Gypsy Magic: Our Results

The time has come now to report your experiences and results with Gypsy Magick. Here are some questions to help get the conversation started:

  • Was it fun?
  • Did it work?
  • Your favorite spell? Your least favorite spell?
  • Was it easy? Hard?
  • Did you learn anything?
  • Would you do it again?
  • How many spells did you do?
  • Is there anything else you want to say about it?

What follows are the results that were reported.

Shirley said:

It worked really well for me. I met all my goals. And it was a blast! My favorite spell was the wealthy week spell, where I lit a candle surrounded by money.

I learned so much by doing this. I learned that money can be my friend. It can come and go.. just like friends do. But when the money goes – it doesn’t mean the relationship is over. Just like when a friend leaves my home, it doesn’t mean that I won’t ever see them again.

I also learned a lot from the toilet paper spell. I have been able to let go of anxiety over my checking account being depleted when I pay bills.. I just think of how the toilet tank has to refill after flushing..

I think the most important thing I came away with is a friendliness towards my money and my bills.

The “removing misfortune” spell, burying bottles with garlic and thorns on church property while saying the lord’s prayer was way too much fun.. I haven’t had that kind of fun in years.. so that was by far and above my best “experience”.

The hardest spells were the last ones.. the ones to remove blocks.. I found myself really challanged with the doing of them. Interesting huh?

And yes, I would do it again. And again. And again. I love being a “gypsy witch”.. and I love making magic.

Cindy H said:

I can’t say I had very good luck with the gypsy magic, but things didn’t get worse, anyway! I didn’t have time to do a lot of the spells and hope to do them at a later date. I’m glad so many other people had good luck with it! I also need to work on the ones that remove blocks!

Saskia said:

Hi guys, Well I just loved the Gypsy Magic. I had so much fun doing all the spells. I think I am following in my mom’s footsteps, I am a Gypsy Witch at heart also.

I believe that it worked. I had a lot of luck with it. I too had trouble doing the unblock spells. I can honestly say that I did every spell, every day, until it was time for the unblocking spells.

I loved all the spells I did, but I think the two I liked the best was the full moon spell with the white candle and the mint, and the urgent money spell.

The ones didn’t like as much was the unblocking spells…hmmm… I wonder what that means? I guess that is why I am not fully prosperious yet.

I am going to continue to do some of the spells and I am really going to work on the unblocking spells. Anyway, well I had lots of fun with this and I hope the next one is as fun. I am sure it will be.

One Response to Gypsy Magic: Our Results

  • Hello! So here are my results.
    I tried the “bill under the rug” first and within a couple days I received a refund I was asking for a month prior and the company who owed me was dragging along. While that was happening I started the “Lucky days” spell, the one with coloured candles. It felt very nice, but I soon understood that I’ve bought candles too big because they took forever to burn down. The first one I waited to the end but I went to “sleep” at six in the morning so the others I burnt in more days then one. So I was not able to finish the spell in a week. Results came after the third candle, I was asked to burn a big box of old documents on an open fire and while casually sifting through them (they were mostly old contracts from thirty years ago) I’ve found a not very old coin (1994) with a value of more or less one hundred dollars (wich I’ve added to the pile of loose change needed by the spell) and also I’ve found some interesting document regarding basic masonic stuff, which was nice. I noticed a particular syntony with the blu colored candle, a sense of peace of mind while it was burning, also during the days of the red colored candle I noticed that I was receiving more attention than usual from the opposite sex (I sincerely didn’t know I needed it but a nice boost to my self confidence overall). Results came after a week or so, in that I found a suitable tenant for an apartment I intended to lease for a secure stream of money. After I finished the spell I waited for the new moon, on that night I went to a pier with a handful of coin from my loose pile and tossed them in the salt water thanking the spirits for they money I had already received. Also that night I set up my “Spindle” spell (unfortunately I haven’t found any gold piece so I did not make the “Fortuna Oil” but used a oil I made myself a year ago for magical purpouse) and retreived the bill under the rug to use as a base for attracting more money into my life.
    So I would say it was a success, I’m way better off then when I started.
    The only thing I wished for that as not come to fruition yet is for a steady job (I tried sending my cv to various application but to no avail).
    Well as I said I received some money to take care of my immediate necessities and also secured a (small but) constant stream of money every month, so I’m happy with the results. Cheers

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