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Animals are often archetypal symbols of sorts, and they also bring up certain images in people’s minds. Therefore, they are powerful symbols that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Animal likenesses can be used in the form of statues to guard the house; on jewelry to inspire or protect; in visions or manifested as spirit helpers for those that believe in totem animals; and even as a decoration whose meaning runs deeper than the surface. Little figurines of any animal can be included in a mojo bag or charm for symbolic value. Also, the behavior of an animal can be taken as a sign of things to come or events unknown.

Another interesting way to integrate the attributes of a specific animal, or to bring their power and presence into your life is to transfer the image of the animal to a very small piece of paper, roll the paper into a small ball and swallow it.

What follows is a by no means complete list of basic lore inspired by and expanded from The Magick of Folk Wisdom, and other sources. Use these symbols in combination with each other, with the symbolism of engraved stones, with color symbolism, and with anything else that is inspiring.

  • Adder:

Transformation, Healing, Life Energy, Rebirth, Resurrection, Initiation, Wisdom, Cunning, Reincarnation

  • Alligator, Crocodile:

Maternal Protection, Connection to the Earth Mother, Protection from Manipulation, Understanding Deceit, Revenge Through Patience, Initiation, Understanding Weather, Access to Ancient Knowledge, Aggression, Survival, Adaptability

  • Ant:

Patience, Stamina, Planning, Energy, Communal Living, Storing for the Future, Group Minded, Perseverance, Step by Step, Teamwork, Industriousness, Order and Discipline. An ant bite signifies an upcoming fight. Use as a symbol for hard working and success.

  • Ape and/or Monkey:

Put an ape on an amulet of protection. Use a monkey as a symbol of benevolence. Carrying an engraved monkey stone can lend levelheadedness. Envisioning apes on guard around you can help to be freed from unjust accusations.

  • Badger:

Keeper of Stories, Bold Self-Expression, Aggressiveness, Single-Mindedness, Passion, Cunning, Revenge, Perseverance, Control, Antidote to Passivity or Victimization, Persistence in the Service of a Mission, Groundedness, Knowledge of the Earth, Earth Magick and Wisdom, Creative Action in a Crisis, Protection of Rights and Spiritual Ideas. Staying power and determination to overcome all odds. Carrying a badgers tooth – Good luck (especially for gamblers)

  • Bat:

Death and Rebirth, Guardian of the Night, Cleaner. Often considered a sign of upcoming death or bad omen. Images of bats can aid eyesight. Use as a symbol of longevity and joy. Popular spirit guide because of night vision ability. Inspiring animal for meditation on enhancing psychic abilities.

The bat, which sometimes chooses a human as a companion or becomes a familiar to a human, is thought to confer long life, happiness and wealth to those humans with which it lives. The bat is sacred to Persephone, and thought to be lucky as a companion animal.

  • Bear:

Introspection, Healing, Solitude, Change, Communication with Spirit, Death and Rebirth, Transformation, Astral Travel, Creature of Dreams, Shamans and Mystics, Visionaries, Defense and Revenge, Wisdom, Thoughtfulness, Need for Retreat, Rest, Natural Strength, Primal Power, Sovereignty, Intuitions Married with Instinct, Awakening the Power of the Unconscious, Introspection, Mother, Cunning, Healer, Dreaming, Direction, Connection to Creator, Nature’s Pharmacist.

An emblem of power and protection. Bear meat is said to be a cure for insomnia and baldness. A symbol of reborn springtime, after hibernation. Guardian of the West in some cultures. Honey bears symbolize truth. A bear appearing in real life or in dreams can symbolize a resting period followed by flourishing growth.

  • Bee:

Connection to the Goddess Diana, Understanding Female Warrior Energy, Reincarnation, Communication with the Dead, Helping Earth-Bound Spirits Move on to Their Proper Place, Concentration, Prosperity, Community, Celebration, Organization, Fertility and the Honey of Life, Sweetness of Truth. Gods’ messengers. Carriers of good souls in the next life. A swarm of bees indicates a catastrophe on its way.

