Getting Motivated

Here is a small piece of an article I found at Steve Pavlina’s website. It’s something that happens to me all the time, so I thought I would share it here and see if we can get some good insights and commentary going.

Do you ever feel there’s a greater being inside of you just bursting to get out? You can feel its presence sometimes, can’t you?

It’s the voice that encourages you to really make something of your life. When you act congruently with that voice, it’s like you’re a whole new person. You feel like a god in a human body. You’re bold and courageous. You’re strong. You’re unstoppable.

But then reality sets in, and soon those moments are history. Where did that powerful voice go? Were you merely suffering from delusions of grandeur?

It isn’t hard to temporarily put yourself into an emotional state of power. Just go to any Tony Robbins’ concert seminar, and he’ll have you dancing in the aisles feeling totally motivated. Put on your favorite fast-tempo music, stand tall, breathe strong, chest out, shoulders back. Strut around like a superhero. Shout, “Yes!” Pound your chest a few times for good measure. You’ll look like a dolt, but this does actually work.

But then you go home, and the emotional motivation fades away. Your great ideas now seem impractical. How many times have you been temporarily inspired with an idea like, “I want to start my own business,” and then a week later it’s forgotten? You come up with inspiring ideas when you’re motivated, but you fail to maintain that level of motivation through the action phase.

So how do you reach the point of high motivation and stay there?

Steve Pavlina has some interesting answers to this on his site, you can look at them here. I’m also curious and interested to know what our own answers are.

One Response to Getting Motivated

    michelle said…
    ‘I recommend working through these kinds of blocks in your journal. Type a question like, “Why am I feeling unmotivated to achieve this goal?” Then type whatever answer comes to mind. You’ll often find that the source of your block is that you’re thinking too small. You’re letting fears, excuses, and limiting beliefs hold you back. Your subconscious mind knows you’re settling, so it won’t provide any motivational fuel until you step up, face your fears, and acknowledge your heart’s desire. Once you finally decide to face your fears and drop the excuses, then you’ll find your motivation turning on full blast.’ That’s what Steve Pavlina said. I think he might be right. There was one time in my life that I made good money being an artist, I was making a lot of art, and I was writing a God journal where I would type in a question or a request for God and then type whatever came to mind. The answers were amazing. I got the idea from a book called ‘Conversations with God.’ Things happened unexpectedly, like money in the mail for no reason I would have ever suspected. In the exact amount of a bill that I had received a late notice for the day before. Things like that. Like God was by my side, picking up the slack. I never had any problems with motivation then. Of course, I was physically different, but still, I think if I did the same thing now, maybe the results would be something similar that fits my life now. I guess now I have to start a God journal. After all, wasn’t that the idea? To go after any idea we had that would propel us towards our million dollars? I’ve been doing it so far. We got Chinese food last night and there were only two cookies with it. I thought, oh, I will let the girls have them and they can each get a fortune…but the first one I opened had two fortunes in it. The first one said, ‘soon, you will take a gamble and win.’ So I bought three extra lottery tickets tonight!

    7:22 PM
    Anonymous said…
    ‘Do you ever feel there’s a greater being inside of you just bursting to get out? You can feel its presence sometimes, can’t you?”

    I sense as I grow “old” (isnt it a relative term?), I am tuning more into this intrinsic drive to create something really terrific but involving as many folks as I can in this artistic academic endeavor! After we painted the large gameboard in the courtyard, the drive to continue the project took hold even more!

    I really enjoy your writing and the passion that you want to connect to your own spirituality!

    “It’s the voice that encourages you to really make something of your life. When you act congruently with that voice, it’s like you’re a whole new person. You feel like a god in a human body. You’re bold and courageous. You’re strong. You’re unstoppable.”

    I feel the sychronicity about your writing that passage as if it was for me especially most recently as spring has arrived in our ecosystem… I sense more and more how we can let go of the mortal boundaries that might severely limit our paradigms when we tune into each others’ vibes!

    8:50 PM
    Cindy H said…
    I like the God journal idea, Michelle, that’s cool. I agree, it’s hard to stay motivated. The Steve Pavlina website is great, too and perfect, at least for me right now! My travel business will be up and running tomorrow (Sunday, 3/18) and I’m so excited! It’s nice to know that if I start losing motivation, I have all these to look back on and review.

    8:59 PM
    shirley said…
    I remember the God journal… I did that too for a while. It was great! Thanks for reminding me.

    The biggest thing that happens to me is that I get these great ideas, and get really enthused, and since I am a “do” person, I often even get started “doing” it. And then suddenly I am doing way too many things at once. And I run out of steam because I am tired, stressed and overwhelmed with all the really cool, fun, and interesting things I have all going on at once.

    So my biggest thing that stops me is that I try to do it all at the same time. Some days I think I’m like a kid running amuck in a candy store, running here and there, cramming candy into my mouth, my pockets, and not even stopping long enough to savor any of it, and next thing you know I’m home in bed with a bad stomach ache!

    I wish I knew how to have a great idea, and then be able to have the discernment to know WHEN to start it, and how to have enthusiasm and drive without driving myself right into the ground.

    10:15 PM
    Anonymous said…
    for me the hardest thing is to break it up into little steps.we can often feel overwhelmed with too many tasks but I started to not let my guilt take over..I would be happy just to take one move at a time even if the eventual outcome is 10 steps in your future!

    11:07 PM
    Melissa J. said…
    I have done what Shirley described and in the past I would expend all my energy running around during a period of motivation, then afterward I would be too exhausted or sick to do anything further for at least a week. In the last couple of years, I have started to be very aware of my energy levels, and I respect what my body is telling me, which helps me to pull back and take my rest breaks and take time to just “be”. Even if I’m at the grocery store standing in line and I feel my energy waning, I know that as soon as I get home I need to take time to lay on the couch and just rest for a while, instead of pushing through. Also, I make sure to continue with my hobbies that I love, so that I can still put out the energy in a creative way, but know that I am doing multiple things I love instead of just the one new thing.

    12:09 PM
    Shirley said…
    Maybe that’s what my problem is.. maybe I just get tired and don’t realize it because I’m not listening to my body. Thanks Melissa, I’m going to think about this today, and try to really be in my body listening to it.

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