About The Fifty Names of Marduk

Babylonian God MardukWhen Babylon became the capital of Mesopotamia, Marduk, the patron deity of Babylon was elevated to the level of supreme god. Acknowledged as the creator of the universe and of humankind, the god of light and life, and the ruler of destinies, he rose to such eminence that he claimed 50 titles. His name literally means “bull calf of the sun”.

The Enûma Eliš, an epic poem of creation, tells the story of Marduk’s birth, heroic deeds and becoming the ruler of the gods. Included in this document are the fifty names of Marduk. They can be found here: The Fifty Names of Marduk

According to the mythology of the Necromonicon, (a work of fiction by H P Lovecraft), and an adaptation of that mythology, The Necronomicon Spellbook,  Marduk was the God who defeated the Ancient Ones long before the creation of matter as we know it. These Fifty Names, (according to the Necronomicon) were titles given to Marduk by the Elder Gods after he had helped them to defeat the Ancient Ones.

Each of the names has a magickal power and a sigil or symbol that goes along with it. What follows is a concise listing of the names, each linked to the information that goes with it:

“The Fifty Names here follow, with their Signs and Powers. They may be summoned after the Priest has ascended to that step on the Ladder of Lights and gained entrance to that Sacred City. The Signs should be engraved on parchment or sealed in clay and placed upon the altar at the Calling. And in the perfumes should be of cedar, and strong, sweet-smelling resins. And the Calling be to the North.”

  1. MARDUK – The Lord of Lords
  2. MARUKKA – Knows all things
  3. MARUTUKKU – Master of the Arts of Protection
  4. BARASHAKUSHU – Worker of Miracles
  5. LUGGALDIMMERANKIA – Put order into Chaos
  6. NARILUGGALDIMMERANKIA – Sub-Commander of the Wind Demons
  7. ASARULUDU – Wielder of the Flaming Sword
  8. NAMTILLAKU – A most secret and potent Lord
  9. NAMRU – Dispenses wisdom
  10. ASARU – This Power has knowledge of all plants
  11. ASARUALIM – Possesses secret wisdom
  12. ASARUALIMNUNNA – Power that presides over armour
  13. TUTU – Silences the weeping
  14. ZIUKKINNA – Knowledge of the stars
  15. ZIKU – This Power bestoweth Riches
  16. AGAKU – Lord of the Amulet
  17. TUKU – Lord of Baneful Magick
  18. SHAZU – Knows the thoughts of those at a distance
  19. ZISI – Reconciler of enemies
  20. SUHRIM – Kills easily, and without thought
  21. SUHGURIM – Foe who Cannot be Appeased
  22. ZAHRIM – A Warrior among Warriors
  23. ZAHGURIM – A most terrible opponent
  24. ENBILULU – Knows the Secrets of Water
  25. EPADUN – Lord of all Irrigation
  26. ENBILULUGUGAL – Power that presides over all growth
  27. HEGAL – Master of the arts of farming and agriculture
  28. SIRSIR – Master over the Serpent
  29. MALAH – Lord of Bravery and Courage
  30. GIL – The Furnisher of Seed
  31. GILMA – Founder of cities
  32. AGILMA – Bringer of Rain
  33. ZULUM – Knows where and when to plant
  34. MUMMU – Power to fashion the universe
  35. ZULUMMAR – Giveth tremendous strength
  36. LUGALABDUBUR – Destroyer of the Gods
  37. PAGALGUENNA – Possessor of Infinite Intelligence
  38. LUGALDURMAH – Lord of the Lofty Places
  39. ARANUNNA – Giver of Wisdom
  40. DUMUDUKU – Knower of the Secret Name
  41. LUGALANNA – Power of the Eldest of the Elder Ones
  42. LUGALUGGA – Knows the Essence of all Spirits
  43. IRKINGU – Captured the Commander of the Ancient Ones
  44. KINMA – Judge and Lord of the Gods
  45. ESIZKUR – Knowledge of the length of Life
  46. GIBIL – Realm of the Fire and the Forge.
  47. ADDU – Raises storms
  48. ASHARRU – Knower of the Treacherous Ways
  49. NEBIRU – Spirit of the Gate
  50. NINNUAM – Decider of Decisions


Some of these names are not quite the same as the ones in the original translation. I am unclear as to why this is so, and have, for the most part, used the names as they were written in the Necronomicon Spellbook because this is the source of the sigils and seals.

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