  • Beaver:

Doer, Builder, Gatherer

  • Birds:

The phrase “a little bird told me” harkens back to the time when birds were watched to divine the future. Ask a bird your question, then throw it some seed. If it eats it, the answer is ‘yes’; if it does not eat it, the answer is ‘no.’ A bird residing in your home as a companion animal will increase the memory and increase the mental powers of those with whom it connects. Birds are sacred to Mercury, their fallen feathers have many uses in spells.

Examples, of some bird feather practices include placing feathers above the doorway to prevent children from wandering out and getting lost, placing a wreath of feathers under a sick person’s pillow to speed recovery, and hanging feathers over a bed to prevent nightmares (note that feathers are also hung from dream catchers).

  • Bison and Buffalo:

Popular totem animal of old. Buffalo image helps to inspire successful meditation. Earth Creativity, Feminine Courage, Abundance, Knowledge, Generosity, Hospitality, Sharing Work, Courage, Strength, Challenge, Survival, Giving for the Greater Good, Formulating Beneficial Plans, Prayer, Sacredness, Life Builder.

  • Blackbird:

Enchantment, The Gateway, The Inner Call, Understanding of the Energies of Mother Nature

  • Boar:

The Warrior Spirit, Leadership, Direction. Greek/Roman personification of victorious battle. A symbol of nature-based wealth. The boar is an inspiring symbol for success and protection, especially when the chips are down.

  • Bobcat:

Clear Vision in Dark Places, Vigilance, Suspicion, Seeking Ancient Mystical Mysteries, Ability to Live in Solitude, Ability to See Through Masks

  • Bull:

Wealth, Potency, Beneficence, Fertility

  • Butterfly:

The three parts of the butterfly’s body symbolize the three phases of life. A good inspiration for transformation. A symbol of happy union when carved in jade. A group of butterflies indicates positive change on the way. Butterflies can carry the souls of the dead in some traditions.

  • Cat:

Independence, Protection, Love, Allows us to Dream its Dreams, Assists in Meditation, Ability to Fight when Cornered, Mystery, Magic, Guardianship, Detachment, Sensuality, Aloofness, Balance, Wisdom, Recuperative Power, Reincarnation, Strong Protector, Self-Assured, Searching for Hidden Information, Seeing Spirits. Worshiped as divine in some cultures. Thought to have nine lives, so aligned with the symbolism of nine, a lucky number.

Black cats can be a bad omen for some, if they cross your path. The appearance of a stray cat at your door could indicate monetary gain. Asking a question and then watching a cat walk into the room was a divination procedure; if the cat stepped first into the room with the right paw, the answer was yes. A cat is popular for amulets used to keep the wearer safe in travel.

Of all animals, cats are most sacred to witches because of their connection to the Moon. Cats were sacred to Freya, Isis, Sekhmet, Astarte and Diana, among others. Sharing your home with cats brings many blessings and much luck.

  • Chameleon:

Use of Color as Camouflage, Survival, Patience, Ability to Climb to Attain Ones Goals, Using the Sun as a Source of Power. A symbol of the ever-changing future, and of inconsistency. A resurrection symbol. Its appearance could be studied for signs of rain on the way. Useful inspiration for blending in.

The chameleon as a companion animal is believed to ward off the evil eye, increase sexual appetite, ward off disease and make humans more acceptable to other humans.

  • Cheetah:

Ability to Focus Intently on Something for a Short Period of Time, Swiftness, Self-Esteem, Accelerating Time, Keenness of Sight, Speed, Making Events Occur Quicker

  • Cobra:

Soul Guide, Memory of the Soul World, Transmutation of the Soul, Past Life Memories, Wisdom of the Goddess, Freedom from Religious Persecution

  • Cougar:

Using Leadership Power Wisely and Without Ego, Balancing Power, Intention, Strength, Gaining Self-Confidence, Freedom from Guilt, Cunning, Savagery, Fury, Remorseless, Hunting, Seeking of Freedom, Balancing Intention, Power, Coming into Your Own Power, Courage, Swiftness, Balance

  • Cow:

Being Alert to Danger, Contentment, Great Mother Goddess, Love, Connection to the Grasses, Sharing through Community, Vitality, Health, Prosperity, Life of the Land, Nourishment, Motherhood. One mother goddess symbol. Sacred in India. Red cows are a symbol of hope. Inspiring symbol for nurturing efforts.

