Magickal Inks

Bat’s blood ink is one magickal ink that you should use carefully. This ink has been used to write spells of misfortune, havoc, and putting hexes. But being the good witch that you are, you can use bat’s blood ink to protect yourself from hexes. Plus you can use it to undo jinxes that have found their way into your life.

Be very careful with using bat’s blood ink for negative purposes since that can easily backfire. To make the ink you will need the following:

  • 2gr Dragon’s Blood resin
  • 1gr Myrrh resin
  • 1gr Gum Arabic
  • 12ml Alcohol
  • ½ cup water
  • Dark red coloring – optional, to make the ink darker and better for writing.

Ground the resins and the gum to a fine powder. Then, boil about half a cup of water. Lower the fire and pure the gum Arabic in the water. Stir until the gum is fully diluted. Then put in the rest of the resins and keep stirring until you have a honey-like paste.

Then take the mix out of fire, let it cool down to approximately 60oC (140oF) and add the alcohol. If you are using coloring, add it now. Stir until it becomes an homogeneous liquid. This is your Bat’s Blood Ink.

Depending on how finely you have ground the ingredients and how much water remains in the paste, you may need a little more or less alcohol to end up with a proper liquid. But whatever the case, the ink will work.

How to use Bat’s Blood Ink to remove problems and obstacles:

Light a fire in your cauldron and infuse it with purifying power. To do so, chant “Hum” or “Ksham” 108 times over the fire. Of course, always take all fire safety measures when using fire.

Add to your Bat’s Blood Ink a few drops of a Banishing or Uncrossing magical oil. Do not substitute with a Road Opener, Block Buster, or Success Oil. With this oil empowered ink, write on pieces of paper your problems and obstacles. Do not, under no circumstances, write people’s names. Only situations.

Then throw the papers into the purifying fire and let them burn to ashes. Even better, summon a fire Deity or a fire Spirit you trust to assist you in this procedure.

Source: Magical Recipes Online

Materials Needed:

  • Dragon’s Blood resin (powdered if possible)
  • Colorlesss alcohol (such as vodka)
  • Tightly sealable jar
  • one cinnamon stick (chipped) or 15 cloves or one vanilla bean (chipped) or 9 coffee beans (crushed).

Pour the resin and spices into the jar. Pour in just enough alcohol to cover the resin/spices mixture plus 10% more. Seal the jar. The resin will leach it’s color into the alcohol, faster if it is a powder than if it is resin chunks. The spices will leach their scent into the ink at the same time.

When you think it is dark enough, dip a sterile toothpick into the liquid, and test on the paper you intend to use it with. Let dry: is it indeed dark enough, or does it need more steeping? Continue steeping and testing.

When it is done, strain to remove the resin and spices. Return the liquid to the bottle, use for writing. Be advised that this is not a sun-fast ink, so it should not be used for things that will spend a great deal of time in the direct sunlight.

By: Susan Profit

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