1411018594355Symbolic Meanings of Motley Colors:

  • Wealth
  • A Chameleon Personality

Not strictly a color as such, but a combination of many other colors. The word is generally used to describe cloth or clothing.

3d8eba589cb7c7a35b5981675c692e8dThe rainbow nature of motley means that whoever wears it has as many aspects as there are colors, a chameleon personality, and it can indicate the trickster or fool (as worn by the jester, or the fool in the Tarot) as well as kings, emperors, and deities.

In the Bible, Joseph’s coat of many colors is the subject of much envy.

Source: Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols


The Arc

Perhaps the most prominent arc of the natural world appears in the elusive form of the rainbow, which primitive man saw as a bridge between the Heavens and the Earth.


As part of a circle, the arc symbolizes potential spirit. The position of the arc is important. Upright, shaped like a cup or chalice, it implies the feminine principle, something that can contain the spirit. If the arc is inverted, then the opposite is true and it becomes a triumphal, victorious, masculine symbol. As such, the arc can take the form of an archway. The vaulted or arched shape of many holy buildings, from a great variety of different faiths, represents the vault of the Heavens.

c2gydThe arc shape often appears in planetary symbols.

From: Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols

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