Here is an A to Z list of all the Magickal ingredients covered here. It’s a table of contents for easy access when you know exactly what you are looking for. It also saves the sidebar from getting overly long.


  • Acacia – Protection, Clairvoyance
  • Allspice – Luck,  Good Fortune in Business, Money Matters, and Games of Chance
  • Amber – Healing, Wisdom, Grounding, Stability
  • Apple – Love, Healing
  • Aster – Loving Vibrations, Healthy Emotions, Contentment, Protection
  • August – Friendship, Harvest, Gathering, Vitality
  • Basil – Purification, Protection, Exorcism, Love
  • Bat Nuts – Good Luck, Protection
  • Bats – Good Luck, Protection
  • Beans – Ghost busting, Creativity, Inspiration, Money
  • Bioluminescent Fungi – Dark magick, Fairies, Fox Spirits, Shapeshifting
  • Black – Banishing Negative Thoughts and Situations, Reversing, Uncrossing, Binding Negative Forces, Releasing, Removing Confusion, Contact with spirits, Dark Magick, Defensive Spells
  • Blue – Water Magick. Balance, Healing, Peace and Patience, Communication, Health, Friendship, Dreams, Sleep, Inspiration, Harmony in the Home, Meditation
  • Bones – Divination, Necromancy, Communicate with spirits and the dead
  • Boneset – Ghost busting, healing, protection
  • Brown – Centering, Grounding, Building, Study, House and Home, Accumulation of Money and Material things, Healing Plants and Animals, Finding Lost items, Gardening and Decision-making.
  • Calendula – Comfort, Health, Psychic Dreams
  • Camphor – Cleansing, Purification, Enlightenment
  • Candles – Brings energy and fire to spell spellwork.
  • Candy – Offerings to remove obstacles, Appease hungry ghosts, Sweeten the path.
  • Carnation – Protection, Happiness, Energy
  • Catnip – Love, Luck, Lust, Aphrodisiac
  • Cats – Power booster, Good luck, Weather forecasting
  • Chives – Aphrodisiac, Protection, Action, Stirring Things Up
  • Cinnamon – Success, Purification, Healing
  • Cobwebs – Healing, Kisses, Communication
  • Coffee – Energy, Divination, Success, Uncrossing,
  • Corn – Fertility, Protection, Luck, Divination, Prosperity
  • Cosmos – Balance, Harmony, Confidence, Good Luck, Attract Fairies
  • Cranberry – Healing, Protection, Love, Lust, Positive energy, Courage, Passion, Action
  • Crossroads – Balance of opposites, Meeting of time and space, Ghosts, Death or the dead
  • Daffodil – Luck, Prosperity, Happiness, Hope
  • Daisy – Divination, Romance, Courtship, Fairies
  • December – Death and Rebirth, Transformation, Friendship
  • Devil Pods – Good Luck, Protection
  • Door knob – Influence, Open doors, Success
  • Dragon’s Blood – Energy, Purification, Protection
  • Earth Smoke – Money, Expel Evil Spirits
  • East Wind – Dramatic improvements, Changes for the better, Especially in Behavior.
  • Eclipse – An intense time of Energy, Beginnings, Endings, Transformation
  • Eggs – Cleansing, Fertility, Absorb Negativity
  • Elm – Stability, Elves, Protection, Speech, Female Power, Fairies
  • Emerald – Wealth, Pleasure, Successful Love, Memory
  • Eucalyptus – Cleansing, Healing, and Protection
  • Falling Stars – Wishes
  • February – Purification, Growth, Healing
  • Fenugreek – Prosperity, Virility, Money
  • Foxfire – Shapeshifting, Fairies, Dark Magick, Fox Spirits
  • Full Moon – Completion, Release, Banishing, Letting Go, Giving Away
  • Fumatory – Money, Expel Evil Spirits
  • Furze Tree – Money, Protection, Fertility
  • Geranium – Love, Healing, Protection
  • Ghost Apple – Relationships, Cleansing and Clearing
  • Gold (color) – Concentration, Creativity, Learning, Intellectual, Knowledge, Understanding, Astral Projection, Telepathy, Mental Abilities, Thoughts.
  • Gorse (Furze Tree) – Money, Protection, Fertility
  • Gray – Water Magick, Moon Magick, Balance, Peace, Patience, Vision Quests.
