statues

    1:06 PM
    Melissa J. said…
    I like the “Drag and Drop Campaign” too. That’s too funny! I love what Michelle said about our crap being our flag. That is so true. You can hardly have a conversation with someone anymore – it’s all become a big contest over who had more crap happen to them and how much worse their crap is than anyone else’s. It IS their flag flying high. I feel like I’m one of the few who tries to avoid those contests – those people who like to talk about their crap all the time tend to spray it when they say it and it winds up all over whomever’s listening.

    I have been using the Ganesh mantra and the “Gum” seed sound as much as possible. I’ve also been using one of my favorite affirmations because I don’t want to have Ganesh clear away my obstacles only to leave a vacuum for the universe to fill with whatever’s handy – so I’ve been using an affirmation to fill that space with something fabulous! The affirmation I’m using is one I found in a Charles Fillmore book – “I give thanks that my financial income increases mightily now through the direct action of God.” I change the words a little to keep it interesting so my mind will stay focused on it. Between my affirmation and the Ganesh mantra, I am READY for something wonderful and unexpected to happen!

    11:30 PM
    shirley said…
    Ouch Melissa!

    Directly after sending a long email to my sister wherein I detailed for her almost (but not quite) every single one of my trauma dramas in the moment, I read your post about the “crap contest” .. I think I could win it actually..

    So. you gave me something to think about. Maybe I need to drop that flag. Maybe I need to resign from my “crap contest” altogether.


    Today I am going to print up a nice little poster with one of the Ganesh prayers and an image of Ganesh. Then I am going to take as many grains of rice as I have problems and drop them right there at “His Holy Feet”…

    My problems are like grains of rice.. I just love that image. It might even be a Gypsy Magic spell in the making.

    11:55 AM
    michelle said…
    It took me a long time to get back here, as I have had no internet for a couple of days. However…I agree with Melissa. There is a lot of crapflag flying out there. It’s part of us. Sometimes, though, we need to pull the flag down and change it, or do work to it. I know my flag spends a lot of time in the repair department, trying to become less craplike. We (as women, because men do not do this unless they feel more like a woman) tend to put everything out there that is going on with us because that is the way we go through things logically. We talk to our closest friends and are able to drop some of that load because we are (hopefully) not judged by that friend. We get validation that really, it is a crappy situaion and it’s not just our imagination. We ask everyone’s opinion before making a decision, and then make one based on ‘gut’ feeling and what you originally thought was right plus the thoughts of everyone else. So it’s really personal and painful when things go wrong, and they often do. We talk about it to get through it. Whenever you meet someone new and in the first five minutes you know every small traumatic thing that happened to them in kindergarten that is a different thing. But, I think that God, or the God spirit, is in us, around us, hears our thoughts, feels our feelings because it is part of our energy. I think that the genuine spiritual connections and loving supportive tendency we have to listen with our hearts to the people we love and care about is an example of this God energy within us. We drop a little of the load, we take a little of someone else’s, and it is a little of that Ganesh spirit that shows up without our trying to invoke it, and heals because it has the absolute power to do so.
    I also love your idea about filling the space with something positive……that’s really an important point that I didn’t think of. I do love the rice idea, too, and the idea that you were able to leave the problems as insignificant, a grain of rice at the feet of God.

    1:45 PM
    shirley said…
    You are right, Michelle. Talking things over with friends and family is different than unloading on unsuspecting strangers. And if we can’t vent somewhere — well, I don’t know about you, but I might explode.. really explode.. like blood and guts everywhere.. LOL..

    I did a cool little gypsy magic/ganesh prayer thing – I put it in the comments of the “individual prayers” if you want to go look at it.

    4:27 PM
    Melissa J. said…
    I agree with Shirley and Michelle that we do need to be able to vent and get it out of our systems and hopefully that’s what our friends are there for! I just hate it when you are trying to get the load off so you can gain some perspective and not feel so alone, and whoever you’re talking to keeps interrupting with their crap story and how they have it so much worse than you. I mean, come on people! I am not trying to win a crap contest! I just want to have a normal conversation! I want to share a little of my experience and my issues and then you can share a little of yours and we can learn more about each other and maybe start to figure out this life we’re trying to create. That’s how friendship is supposed to work. I have had to end friendships where they thought I was only there to listen to their sob story but it was too much of a burden for them to listen to mine, and there were never any fun, light moments – it was all about them and their mess ALL THE TIME. There was no learning on their part, no “I understand now why this crap happened and I want to share this a-ha moment with you”, no growth, just a lifelong sob story that I had the joy of looking forward to each time I interacted with those people. We are here to support each other, so let’s not abuse each other by flinging crap on one another. We HAVE evolved beyond monkeys, haven’t we? 🙂

    7:07 PM
    michelle said…
    I’m not sure about the monkey thing. I do eat a lot of bananas though…

    10:49 PM

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