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50 Fishy Superstitions

Here is a nice collection of folklore and superstitions about fish:

  • A certain bone in the head of a fish will bring good luck, if kept on your person.
  • An empty fish tank means bad luck financially.
  • When a pet fish dies, something bad was deflected from the owner or household.
  • To ensure good luck and safety, a fish should always be eaten from the head toward the tail.
  • It’s a bad sign to get married when the fish aren’t biting.
  • Throw back the first fish you catch then you’ll be lucky the whole day fishing.
  • If you count the number of fish you caught, you will catch no more that day.
  • Sometimes fish fall during a rain.
  • It’s bad luck to say the word “pig” while fishing at sea.
  • To dream of fish means someone is going to have a baby.
  • In Japan, all fish are considered lucky, as the word for fish, “yu” is pronounced the same as the word for bounty or surplus.
  • A crawfish pinching one of your toes will not let loose until it thunders.
  • There is a precious stone in the head of a crawfish.
  • Carry on your person the precious stone from the head of a crawfish and you will have good luck.
  • Carrying a carp fish charm brings good luck, especially to lovers.
  • Carrying the dried eye of a cod will bring good luck.
  • Koi fish bring fame and riches.
  • If you have goldfish in the house, you will be ailing all the time until you get them out.
  • If you blow your breath into a goldfish jar, the fish will die.
  • Having a painting of a gold fish is just as lucky as having an actual fish.
  • It causes bad luck to keep goldfish in the house.
  • Never let anyone give you a goldfish or you will have bad luck.
  • Eat snappers and groupers, you will live a long time.
  • If you say the entire word “plecostomus” outloud, your Pleco will die.
  • It’s bad luck to step on a catfish.
  • A giant wriggling catfish makes earthquakes.
  • Do not count the crabs until all are collected or it is bad luck on the uncollected pots.
  • Keep a piece of oyster shell in your pocketbook for luck and money.
  • Minnows come by spontaneous generation.
  • If the Arowana jumps out of the tank and dies, it means it saved you or your family from a bad omen.
  • The bone in the head of a white perch is especially lucky, if carried by a fisherman.
  • When Sharks are following a ship, especially three sharks, it’s a death omen.
  • Wearing an eelskin garter cures cramps.
  • Rubbing a wart with eels’ blood makes it go away.
  • A live eel in a drink cures a person from drunkenness.
  • Witches and sorcerers wearing eelskin jackets protects them from bullets.
  • A cooked eel will become raw if left uneaten.
  • A whole eel can be used to cure deafness.
  • Eel fat will render fairies visible to humans
  • Eating an eel heart gives you the power of prophecy
  • Eating a whole eel will strike you dumb.
  • It’s bad luck to burn a haddock.
  • Shedding blood near where herring frequent causes the herring to desert the area.
  • Laying a salted herring at your feet will relieve a sore throat.
  • Suspending a herring from the ceiling on Good Friday will keep your house free from flies during the summer.
  • Eating tench makes you strong and wise and can cure illness.
  • Other freshwater fish rub themselves against tench when they are sick.
  • Putting a trout’s head into a patient’s mouth cures whooping cough.
  • Drinking beer in which a trout has been drowned cures whooping cough.
  • Drinking milk in which a live trout has been made to swim cures whooping cough.

Note: This post was put together by Shirley Twofeathers, and a lot of work went into it, you may repost and share it only if you give me credit and a link back to this website. Blessed be.

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