Breathe Like A Winner!

This is a simple exercise but a great state builder you can use at any time.

Sit back. If you want to, you can close your eyes in a minute.

For just 60 seconds, sit back and breathe like a really, REALLY wealthy and powerful person would, someone who is DELIGHTED with their accomplishments and completely ready for ACTION!



3 Responses to Breathe Like A Winner!

  • Interestingly I feel somewhat resistant to the idea of “wealthy “ . This worked better for me if I only breathed as a “powerful” person… and now I am looking for other words … like a magical person – yes. Breathe like a strong, healthy, wise, wonderful, happy… all those words work as well. Interesting.

  • I really like this exercise, I’ll try to do it daily.

  • Comments from 2008:

    Karla said…
    It’s amazing how hard it is for me to focus for 60 seconds! My mind wandered from how it felt to be there to what I need to do to get there, which is beside the point. Then I realized that I breath the same as someone who is wealthy and accomplished. We all breath the and out. It’s just the feeling of gratitude and accomplishment that I was trying to hold onto.

    Two Feathers said…
    I too had trouble with the 60 second focus…

    For me, the breathing as a “rich” person had a half smile that came with it, a feeling of expandedness, and a sort of an “ah” of relaxation and peace.

    It reminded me of one of my favorite quotes:

    All shall be well… and all shall be well… and all manner of things shall be well.

    I like this one alot. I think I might add it to my morning and evening “routine”.

    the gay bookworm said…
    I really have no problem with the breathing and focusing, feeling wealthy because I visualize it so often that it has become part of me. In fact I am simply awaiting its arrival in my life.

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