From the Fifty Names of Marduk in the Necronomicon Spellbook.


The Tenth Name is ASARU.

This Power has knowledge of all plants and trees, and can make marvelous fruits to grow in the desert places, and no land is a waste to him. He is truly the Protector of the Bounty. His word is BAALPRIKU.

The application of the powers of this Spirit is obvious. Can be used for a simple window box flower, or an entire farm, to protect against blight and drought, and to insure a bountiful harvest.

Important note:

“The Signs and Powers may be summoned after the Priest has ascended to that step on the Ladder of Lights and gained entrance to that Sacred City. The Signs should be engraved on parchment or sealed in clay and placed upon the altar at the Calling. And in the perfumes should be of cedar, and strong, sweet-smelling resins. And the Calling be to the North.”

More information:

According to Sumerian mythology, Marduk was the God who defeated the Ancient Ones long before the creation of matter as we know it.

COUVERTURE THE WAR OF GODS AND MEN MARDUK Z SITCHIN BEAR AND COAgainst him in battle were the fierce TIAMAT, KINGU, and AZAG-THOTH. Once he had destroyed these demons, he created the universe from the flesh of TIAMAT, and humanity from the blood of KINGU mixed with his own breath.

You will come across these names in the description of the Fifty Names, which were titles given to Marduk by the Elder Gods after he had helped them to defeat the Ancient Ones.

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One Response to Asaru

  • thank you… I wanted to give thanks and prays to the atom placed in the garden. I’m currently developing the agriculture industry here in Georgia on a whole nother level. I hope one day to provide the greatest knead that Asaru has ever felt or worked with. So many questions to ask so little time. I have their sigil placed all over my garden so they can have access to a garden here on earth to correspond with Eden or the Bible as well. The dream was for them to maybe come and go and be ready for my every call on a second’s notice. I really wish to grow my own magic so that I may also has direct knowledge of all plants and trees on earth and to create an oasis in the driest of desert would serve me a great deal but will also serve the world in the desert on a whole nother level. Were currently developing our own brand and garden known as Pangaea and we hope to have the blessing of the nomicon and asaru for the time that will follow. thank you Asaru for you development

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