It is important to remember that the Moon cycles through the signs of the zodiac every couple of days, and it’s important to check the time of day that it enters and leaves the sign, because that will vary depending on your geographical location. If in doubt, you can use this moon sign calculator.

Virgo tends towards change. Virgo rules sickness and wellness, food and nutrition, herbs, vitamins, plastic arts and crafts, how weather affects health, armed forces, military logistics and supply lines, relatives in general, Maiden, pottery, craftspersons, hunting, tools, pets, small animals, recycling, clothes, work, workplace, planting herbs, computers, cleaning, exercise and fitness, detail work, critical and nitpicky people, work ethic, guilt, need to help others, obligations, inventiveness, community needs, magick, evocation, coven workings, low magick, debts and obligations, what you owe, materially and otherwise, payback, servitude, ground that is rolling, hilly, and good for pasture.

Moon in Virgo presides over matters pertaining to health, sickness, wellness, things that require precision and perfection, hygiene, nutrition, herbs, vitamins, the armed forces, clothing, the work place, co-workers, workings of white magick and healing for others, service to others. Things that involve details. Hospitals, healing, the medical profession, institutions, bureaucracy, red tape, attention to detail.

Magickal workings ruled by Mercury are successful at this time. This includes spellwork on the following:

  • Health and healing
  • Diagnosing
  • Wellness
  • Herb lore and study
  • Organizing
  • Tool consecration in general, especially the pentacle
  • Diet
  • Making tools and objects
  • Business and trade
  • Establishing a system or bureaucracy
  • Mentality and intelligence
  • Logic
  • Numbers and mathematics
  • Systems and analysis
  • Familiars
  • Climate
  • Science
  • Genetics
  • Servants, underlings, co-workers
  • Soldiers and the military
  • Police and law enforcement
  • Ecology in general
  • Cleansings and Purification

Zodiacal Virgo is a decent and tireless worker. The moon in Virgo is favorable for any hard work and routine work, for establishing order in all spheres of life: head, papers, business, body, wardrobe. This is a good period to start the transition to a healthy lifestyle, sports, and useful shopping.

Virgo is considered a barren sign, so it is better not to plant fruit crops during the days of its lunar reign. You can plant lawn grass, ivy, ornamental plants. Despite the fact that Virgo is considered to be a barren sign, astrologers claim that the moon in Virgo helps couples to conceive a girl.


Do NOT have surgical procedures performed on the intestines, anus, or digestive system at this time.

Moon Phase Info
  • New Moon in Virgo – the time of work, home improvement, care for children.
  • Waxing Moon in Virgo – the best day to visit a psychologist.
  • Full Moon in Virgo – a great time for work that requires attention to detail.
  • Waning Moon in Virgo – the most suitable days for laundry and cleaning.

Moon In Virgo Selenite Meditation

Prepare for your Selenite meditation by selecting a piece of Selenite that feels size appropriate for you. Cleanse and bless your crystal, study the shape and layered formation of your crystal. Feel the inclusions that may be present within your crystal.

Sit in an upright position in a quiet dimly lit room. Inhale deeply through your nose and slowly exhale from your mouth. As you inhale, visualize golden/white light energy entering your nose, filling your lungs, chest cavity and heart center. allow tension, stress, frustration to be released, leaving your body through your mouth as you exhale. Continue your deep breathing until you feel relaxed.

Pick up your Selenite, place it in your left hand and place your right hand beneath your left hand and cradle your crystal in your lap. gaze at your Selenite crystal and quietly attune yourself to the glowing white of the crystal. Slowly raise your Selenite crystal to your crown chakra (top of head) allow the white light of the Selenite to penetrate into the crown chakra.

Remove the Selenite from your crown chakra, and place it onto your third eye center for up to 5 minutes. While your Selenite is positioned here, you may repeat a calming affirmation, or you may wish you calmly lay in silence and allow your mind to journey into might experience visions of distant lands, conscious channeling, or you might find yourself traveling through the cosmos or conversing with light beings.

Individual results may vary, but for those who are diligent and patient Selenite can open the door to enlightenment beyond measure which is why this is one of my absolute favorite healing crystals to work with.

When you’re ready to end your meditation, slowly count backwards from 10, to 1. when you reach one, remain SEATED and DO NOT open your eyes.

Visualize your feet as being the roots of a large tree, reaching through the floor and sinking deep into mother Earth.

Attune to the Earth, hold this visual of yourself firmly planted and rooted back into the physical plane. Hold this visualization for 3-5 minutes. It is important that we ground ourselves back into the physical plane after our crystal meditations,to allow us feelings of well-being and security.

Once again, slowly count back from ten to one. When you reach one, open your eyes. Breathe deeply several times, inhaling through your nose and out through your mouth you will feel very relaxed, invigorated, and fully grounded back into the third dimension reality.


NEVER cleanse your Selenite with water, this will cause it to erode and weakens the structure of your crystal.


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