• Basic Powers: To end a cycle of events or specific situation.
  • Pronunciation: “eeeng-wawz”

To gather people or to influence them. It can be used to establish dedication and loyalty, the “we” of a group. It can be used as a rune of fascination, which makes it suitable for strengthening hypnosis, trance, or meditation. It can also be used for gaining the respect of others, or gaining influential positions in a community.

Ingwaz (or Ing) represents the male consort of the Earth Mother and as such is also a symbol of fertility. It is often used in the final position of the runescript to indicate a successful outcome. It is a very positive rune. Fertility. To release energy suddenly. To bring something to a satisfactory end. To “fix” the outcome of your runescript so that the benefits indicated therein do not drain away.

Storage and transformation of power for ritual use. Fertility rites. Passive meditation and centering energy and thought. Sudden release of energy. Sex magic.

The Chant

ingwaz ingwaz ingwaz
i i i i n n n n g g g g
ung ang ing eng ong
ong eng ing ang ung
i i i i n n n n g g g g

It can be used in conjunction with the symbol, or chanted while visualizing the symbol. The symbol can be etched into a candle while intoning the chant, and then, as the candle burns, the spell is released and sent.

The Statement of Intent:

He moves across the lands;
visiting his farmer friends
giving gifts of great bounty.

This is a modern version of the “Rune Poem” that defines this particular rune. It can be used in combination with the chant, and while creating a talisman or spell that uses the power of this rune.


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