  • Coyote:

Understanding That All Things are Sacred–Yet Nothing is Sacred, Intelligence, Ability to Laugh at One’s Own Mistakes, Shape-Shifting, Teaching Balance Between Risk and Safety, Illumination, Stealth, Clowning and Humor, Wisdom of Folly, Prankster, Insight, Playful

  • Crab:

Ability to Escape by Moving Sideways Understanding the Power of Dance, Ability to Move Through Water (Emotions), Male Aspects of Community, Protection of Home Space

  • Cricket:

Some believe crickets are reincarnated family members come to bless the home. Good luck charm. If one lives in your chimney, you are blessed; if it leaves, bad things are on the way.

  • Crow:

Guardian of the Place Before Existence, Carrier of Souls from Darkness into Light, Working Without Fear in Darkness, Guidance While Working in Shadow, Moves Freely in the Void, Understands all Things Related to Ethics, Shapeshifter, Secret Magic of Creation, Thief, Trickery, Boldness, Skill, Cunning, Single-Mindedness, A Bringer of Knowledge, Swiftness, Eloquence

  • Deer:

Gentleness, Healing, Connection to the Earth and the Forest, Keen Scent, Grace, Swiftness, Being Alert for Any Danger, Psychic Powers, Innocence, Love, Kindness, Sensitivity, Pride, Independence, Purification, Strength, Nobility. Deerskin has been thought to help epileptic people be cured.

Visions or dreams of deer indicate desire to find the right path. Sighting a deer, especially if it is unafraid of you, is a sign of an influential person coming into your life to teach you what you most want to learn.

  • Dog:

Guidance, Protection, Loyalty, Faithfulness, Devotion, Trust. A dog howling at the moon is a bad omen. Dogs can supposedly sense the presence of ghosts. If a dog hides under a table, a thunderstorm is on the way. Putting a coral necklace on your pet dog will protect it from disease. A dog arriving unexpectedly at your house forecasts the arrival of a new friendship. A dog’s appearance in a vision or dream indicates loyalty, service, and trust.

Dogs have long had a magickal place in religious rites. Dogs are sacred to Hecate and because of this, it is thought that dogs can see Hecate, or danger, approaching and warn humans. Thus, they are watchers of the home, and bring not only protection, but love.

  • Dolphin:

Change, Wisdom, Balance, Harmony, Communication Skills, Freedom, Trust, Water Element Magick, Life, Breath, Communion with Nature, Protection, Psychic Awareness, Eloquence, Freedom, Magick, Discovery, Truth, Kindness, Play. Dolphins are thought to carry departed souls to the next incarnation. When dolphins leap often, a storm is coming. A dolphin image signifies joyous, childlike play and helpfulness.

  • Donkey:

Placing an ailing person on a donkey’s back may bring them back from the brink of death. If the person cannot be placed to sit, passing them under the donkey’s belly three times does the trick. A donkey symbolizes fertility and easy childbirth. Donkeys are symbols of efficiency, health, well-being, and luck.

  • Dove:

Peace, Love, Spirit messenger, Feminine Energies, Maternity, Prophesy

  • Dragon:

Ancient Powers, Intelligence, Ferocity, Elemental Magick, Extra Power, Protection, Instruction in the Spiritual. A symbol of wisdom due to long lives and potent magick. Dragon charms can bring power. Visions or dreams of dragons can symbolize a person in power. Dreaming of flying on the back of a dragon symbolizes the beginning of a new spiritual insight.

  • Dragonfly:

Dreams, Illusions, Understanding Dreams, Truth, Power of Light (Luminescence of Colors), Flighty, Carefree. Do not scare off a dragonfly; it brings harmony and serendipity. A symbol of dreams, luck, and ancient knowledge.

  • Eagle, Golden Eagle, Sea Eagle:

Swiftness, Strength, Courage, Wisdom, Keen Sight, Illumination of Spirit, Healing, Creation, Knowledge of Magick, Ability to See Hidden Spiritual Truths, Connection to Spirit Guides and Teachers, Power, Intelligence, Renewal, Clear Vision, The Solar Bird, Spiritual Power, Carries Souls Back to the Dreamtime, Soul World Memory, Retrieves Lost Soul Parts.

