Money In The Mail

At work the other day, a friend of mine told me about how one day she just decided that it would be OK for money to come to her without her having to work really hard for it. And so she just started telling herself, “I get money in the mail all the time.”

They way she said it was just cheerful and upbeat, with the same sincerity and same tone as she might have said, “I go to the movies every Saturday.” Now here’s the interesting thing, she started to get cash in the mail almost right away, and money from unexpected places too.

One Response to Money In The Mail

    shirley said…
    I like this. And money does come to me in the mail often from my family who loves me. So it’s already true to a certain extent. I liked the way she said it too.. upbeat and matter of fact.

    I think I’m going to try it with other stuff too.. like… “people buy my art all the time” and “I have lots of repeat customers at my cafe press store” and “I get so much accomplished when I am relaxed”

    These are the things I am going to start telling myself.

    10:30 AM
    Cindy H said…
    I like that idea, too. I am going to say “people want to hire me for really good paying jobs” or something to that extent, as well as the money coming in the mail, etc. “I get money all the time from totally unexpected sources”.

    Shirley, I like your whole idea you talked about before, too, about reminding ourselves that money is our friend and we love it and it loves us! I think at least for me, that’s an important thing to keep affirming.

    I’m starting my new travel business this weekend and I’m so excited! This month’s prosperity project is perfect for this new endeavor! And I have fallen in love with my little friend Ganesh and have decided to add a few Ganesh statues to my Maneki Neko collection. Maneki Neko is the little cat with one or both paws in the air signifying prosperity and good luck in business and I started a small collection of them in the last year. Ganesh is very similar to that as far as what he represents. So he will be meeting my Maneki Nekos very soon!

    I am just so excited I can hardly stand it! I can just feel it in the air – this new prosperity wave that is about to hit us all!

    11:33 AM
    Two Feathers said…
    Cindy, that’s great! As soon as you have a link to your travel biz, let me know and I’ll post it here with our other links.

    As I go surfing for cool pictures for our posts, I keep running into these little travel blog sites. And I was wondering if that might be a way you and Melissa could stimulate traffic to your websites.

    Sometimes the blogs are about trips the people are on, but some are really interesting and useful.. about different places to go, what to expect, how to pack, how to exchange currency and stuff like that.

    Blogs that get registered at technorati get looked at (we do) and blogs also show up on google and yahoo searches pretty readily (the gypsy magic site gets google hits all the time). So that’s an idea for you guys to think about.

    And the best part is that blogger blogs are free (and sponsored by google- so you know for sure that google knows about them) and there are a lot of blogger friendly cool tools that are easy to use to help you spiff up your site.

    12:06 PM
    shirley said…
    Here’s a good one: Money is my friend, it visits me all the time.

    12:09 PM
    Melissa J. said…
    I love this affirmation that money comes to me in the mail all the time! I repeated it over and over today. I am visualizing sweepstakes prizes coming in the mail – commission checks from my travel business – unexpected inheritances!
    I am so excited for Cindy to have her own travel business. For me, it’s a blessing to have extra money coming in from the travel commissions, but also to have normal expenses that I had to pay out anyway now become a business deduction. This prosperity project has reminded me that it’s not just about continually increasing my income, but it’s also about being wise with my spending. I want to increase what’s coming in, but also reduce what’s going out so that I can save more of the money that was already coming in. If I can do both, then I am ahead of the game.
    My next goal is to pay off all of my credit cards. I am going to do that before I leave my job, so that is the very next thing on my list. Envisioning getting money in the mail all the time will help me get there!
    I used to dislike Sundays because I was such a sweepstakes addict that I would run to the mailbox every day to see what prizes might have come that day, and there’s no mail on Sunday! 🙂 Now I have a more laid-back approach, and just taking the easy, relaxed idea that it’s just a matter of fact that money comes to me all the time is great.

    10:37 PM
    Melissa J. said…
    All day today I have been affirming “Money is my friend. Money and I partner up together to do good work in the world. Money and I work together to serve God. Money is my friend and I invite it into my home, my life, my bank accounts.”
    Like Cindy or someone said, I can feel a vibrational energy surrounding me. It’s in the air. I know that this is having a positive and dramatic effect on my life and all our lives!

    3:32 PM
    shirley said…
    And all day today I have been saying, “I have money whenever I need it.” and “If I need money, it is always there.” and “Life is good and I am happy.”

    I like this too. It feels so good! Wouldn’t it be interesting if we got out million dollars not from the Steve Pavlina affirmation, but from this one instead?

    4:20 PM

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