Runes are best known for their use in divination, however, the sounds of the individual Runes, can be chanted and used in magick as an incantation. Verbal rune magick is called Galdr or Galdor, from the Old Norse, which originally meant ‘incantation’. The verb “gala” is also used for “to crow”. It later came to mean magick in general.

Each of the links below will take you to the individual Rune along with a longer explanation and the incantation to empower it. Also included are the Runic Postures (Rune Yoga), and Hand Positions (Rune Mudras).

  • Fehu – For attracting wealth and protecting property.
  • Uruz – To clear obstacles and change circumstances.
  • Thurisaz – For protection and defense.
  • Ansuz – To increase communicative skills, pass exams and gain wisdom.
  • Raidho – To ensure a safe journey.
  • Kenaz – To restore self-confidence and strengthen will-power.
  • Gebo –  To create harmony in personal relationships.
  • Wunjo – To bring happiness and spiritual transformation.
  • Hagalaz – To attract positive influences.
  • Nauthiz – To achieve long-term goals or help lost causes.
  • Isa – To make a situation static, ground wayward emotions and calm volatile actions.
  • Jera – To bring events to culmination.
  • Eihwaz – To end situations and solve problems.
  • Perthro – To find lost property, obtain inner guidance and make financial speculations.
  • Algiz (or Elhaz) – Strengthening of magical power and luck and life force.
  • Sowilo – To increase good health, vitality and sexual powers.
  • Tiwaz – To achieve victory over adversity and justice.
  • Berkano – For fertility, family matters and love affairs.
  • Ehwaz (or Ehwo) – To cause changes.
  • Mannaz – To attract goodwill and new social contacts.
  • Laguz – To manifest psychic powers.
  • Ingwaz – To end a cycle of events or specific situation.
  • Dagaz – To create new beginnings or opportunities.
  • Othala – For property matters.

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