  • Elk:

Strength, Agility, Freedom, Power, Nobility

  • Elephant:

Memory, Strength, Ancient Wisdom, Power

  • Falcon:

Soul Healing, Accompanying the Soul Back to the Soul World, Teaching Swiftness, Controlling Speed and Movement, Understanding Magick, Astral Travelling, Healing

  • Fish:

Associated with messiahs and saviors. Fish symbolize good luck and prosperity. Fish that dwell in wells are thought to be water spirits. Carp are symbolic of true love and courage, because of their upstream swim to spawning ground. Used as a symbol for foresight, fortune, and miracles.

Fish kept in the home offset negative energies because they are magically ruled by the Sun. Fish are also thought to attract money, ensure fertility and strengthen relationships, especially marriages.

  • Fox:

Shapeshifting, Cleverness, Observational Skills, Cunning, Stealth, Camouflage, Feminine Courage, Invisibility, Ability to Observe Unseen, Persistence, Gentleness, Swiftness, Diplomacy, Wildness, Adaptation, Slyness, Wisdom, Protection, Provider, Intelligence. Foxes align themselves with certain families and appear to them when danger is near. Foxes can be seen as tricksters, Shapeshifters, and possessors of great magick. Visions or dreams of a fox may indicate a need to reevaluate your position.

  • Frog and Toad:

Sensitivity, Medicine, Hidden Beauty and Power, Cleansing, Healing Magicks, Faith, Miracles. A frog’s tongue was used in the Middle Ages to place over a lover’s heart and make her answer truthfully. Frogs are thought to be able to take sickness away. Frogs symbolize health, honesty, and purification.

Frogs in the home bring good luck, increase fertility and cause new friends to visit the home. A frog in the garden brings rain. A frog also is a symbol of resurrection and renewal because it is ruled by Water.

  • Gazelle:

If a gazelle crosses your path left to right, it is a bad omen. Thinking of the gazelle’s image in times when you need energy can help boost your personal power. Gazelles appearing in dreams indicate a need to settle an old score.
Goat: Sure Footedness, Seeking New Heights. Goats are aligned with Pan, and thus thought to be disguised forest deities. Goat’s fur or foot is an anti-evil talisman. Goat symbols can help to achieve goals, endure criticism, and stay safe.

  • Goose:

Vigilance, Parenthood, Productive Power, The Call of the Quest, Travels to Legendary Places, Luck, Innocence, Story Telling, Fertility, Fidelity, Symbol of 8 and Infinity

  • Hare:

Hares hopping into a churchyard are thought to be incarnations of departed young girls who died of abandonment. A hare crossing a pregnant woman’s path was unlucky. Hares are symbolic of lunar energy and fertility. If you see a hare unexpectedly, it can mean you may be dawdling on things that matter and should pick up the pace.

  • Hawk:

Clear-Sightedness, Being Observant, Far-Memory, Messages from Spirit, Guardianship, Recalling Past Lives, Courage, Wisdom, Illumination, Seeing the Larger Picture, Creativity, Truth, Experience, Wise Use of Opportunities, Overcoming Problems, Nobility, Recollection, Cleansing, Visionary Power, Defense, New Life, Primal Life Force, Fulfillment, Messenger

  • Hedgehog:

Hedgehogs are thought to be able to predict changes in the direction of the wind. Using an image of hedgehogs collecting grapes with their quills can help you reap the fruits of your labors.

  • Hornet, Wasp, Yellowjacket:

Use of Female Warrior Energy, Sisterhood, Understanding Female Societies, Communal Living

  • Horse:

The Goddess, the Land, Travel, Power, Freedom, Strength, Movement, Grace, Dignity, Stamina, Endurance, Faithfulness, Journey, Swiftness, Friends, Loyalty, Astral Traveling. Representative of transportation and communication. A black horse with a white marking on its forehead is lucky. Observing a white horse could give hints about the future.

  • Hummingbird:

Messenger, Stopper of Time.

