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Hand Positions – Self Treatment

The hand positions on this post are taught by William Rand. You can vary them according to your own needs, although you should give yourself a full treatment as often as possible.

reiki self treatment

Position 1. Place the hands over the face with the fingers at the top of the forehead and the hands touching.

reiki self treatment

Position 2: Place the hands on the top of the head with the fingers touching, but not over-lapping. Palms are close to the top of the ears.

reiki self treatment

Position 3: Place the hands on the sides of the head over the ears.

reiki self treatment

Position 4: Place the hands on the back of the head with the base of the palms at the base of the skull.

reiki self treatment

Position 5: Place the right hand over the throat and the left hand over the heart.

reiki self treatment

Position 6: Place both hands over the shoulders close to the neck.

reiki self treatment

Position 7: Place the hands with the fingers touching over the upper stomach just below the lowest rib.

reiki self treatment

Position 8: Place the hands over the middle of the stomach with the fingers touching at the navel.

reiki self treatment

Position 9: Place the hands on the lower stomach with the base of the hands near or on the hip bones and the finger tips over the pubic bone.

reiki self treatment

Position 10: Place the hands in the middle of the back, fingers touching.

reiki self treatment

Position 11: Place the hands on the lower back with the finger tips over the sacrum.

reiki self treatment

Positions 12: Hold the left foot with both hands in a way that is comfortable.

reiki self treatment

Positions 13: Hold the right foot with both hands in a way that is comfortable.

reiki self treatment

Position 14: Hold the right foot with the right hand and the left foot with the left hand in a way that is comfortable.

reiki self treatment

Position 14 – Alternate: Hold the right foot with the left hand and the left foot with the right hand in a way that is comfortable.

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Reiki For Yourself

The practice of Reiki is that of sharing and caring. Caring for oneself is a necessary precursor to effective caring for others.

Regardless of whether you choose to sit or lie down to give a self-treatment, you should always make sure that you are comfortable. Try to ensure that there are as few distractions as possible – mute your phone, or even put it on airplane mode.

Some people like to give themselves a treatment while they soak in the bath. A favorite time for many people is on weekend mornings before getting up and before sleep at night. If you give yourself a treatment before you go to sleep you may find that you drop off before you get through all the positions. Don’t worry if that happens – at least you will sleep well.

It’s good to give yourself a complete treatment using the guidelines on the following pages. However, if you only have a few minutes to give yourself Reiki, perhaps while traveling or watching television, you may prefer to concentrate on just one area of your body, such as the throat, heart, or stomach.

A good position when you feel tired or particularly if you feel upset or off balance is to place one hand on either side of your head over the temples, or place one hand on the Heart Chakra and one on the Sacral Chakra. This is also a position you can use when preparing yourself to give a Reiki treatment to another person. Let your intuition guide you to where you most need Reiki at that moment and you will feel the benefit, even if you have not given yourself a full self-treatment.

For a visual pictorial of the hand positions for self treatment as recommended by William Rand, see this post.

In some books on Reiki there is frequent ;mention of the hands instantly becoming hot as the energy begins to flow. This is not necessarily the case, especially when doing a self treatment. If your hands don’t feel hot or tingly, rest assured that the energy is still being channeled through your hands. Also, don’t think that just because your hands aren’t hot you are “not doing it properly.”

When I start a self-treatment I sometimes find that my hands go colder rather than hotter. Usually, after a few minutes my hands warm up and I can feel the energy flowing through to remove any blocks (cold often means blockages). But if that doesn’t happen, I don’t worry. I use my intuition to determine when enough energy has been taken in, and then I move onto the next position.

There is naturally a difference between whether you treat yourself, or let someone else pamper you with a whole body treatment. Consider making a commitment to a monthly Reiki treatment, where you are the receiver, and can simply relax and enjoy the blessings of universal life energy.

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Advantages of A Whole Body Treatment


  • When a disorder occurs in the body, it does not affect just one part, as it may seem, but affects the entire system.
  • It is necessary to remove the cause of discomfort, which may not be in the same location as the pain.
  • There is often more than one cause due to the links between bodily functions. Often there are suppressed inflammations in other parts of the body.
  • By treating the whole body, all of the important organs will be treated.
  • The body will regain its ability to respond when all of the channels are opened to the energy.
  • Subtle energy channels and metabolic systems are directly and substantially regenerated during whole body treatment.
  • When the client is using drugs or medications, a full body treatment helps to reduce side effects.
  • Healthy persons who receive whole body treatments respond more appropriately to their environment.
  • It allows for greater openness and awareness in all areas of one’s life.
  • Potentially stressful situations are reduced.
  • It allows the body to eliminate or counteract germs before they “attack.”
  • The person becomes open to learning more easily and quickly.
  • Reiki gradually improves the blood circulation, resulting in improved skin tone, when used over a period of time.
  • It reduces the intense reaction to the receipt of the increased energy.

For my sources see: Recommended Reading

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