Our Current Project

We are currently exploring the Abundance Formula, a money chant by Astarius Miraculii. I stumbled onto his unique style when I discovered his Spirit Rap on YouTube years ago. I wondered what kind of an effect it might have on my life if I listened to it every day, but I never did follow through.

As I was working on the website, moving old posts from blogger to their new homes here at shirleytwofeathers.com, I stumbled onto Spirit Rap again, and I wondered if it might be something viable for the Prosperity Project. When I explored his YouTube channel, I discovered that he also has quite a lot of chants and talks about prosperity, money, abundance, and wealth.

My idea is that we listen to the money chant every day, and then go about our business. If we get tired of listening to the one, there are others to choose from. I have installed a play list in the sidebar so we can pick and choose. Every day, I’ll share one of his videos, an MP3 (for those of us without great WiFi), along with the text if it’s available.

I thought it would be fun to decorate our project with aboriginal art, and I’ll be sharing that as well.

Feel free to jump in with us any time. If you’d like to set an intention, or make it “official” you can leave a comment here: Let’s Get Started. To stay in the loop, you can visit this website every day to see what’s new, or you can subscribe via Feedburner. There’s a subscribe link in the sidebar. Alternatively, you can like and follow our Facebook page: The Prosperity Project. We do share the daily posts there as well.

About Astarius

Astarius Miraculii is a dedicated spiritual teacher who has been serving and empowering the community for more than 40 years. He is a sound healer, astrologer, author, poet, reiki master teacher and ascension ambassador. His approach to sound healing is with the Didgeridoo and Vocal Harmonics. He has two books: “Miraculii Song of Ascension” and “Feast of the Zodiac”. He has also recorded 15 transformational CDs including the legendary “Spirit Rap”.

Astarius has been featured on radio, television and has done presentations and performances for schools, churches, correctional institutions and drug programs. His videos have been viewed on YouTube more than a half million times. He is the former head of the Transformational Reiki department at The South West Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe Arizona. Astarius’ passion is to bring out the best in human nature and he has given motivational talks, astrology readings and sound healings for thousands of people. His highest dedication is to the Intention of Ascension


But Wait There’s More

I am also continuing to work on transporting the Feng Shui and DeCluttering project that we did back in 2007. It currently resides on the old blogger blog, The Prosperity Project, and over the next few weeks, it will be moving to it’s new home here at shirleytwofeathers.com. That project is packed full of great information, so stay tuned.


Current Project
We are currently exploring the Abundance Formula, with chant and didgeridoo. More info here. Feel free to join in at any time.
Astarius Chant MP3’s
  • Money Chant - Fast 
  • Money Chant - Slow
  • Prosperity Plan 
  • Amazing Creator 
  • Cause and Effect 
  • I Am That I Am 
  • Spirit Rap 
  • Lakshmi Spirit Rap 
  • PowWow Spirit Rap 
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