  • Jaguar:

Seeing the Roads Within Chaos, Understanding the Patterns of Chaos, Moving Without Fear in the otherworld realms, Facilitating Soul Work, Empowering Oneself, Moving in Unknown Places, Shapeshifter, Psychic Sight, Releasing Fear. Some say shamans’ departed spirits can live on in jaguars. The jaguar is a good focus image for those wishing to begin a shaman path.

  • Leopard, Snow Leopard:

Sensitivity to Touch, Stalking, Approaching Someone Unseen, Movement in Shadow Worlds, Communication with Plant Kingdom, Understanding One’s Shadow Side, Trusting One’s Inner Self, Agility, Strength

  • Lion:

Letting Go of Stress, Strong Family Ties, Strength, Courage, Energy, Ferocity, Assertion of the Feminine and the Power of the Female Sun

  • Lizard:

Detachment from Ego, Power to Regenerate That Which is Lost, Facing Fear, Controlling Dreams, Moving in the Otherworld, Conservation, Agility. Lizards, which are ruled by Mars, keep disease from the home.

  • Lynx:

Keenness of Sight, Divination, Developing Psychic Senses, Keeper of all Secrets and Mysteries, Movement Through Time and Space, Secrets and Vision of the Hidden and Unseen

  • Monkey:

Monkeys, ruled by Mercury, bring success, health and good fortune to the home.

  • Moose:

Headstrong, Unstoppable Longevity.

  • Mountain Lion:

Using Leadership Power Wisely and Without Ego, Balancing Power, Intention, Strength, Gaining Self-Confidence, Freedom from Guilt, Cunning

  • Mouse:

Shyness, Quiet, Attention to Detail, Sneakiness

  • Newt:

Newts, ruled by Saturn and sacred to Athena, bring intelligence and watchfulness to the home.

  • Otter:

Joy, Playfulness, Sharing, Feminine Power, Helpfulness, Sharing, Adventure, the Magick of Joy, Youthful Exuberance, Zeal, Laughter, Curiosity, Mischievous.

  • Owl:

Silent and Swift Movement, Seeing Behind Masks, Keen Sight, Messenger of Secrets and Omens, Shape-Shifting, Link Between the Dark, Unseen World and the World of Light, Comfort with Shadow Self, Moon Magick, Freedom, Silent Wisdom, Nocturnal Vision, Healing Powers, Magical, Detachment, Change, the Mystery of Magic, Omens, the Arts, Watchfulness, Night Magicks, Truth, Patience.

  • Panther:

Astral Travel, Guardian Energy, Symbol of the Feminine, Understanding of Death, Reclaiming Ones Power, Ability to Know the Dark, Death, Rebirth, Swiftness, Cunning, Strength, Perseverance, Boldness, Beauty,. Gaining Confidence

  • Parrot:

A parrot improves the wit of its human companions. Teaching a parrot lucky words with bring luck to you each time the parrot says the words. If a parrot whistles unexpectedly, rain is coming.

  • Phoenix:

Overcoming Impossible Odds, Reincarnation, New Life/Cycles, Cleansing Energy of Fire, Rebirth, Renewal, Growth Spiritually, Strength, Energy

  • Pig, Sow, Hog:

Crone Goddess, Rooting out the Truth, Deep Earth Magick, Past Life Knowledge, Intelligence, Cunning, Generosity, Nourishment, Discovery. Hogs are used as food for special occasions. Eating their meat is supposed to help the triumph over darkness. Pigs are symbolic of rebirth and rejuvenation.

  • Rabbit, Hare:

Guile, Quick-Thinking, Humility, Strengthening Intuition, Releasing Fear, Overcoming the Past, Resolution to Change, Fertility, New Life, Alertness, Nurturing, Rebirth, Balance. Rabbit’s feet are lucky talismans, probably because of their swiftness.

Rabbits can be utilized in meditation by envisioning a rabbit hopping away and towing your troubles away from you. Saying “rabbit” as the last word before you sleep and “hare” as the first word when you wake up can bring a gift once a month. There are several variations on this.

  • Raccoon:

Curiosity,Creativity, Dexterity, Disguise

  • Raven:

Healing, Initiation, Protection, Magic, Shapeshifting, Creation, Help with Divination, Wisdom, Eloquence, Magick of the Crone, Trickster, Teacher, Hoarder.

