Kirlian Photography and Reiki


Before Reiki


After Reiki

Kirlian photography is a technique of photographing the etheric energy patterns around living things. Pioneered by Semyon Kirlian, a Russian researcher in the 1940’s, it is based on a phenomenon known as corona discharge. This discharge pattern seems to follow the pattern of the etheric aura. As you can see from the images above, the energy after Reiki is stronger, more organized, and more balanced.

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  • Interesting. I first found out about kirlian photography in a book on the subject back in the 1970’s and attempted to build a machine. It failed!

    Since then I’ve had sporadic interest in the subject.

    Many years ago I got attuned to Kundalini Reiki via a Master from Denmark and went on to give many, many people attunements in Kundalini Reiki via distance attunements. I am more than curious to see what would happen if I were to use a device while I used the Reiki at the same time as using the device??

    I am also a keen practitioner of applied prayer (on site they are known as manifestation requests. Tons of testimonials).

    Is there any way of buying either a premade device or easy to make a device? I have a lab grade powersupply (up to 30 Volts with digital readout) that I bought while going through my colloidal silver phase.

    Thank you.

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