• Basic Powers: Strengthening of magical power and luck and life force.
  • Pronunciation: “all-geese” or “ale-hawz”

Every possible form of protection from every possible source of danger is Algiz’s domain. Protection and defense, physical or spiritual, personal or collective.

Another powerful rune of protection, Algiz was often carved into weapons for victory and safety during battle. As its shape is the one we stand in when we invoke the gods or draw energy from the heavens, it is also seen as the connecting bridge between gods and men. Protection from enemies. Protection from evil. Promotes friendships. Strengthens luck and the life force.

Protection, defense. Mystical and religious communication with nonhuman sentient beings. Communication with other worlds, especially Asgard and the cosmic wells of Urdhr, Mirmir, and Hvergelmir. Strengthening of magical power and luck and life force.

The Chant

elhaz elhaz elhaz
z z z z z z z z z
[a deep whirring, whistling sound] uz az iz ez uz
oz ez iz az uz
z z z z z z z z z
(m m m m m m m m m)

It can be used in conjunction with the symbol, or chanted while visualizing the symbol. The symbol can be etched into a candle while intoning the chant, and then, as the candle burns, the spell is released and sent.

The Statement of Intent

Even a plant can cause harm
if used without caution;
danger lurks even in the safest place.

This is a modern version of the “Rune Poem” that defines this particular rune. It can be used in combination with the chant, and while creating a talisman or spell that uses the power of this rune.

Runic Posture

Rune Yoga, or Runic postures are used to anchor the energy of the Rune in your physical body. More about them can be found here: Runic Postures.

Assume the recommended runic posture and sing the name of the rune in a non-exhaustive way that you can feel your body vibrating – in magic literature it is called vibrating. It could be that you can hear overtones clearer as usual during vibrating. Take this as a good sign. You are visualizing the rune with your inner eye, as its form is being represented by your body and the energies are flowing through your body.

Stand up, with arms extended to the sides and upwards.

Before practicing a rune it is recommended to know everything on the powers of the rune you want to practice. The flow of energy is different for each rune, a field of research for your sensitivity.

The hand positions, or mudras are effective only after you have anchored the runes in your own aura and body. They can be made silent and unobtrusive.


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