  • Salamander:

Connects Earth and Water, Connection to Soul Memories, Change, Comfort in Darkness, Ability to Cloak in the Face of Adversity

  • Salmon:

Understanding Divination Messages, Rebirth of Spiritual Knowledge, Instinct, Persistence, Determination, Wisdom, Inspiration, Rejuvenation

  • Scorpion:

Death, Rebirth, Transmutation, Repelling Negativity. When the sun is in the house of Scorpio, initiations can take place successfully, aligning the initiate with the fire sign. Scorpions symbolize the “fire within” that often needs careful tending.

  • Seal:

Protection, Lucid dreaming, Creativity, Love, Longing, Dilemma, Active Imagination

  • Shark:

Ability to Move Constantly, Remorselessness, Never Being Caught Off Guard, Ability to Defend Oneself, Hunter, Survival, Adaptability

  • Sheep, Ram:

Confidence in Ones Abilities, Fertility, Courage, New beginnings, Abundance, Assurance in New Areas, Sacrifice, Breakthrough, Achievement

  • Skunk:

Sensuality, Respect, Self Esteem, Shrewdness, Transformation, Life, Death, Rebirth, Rain, Fertility, Transmutation

  • Snake:

Elusiveness, Transmutation, Exploration of the Mysteries of Life, Primitive or Elemental Energy, Protection from Religious Persecution, Goddess Energy, Psychic Energy, Creative Power, Immortality, Rebirth, Resurrection, Initiation, Wisdom, Healing, Transformation. Snakes are aligned with healing powers, and are sometimes kept as pets for that reason.

Snakes symbolize healing, fertility, and renewal and rebirth (because of its tendency to shed its skin). Tossing a dead snake into the air can divine rain; if it lands belly-up, here comes a storm. If an adder snake appears in the home, it is said that death will strike. Dreaming of a snake can be a warning that an acquaintance is working against you.

A snake brings wisdom and good health to its home companions. Snakes also bring longevity, wisdom and intelligence.

  • Sphinx:

Initiation, End of a Cycle, Element Magick, Meeting the Dark Mother

  • Spider:

Master Weaver, Weaver of the Web of Fate, Wisdom, Creativity, Divine Inspiration, Shapeshifting, Understanding the Patterns of Illusion, Female Energy for the Creative Force of Life, Creative, Connecting the Past with the Future, Creating Possibilities, Weaver of the Primordial Alphabet. It is unlucky to kill a spider. The spider’s weaving skills make it a good inspiration for any rituals involving networking and connection to the outside world.

Never kill a spider in the home; it will bring bad luck. Spiders kept as companions bring protection and increase intelligence. A spider’s web can be used to scry in the same way as a crystal ball for those who practice divination. To the Celts, the spider’s web symbolized the web that held all life together.

  • Squirrel:

Conservation, Storage, Activity, Preparedness

  • Swan:

Sensitive, Emotional, Dreamer, Mystic, Longevity, Awakening the True Beauty of the Power of the Self, Soul, Love, Beauty, Self-Transformation, Self-Images, Intuition, Empathy, Moon Magicks, Grace, Balance, Innocence

  • Tarantula:

Ability to Shed the Outer Skin (Masks) and Transform, Creativity, Spinning a Web to Entrap Enemies, Defense of Territory, Intimidation by Size, Use of Environment to Conceal Oneself

  • Tasmanian Devil:

Self-Defense, Protection of Territory, Ability to Use Perseverance When Necessary, Understanding of How and When to Fight

  • Tiger:

Power, Energy, Strength and Will-Power in the Face of Adversity, Acting in a Timely Manner, Action Without Analysis, Passion, Devotion, Sensuality

  • Toad:

Toads should not be kept in the house as they will react to psychics and to ghosts…unless, one wants to discern if there is a ghost present in the house. If there is a psychic person present, or a ghost present, a toad will act erratically. Toads found in the garden, however, bring intelligence to the gardener.

  • Tortoise and Turtle:

Symbol of the Earth, Connection with the Center, Navigation Skills, Patience, Self-Boundaries, Associated with the Feminine, Power to Heal Female Diseases, Respecting the Boundaries of Others, Developing New Ideas, Self-Reliance, Tenacity, Nonviolent Defense, Motherhood, Linking Heaven to Earth, Awakening to Opportunities, Creative Source, Informed Decisions, Planning, Adaptability, Slow Progress, Retreat, Grounding, Chasity, Conservation, Mother Earth, Longevity.

