Once upon a time, according to legend, the Goddess Hecate had a temple in the ancient city of Colchis, surrounded by vast botanical gardens. Her priestesses, including her most famous devotee Medea, were famed for their botanical knowledge. No doubt they could concoct a sleeping potion or two. This simple bath uses two of Hecate’s sacred materials – honey and lavender – to soothe the way to sleep and encourage healing dreams.

Gently warm some milk. The quantity is up to you: the more milk, the more luxurious and soothing the bath. When the milk is warm, carefully add honey, stirring so that it blends. (Otherwise the honey will just settle at the bottom.)

Remove from the heat; add several drops of essential oil of lavender, or several handfuls of freshly picked lavender flowers. Add to a tub filled with warm water.

Source: Coven Of Hecate

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