It is important to remember that the Moon cycles through the signs of the zodiac every couple of days, and it’s important to check the time of day that it enters and leaves the sign, because that will vary depending on your geographical location. If in doubt, you can use this moon sign calculator.

This is the sign when the Moon is weakest and least effective.

Scorpio rules merging with another, emotional truths, hidden talents, ritual magick, taboos, surgery, recycling, transformative experiences, rebirth, obsession, intensity, solitude, solo workings, workings with two people, noble motivations, sneaky tactics, extremes, mastery of the self, courage, dealing with crises, warriors and military, tactics, paranoia, bluntness, the occult in general, secret societies, accepting yourself-warts and all, integrity, soul mates, dirty jokes, uncovering secrets, mortgages and credit in general, underground water, swamps and water that is not potable, brackish or polluted.

Moon in Scorpio is one of the best signs for black magickal workings. Revenge, hatred, venting, exposing secrets, death spells, surgery, transformation, obsession, pure sex, the occult, the darker side of things, extremes, research, banishing spells, ending things permanently, death and dying. This is the most powerful and intense of all the moon signs. Secret, underhanded, and covert operations, willpower, drastic destruction. Like its opposite sign Taurus, Scorpio is usually permanent.

Magickal workings ruled by Pluto are successful at this time, these include spells for:

  • Sex
  • Death
  • Initiation
  • Transformation
  • Regeneration
  • Renewal
  • Consecrating an athame or any tool which holds power
  • Banishing
  • Forging a group identity
  • Secrets
  • Research
  • Uncovering hidden or lost things
  • Developing psychic talents
  • Will and willpower
  • Magick in general
  • Black magick
  • Divination
  • Contacting the other planes
  • Contacting the dead
  • Morals and morality
  • Purgings and purification through suffering
  • Exorcism
  • Hypnotism
  • Energy workings
  • Nuclear power
  • Warriors and fighters
  • Taxes and insurance
  • Will and willpower

Scorpio is the most passionate zodiac sign. The moon in Scorpio favors flirting, romantic adventures, everything bright and dynamic. In addition, it helps to learn to take responsibility, reasonably grow, to find our own principles. This time is favorable for the police, tax services, various research activities and the unification of people and companies.

Scorpio is a fertile zodiac sign, so it is the best time to plant fruit crops, or any other plants that you want. In addition, astrologers claim that the moon in Scorpio helps couples to conceive a girl.

Anything that you can do in the two to three Scorpio days for the region of the sexual organs has a doubly beneficial preventative and healing effect, as Scorpio rules the sexual organs.

Anything that puts a heavier burden on the sexual organs and urinary tract has a harmful effect during this transit than any other days. If you are able to postpone surgery or operations on the sexual organs during this time, it is best. Expectant mothers should also be cautious to stay clear of any heavy strain/exertion during this time. As it is believed that miscarriage occurs easily during the Scorpio full moon.

Moon Phase Info
  • New Moon in Scorpio – ideal days for love and sexual pleasures.
  • Waxing Moon in Scorpio – a time of nostalgia for a bygone love.
  • Full Moon in Scorpio – time to throw out negative energy, select the appropriate method.
  • Waning moon in Scorpio – people are opening from a new side, therefore communicate to get to know them better.

Scorpio Moon Meditation

Light a deep red candle and burn incense of or oil of Myrrh. Sitting in silence, breathe in the sign of Scorpio and place it in your heart center. Visualize the color scarlet surrounding you, and breathe that color into your heart, allow it to fill you with strength, courage, intensity, and passion. Honor these powerful energies and ask that they be used to assist in the journey to transform lower nature into your highest good.

Am I willing to be born anew…again and again, and again?


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  • I am Scorpio I was born on 28 October 1969 in Nawabshah Sindh Pakistan. My mother is also Scorpio she was born on 7 November 1937 in Sialkot Punjab Pakistan. My full name is Masood Ahmed Malik Mirza Syed Bazmi.

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