Bath salts are easily prepared, and are much preferable to the commercial mixtures, which tend to be irritating to the skin. They are also an easy alternative to using herbs in the bath, as this tends to be messy. The basic ingredients are table salt, baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate). Some herbalists also use borax. Add the ingredients to a large bowl or plastic bag in these proportions:

Basic Recipe For Bath Salts

  • 3 parts Epsom salts*
  • 2 parts baking soda
  • 1 part table salt (or Borax)

Mix thoroughly. From this base, you can create any fragrance bath salts you desire. You can make up a large quantity of your favorite bath salt, or two or three fragrances, if you prefer. Simply divide the above mixture and set aside those portions to be separately mixed with the fragrance and colors of your choice.

It’s wise to add the power of colors to bath salts. Use plain food coloring for this purpose, letting it fall drop by drop onto the salt base. If two or more colors are required to mix an exotic hue (such as purple), mix these in a spoon first and then add to the salts to avoid creating a two-toned product.

Recommended colors for bath salt mixtures are included in many of the recipes. For those who read “Color: White,” you can simply leave them untinted. Add many drops for a darker colored bath salts; fewer for a lightly hued bath salts. Mix the color into the salts with a spoon until it is evenly distributed. Or, if you are using a plastic bag, you can shake and work the bag until you are satisfied with the color.

Now add the essential oils drop by drop, one ingredient at a time, until the scent seems right. Mix with a spoon (or shake) until all salt particles are moistened. Be prepared to spend some time doing this, perhaps a half hour or so. Here is where the plastic bag comes in handy!

If the Bath Salts are mixed for a ritual purpose, visualize the energies within the oils merging with each other and with the salt as you mix. Keep the salt’s goal in mind while you stir. Use or store until needed.

You can make your own bath salts blends using essential oils and oil blends for specific purposes, or you can follow this tag for specific bath salts recipes: Bath Salts

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