A tortoise shell can be used in divination. Considered an inspiring symbol of the ocean gods. Turtles and tortoises symbolize persistence and wise choices.

Turtles are ruled by Venus and bring love, longevity and fertility. Patting a turtle on its shell with bring you good luck.

  • Unicorn:

Spirit of Purity, Innocence, Childhood

  • Whale:

Record Keeper for all Eternity, All Knowledge Associated with Voice, Psychic and Telepathic Abilities, All Aspects of the Sea, Beauty of Movement, Creation, Power of Song, Awakening Inner Depths, Ancient Knowledge, Sound Awareness. Some say whales have the power to cause earthquakes. Whales appearing in visions or dreams mean to concentrate on harnessing your own magick and aligning with the water element.

  • Wolf:

Facing the End of One’s Cycle with Dignity and Courage, Death and Rebirth, Spirit Teaching, Instinct Linked with Intelligence, Social and Family Values, Outwitting Enemies, Steadfastness, Skill in Protection of Self and Family, Taking Advantage of Change, Intuition, Learning, the Shadow, Guardianship, Ritual, Loyalty, Spirit, a Pathfinder, Psychic Energy, Inner Divinity, Teaching, Careful Study, Cunning, Escaping Hunters, Ability to Pass by Dangers Invisibly

An Astral Wolf Could Lead You to a Spiritual Teacher, Strong Protection, Spiritual Guidance in Dreams and Meditations, the Teacher, Success, Perseverance, Stability, Thought

  • Wolverine:

Revenge, Understanding Aggression, Protection Against Attackers, Multilevel Protection, Standing your Ground, Fierceness

  • Wyvern:

Revenge, Retribution, Creating Protective Barriers of Fear as a Defense


The energies of solar flares and sun storms can be very effective when harnessed for magickal use. But what are they, and how do they affect us?

We seldom think of weather conditions as causing problems anywhere other than here on Earth. Inf act, we seldom even consider that there is any sort of weather anywhere else. But that’s just no so. Outer space has its own sort of weather, too, and Sun storms can definitely wreak havoc with it.

Sun storms are geomagnetic and caused by a series of eruptions and explosions on the Sun’s surface. These explosions emit lots of tiny particles that fly into space at speeds in excess of a thousand miles per hour, and set course for Earth’s atmosphere. And since they’re both radioactive and magnetized, they wreak havoc here, too, when they arrive.

So, what kinds of problems do they cause? Because they’re highly magnetized, they can screw up compass readings and interfere with global positioning systems. The latter, of course, is a real problem since most air traffic controllers use the GPS to track airplanes on radar.

They also have the ability to knock out power systems and cause blackouts, push satellites out of orbit, and interrupt radio transmissions.

And if that weren’t enough, this solar fallout also brings a hefty dose of radiation with its arrival; in fact, flying on a day when Sun storms are in progress often brings travelers ten times the radiation of a normal chest x-ray.

Be that as it may, though, the energies of these aggravating little storms can be very effective when harnessed for magickal use.

Because of the magnetized particles involved, they’re absolutely unsurpassed in power when it comes to attraction magick. In fact, nearly any magick worked during these periods comes to fruition quickly, provided that the desired result is visualized as being drawn to you like nails to a magnet.

Efforts to alleviate anger, stress, anxiety, and confusion ~ or anything else you’d like to eradicate from your life ~ also work well now. The trick is to visualize the problem breaking up into particles that fly away and dissolve into nothingness.

The good news is that Sun storms are predictable ~ but only by three or four days in advance. Still, that allows plenty of time for for practitioners to be ready to brag their power and use it to full advantage. If you are interested in utilizing this magick, here’s a link to Space Weather Live Solar Forecast.

Source: Everyday Sun Magic

“Magic is only unexplained science. Science is explained magic. When I study science, I study magic. When I study magic, I study science.” ― C. JoyBell C.
Do not use any ingredient if you are allergic to it. There is always something else that can be used, or substituted.
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