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Feeling adventurous today? How about this? I found the official website of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. And they accept prayer requests. Isn’t that cool? Here is a direct link to the prayer request page.

If you want to browse the site first, you can go to www.nationalshrine.com. The easiest way to get to the prayer request page, is to scroll down to the bottom of the page, find the site map and look for the submit prayer request link there.

This is what they have to say about prayer requests. “Mary’s maternal intercession is very powerful. We welcome your prayer requests at her National Shrine. Prayer requests are received here at the Shrine to be remembered in our daily Masses and devotions through the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary. May God bless you.”

So I thought this would be a little different.. Mary, the mother of Jesus, will do the praying for us. Nifty huh?

3 Responses to A Sense Of Adventure

  • Well I left my prayer requests at the National Shrine.
    I am finding that by trying a different prayer site each day, I am releasing each prayer pretty easily. It’s like.. ok I did that, now what…
    Nothing much to talk about I guess. We must all be tired or busy or both.

  • hi everyone. I went to the catholic site, and left a prayer. but then, i went to some others and ended up finding one that really resonated with me on a deep level. I think that the biggest thing missing in eclectic spiritual practice is fellowship…there is no church to go to that really supports the eclecticism that i find in my own practice. i think i might have found an organization that is a good fit.
    my boyfriend, on a rampage of sheer sweetness and love, replaced my hot water heater this morning, so i no longer have to light it each time we want hot water, and i don’t have to worry about the rusted parts causing a natural gas explosion in my basement anymore.
    i feel that is properity, even though it is my boyfriend. same with the halloween money that is going to tag my van. i said i wouldn’t count him in this, but he has given of himself financially several times without me asking for it, in a month even where i had already asked him for way more money than usual. it is so strange and lovely to have a man I can count on and love that loves me too. anyway….hope everyone is doing okay. Love you all…

  • Michelle: It’s great that you found a site that really resonates with you. I will post about it on Monday.

    I have been surfing for new and unique prayer sites, and if any of you happen onto anything that seems good, let me know.

    Also, on Monday, I am going to try some things to tweak our “look” and I have no idea how all that will work. So if you log in on Monday and it looks different, that will be why.

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