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I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t fascinated with shamanism, magick, meditation, and alternative healing methods. Most of my life has been spent in a course of self study that includes just about every healing modality there is. I have worked with sound, color, scent, mantras, medicine wheels, dreams, and journeys in mind and spirit.

While I do have some formal training, much of what I know has been the result of stumbling around in the dark, trying what works, discarding what doesn’t. I love exploring strange territories, enjoy new ideas, and find myself climbing out of the box on a regular basis.

Through the years, I have studied and practiced: Meditation, Mantras, Hinduism, Yoga, Astrology, Palmistry, Herbology, Ayurveda, Nutrition, Buddhism, Numerology, The Tarot, Runes, Taoism, Medicine Wheels, Native American Spirituality, Fire Walking, Dream Interpretation, Exploring The Dreamtime, Crystals and Stones, Art As Process, Drumming, Prayer, Angelic Intervention, The Violet Flame, Reiki, Psychic Surgery, Hypnotherapy, Light Language, Sacred Geometry, Color Therapy, Labyrinths, Subtle Energy Fields, Chakra Balancing, Aromatherapy, Shamanism, Animal Communication, Magick, Tea Leaves, Feng Shui, Ho’Oponopono, Creative Visualization, Chanting, and more.

I received my Reiki Master training and certification in 1997 from William Lee Rand of the International Center for Reiki training in Southfield, Michigan, and have been teaching Reiki ever since.

Other training includes:

  • Certification in Hypnotherapy from the Missouri Institute of Hypnotherapy – 2000
  • Light Language Intensive with Richard Gordon – 2002
  • A course of study with the Deer Tribe Metis Society – 2001 thru 2003
  • Advanced Shaman Training with Jodi ShinKara Bottiger  -2002
  • The study of Subtle Energy Fields with Laura Mead – 2002
  • Sweatlodge Building workshop with Eagleman Ed McGaa – 2003
  • Raindrop Therapy with Janalea Hoffman – 2010
  • Uses of Color in Healing home study course – 2010
  • Became a Oneness Blessing Giver – 2010

The purpose of this blog is to share what I have collected over the years so that it doesn’t just sit in a box or a filing cabinet unread and unexplored. Feel free to share what you find of interest. Links to this site are always appreciated.

About the artwork. The image above is from my Middle of the Night Art series.

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The words printed here are concepts. You must go through the experiences. ~Carl Frederick

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