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Reiki For Everything

Everything, absolutely everything is made of energy. And Reiki has a harmonizing healing effect where ever it is used. So do not hesitate to use Reiki for anything and everything.

Healing Plants

Depending on their size, plants require varying degrees of Reiki. Treat seeds for about 2 to 3 minutes, houseplants 5 to 10 minutes. By placing your hands on the truck, you can treat a very large tree with Reiki, be prepared that this make take a while. With second degree Reiki, you can treat whole forests or eco-systems, which is very cool!

One of the easiest ways to treat plants with Reiki is to charge the water before feeding it to the plants. It is a good idea to treat the roots of houseplants as well as the leaves. This will ensure prevention of diseases such as root rot. It also helps the plant to grow strong new roots.

If you have a large garden, you can drop bubbles of Reiki over specific plants. With second degree Reiki, you can send Reiki to your garden, and also to all the beneficial insects that visit.

Whenever you bring home a potted plant it is a good idea to spend some time with it sending Reiki into the root system and watering it with Reiki charged water. Plants that have been warehoused in stores do not often receive proper care. Plants and seedlings bought from a nursery might have some stress moving from an optimum environment to someplace completely different. In either case, the Reiki energy will give each plant a nice boost as they adjust to the new home.

Energizing Your Food

With Reiki you can improve the quality of your food. Give Reiki to your food as you prepare it. Simply hold it in your hands and allow the Reiki to flow into it. Alternatively, you can give Reiki to food once it is on the plate.

This method can also be used when eating out, as you can energize your food by discreetly holding your hands at either side of your plate, palms facing in, rather than above it. This same method can be used with water and other beverages.

Mechanical Reiki

Yes, you can use Reiki on machines! I have used it to recharge dead batteries, and to keep an elderly vehicle running. I channeled Reiki into my computer one day when it was freezing up every five minutes, and while it did not do anything for the computer, the solution to the problem came to me as I was channeling the Reiki.

I know people who have used Reiki to keep clothes dryers running, dishwashers leak free, and a number of other things.

Other Reiki Ideas

Try charging letters, and the bills that you pay, with Reiki before sending them. Reiki your wallet, and your cash. Infuse your credit and debit cards with Reiki energy and see what effect it has on your finances.

When giving a gift, charge it first with Reiki so that it brings healing energy and positive vibes to the recipient. Reiki your phone before, and during a difficult call, or when talking to a difficult person. You’ll be surprised at how much that helps.

Put Reiki energy into anything you are wanting to sell, and it will attract buyers and bless them at the same time. The ideas are endless.

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Some Thoughts About Reiki

reikiReiki has helped me find more balance between body, mind and spirit. I have fallen in love with my body again after 30 years of treating it like a lifeless tool.

I have become more sensitive to the energy of situations, both positive and negative, and have found the courage to appreciate them all.

Reiki has also helped me in my meditating, making it easier for me to probe into my inner depths.

My overall health has become more balanced and life is more fun than ever before. My compassion has grown, and I often find myself cool and collected in situations that used to set me on fire in the past.

Reiki helps us see others more lovingly, it puts us into a gentle equilibrium of body, mind and soul.

~Frank Arjava Petter

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