Full Moon Mojo

fullmoonoverraventree aaronhorowitzThis is the day when we go through all our little new moon “mojo’s” and reset them for the full moon. Lots of little easy tasks.

If you put a dollar under your doormat, today is the day to remove it if that’s what you want to do. If you do remove it, sprinkle the spot where it was with a little pinch or two of mint to freshen the energy.

If you like that spell, and want to keep it going, you can leave it where it is until the new moon (about 2 weeks from now), at which point you can either refresh your dollar with cinnamon, or replace it with a larger bill.. say for example, a five dollar bill.

If you do opt to remove the dollar bill, it might be fun to put it on your spindle (or in your envelope) so it can continue to draw all that good prosperity to you.

If you put a coin in your windowsill, today is the day to flip it over so that the “tails” side is up. “Heads” up brings money in. “Tails” up deflects and sends money problems out. When you flip your coin, it might be nice to hold it in your hands for a moment and appreciate the good energy it brought to you.

If you made Madam Fortuna’s prosperity oil, today is the day to fish that coin out of the oil, gently and appreciatively wash it with warm soapy water. Add a pinch of ginger to the oil after you remove the coin, this will act as a sealant for the energy accumulated as the moon became full.

If you have a decorative bottle that you would like to use for your prosperity oil, now is a good time to fill it. Hand blown Egyptian glass perfume bottles are really really cool, and not very expensive.

I also found a nice little full moon ritual/meditation. It’s pretty simple, and a nifty way to pull in the “fullness of the moon” into your prosperity.


Light a green candle and sprinkle some mint around the base of it. (This can be mint leaves, mint essential oil, or even a handful of peppermints.)

Sit quietly and comfortably. Close your eyes. Relax. See yourself as the energy of prosperity. Be the energy of prosperity. Imagine that you are in the center of a radiating circle of prosperity.

Chant out loud or repeat in your mind:

Circle, circle, round, round
Round, round, circle, round.

Do this for however long is comfortable. Open your eyes, remind yourself that you are the energy of prosperity. Put out the candle or allow it to burn down.

Note: This spell is best performed when the moon is full, however it can be used any time you feel a need.

Borrowed from:
Book of Shadows


6 Responses to Full Moon Mojo

  • I am opting to leave my dollar bill until the new moon and then I am planning to replace it with a five dollar bill.. and then every new moon up the amount if I can. I wonder how long it will take me to have a one hundred dollar bill under my door mat.

    I flipped my coin and turned my little coin holder so it was facing outward instead of inward.

    And I am getting ready to pour the prosperity oil into a beautiful little egyptian glass perfume bottle that my younger sister gave me. Thank you so much !!

    I haven’t done the circle round thing yet because I want to do it outside under the full moon.. maybe I will twirl around like a dervish or something.. with my arms up in the air.. something really wild and witchy.. I dunno..

    I’ll let you guys know how that works because it sounds really fun to me.

    And I got ahead of myself and couldn’t wait to do the “Remove Misfortune” spell that was posted yesterday on the Gypsy Magic Spells blog.. it was way too much fun.. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow when it gets posted here.

    It really wasn’t as hard or as scary as it looks. I hope you guys give it a try. I conned my little sister into going with me.. she really isn’t into all this stuff, but I bribed her with a promise of dinner and drinks afterward and we had a blast.

  • Thesimplelife(1).pps

    This helps one see the beauty in life~!

  • Ok, if any of you have been over to the Gypsy Magic Spells and Charms blog – and it was messed up when you went there – I have fixed it.

    If you haven’t seen it, go check it out. It has a whole new look. Now I just need to add some stuff to the side bars and voila.. a cool new makeover.

    And to anonymous: I have no idea what you are talking about, and what does that have to do with the subject at hand?

  • Hey Shirley, I have tried twice to send you directions via e-mail and I keep getting it back saying it was rejected. Is your mailbox full maybe or something?

  • hello to everyone! I have been doing some of the spells on this site, but i went to the gypsy magic blog and found a spell there that was to remove misfortune. it seemed like a bizarre thing to do, but actually, it was very spiritual and amazing. first of all, it took me forever to find a secluded enough church to bury three jars of garlic in the front yard. but then, the moon was so pretty shining on the snow and the feeling was so pure and peaceful…i’m just not sure how it COULDN’T work. i was wondering what to say if i was confronted by a police officer or a pastor, but it never happened. it was quick, not very difficult, and gave me an enormous sense of being ‘in the flow’ of something powerful and good. i went into it with a fair amount of reservation, and fear of getting caught…but i ended up just getting caught up in the moment and i believe that i have given the heave ho to any misfortune that was even thinking about heading my direction. what a great and unusual experience!

  • sorry, if you thought that the simple life slide show didn’t have to do with the subject. The site is about prosperity and just seeing life the way these photos show it, can let you be prosperous in just enjoying life!

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