  • Green – Earth Magick, Faerie Magick, Money, Luck, Fertility, Faerie Contact, Guide Contact
  • Hazel – Divination, Protection, Faerie Magick
  • Heather – General Luck, Love, Ritual Power, Conjuring Ghosts, Healing, Protection, Rain-making and Water magick.
  • Holly –  Protection, Anti-Lightning, Luck, Dream Magick
  • Ice – Binding, Banishing, Transformation
  • January – Beginnings, Conception, Reversing
  • July – Dreams, Divination, Success, Goal Setting
  • June – Protect, Strengthen, and Prevent. A time of Light; Guidance
  • Key – Protection, Love, Luck, Opening
  • Lemon – Purification, Love, Beauty, Anti-Aging
  • Lemon Balm – Love potions, Aphrodisiacs, Fertility Anti-depressant.
  • Loosestrife (purple) – Peace, Harmony, Protection, Demon Banishing
  • Mabon – Balance, Harvest
  • Mace – Psychic Ability, Money Drawing, Creativity
  • March – Balance, Beginnings, Growth, Prosperity
  • Marjoram – Marriage, Happiness, Love, Protection, Relationships, Comfort
  • Milk – Prosperity, Nurturing, Protection, Success
  • Mistletoe – Fertility, Protection, Love, Healing, Luck, and Invisibility
  • Morning Glory – Love, Relationships, Psychic Ability
  • Mud Dauber Dirt – Success in Business, Marriage, Control Others (especially husbands)
  • Mushroom – Aphrodisiac, Attract Fairies and other spirits
  • New Moon – Wishes,  Dreams, Goals, Creation. An intense energy time for spells, rituals, prayers.
  • North Wind – Freedom from Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Break Bad Habits.
  • November – Take root, prepare. Transformation. Strengthen communication
  • October – To let go, Cleansing, Karma and Reincarnation. Justice, Balance, Harmony.
  • Onion – Protection, Purification, Exorcism, Healing.
  • Orange (color) – Personal Creativity, Career, Legal Issues, Business
  • Pepper (the spice) – Protection
  • Pie – Happiness, Love, Protection, Prosperity
  • Pine – Fertility, Purification, Cleansing, Protection, Money
  • Pink – Love, Beauty, Friendship, Partnerships, Romance, Attraction.
  • Primrose – Attract Fairies, Protection, Love
  • Pumpkin – Protection, Divination, Banishing, and Prosperity
  • Pumpkin Seeds – Fertility, Abundance, Wealth, Love, Prosperity, Good Luck
  • Purple – Justice, Royalty, the Psychic, Meditation, Idealism, Mysticism, Guidance, Divination.
  • Rain Water – Courage, Cleansing, Renewal, Power, Purification,
  • Red – Energy, Passion in Love, Courage, Lust, Power, Transformation, Loyalty, Force, Sexuality, Blood.
  • Rose – Love, Romance, Passion
  • Rosemary – Memory, Protection, Purification,
  • Salt – Purification, Protection, Grounding, Blessing
  • September – Clearing, Balance, Rest
  • Silver (color) – Moon Magick, Clairvoyance, Divination (scrying), Astral travel, Repelling Spells.
  • Silver Fir – Cleansing, Power, Insight, Progression, Protection, Change
  • Snowdrops – Hope, Friendship in Adversity, Passing of Sorrow
  • South Wind – Can be used for any type of magic when it’s blowing, it’s a good time to cast Spells.
  • Sweet Pea – Friendship, Loneliness
  • Thistle – Protection
  • Thyme – Courage, Purification, Fairies, Psychic Ability, Healing
  • Vervain – Protection, Love, Immortality
  • Waning Moon – Cleansing, Clearing
  • Waxing Moon –  Gathering up, Bringing in, Growing, Adding to
  • Wood Marjoram – Cleansing, Fairies, (see also Thyme)
  • West Wind – Water Magick, Love, Healing, Fertility, Cleansing
  • White – Moon Magick, Divination, Spirituality, Protection, Psychic Powers, Healing, Truth, Peace
  • Yellow – Concentration, Creativity, Learning, Intellectual, Knowledge, Understanding, Astral Projection, Telepathy, Mental Abilities, Thoughts.
  • Zinc – Revelation, Renewal, Freedom, Calm Your Nerves
“Magic is only unexplained science. Science is explained magic. When I study science, I study magic. When I study magic, I study science.” ― C. JoyBell C.
Do not use any ingredient if you are allergic to it. There is always something else that can be used, or substituted.
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