Reiki Code of Ethics

We respect an individual’s right to choose to be helped or not to be helped. This is called FREE WILL. We do not use Reiki on anyone who has not asked for it. We cannot know the soul’s purpose for that person or their higher self’s purpose. At some level conscious or subconsciously, they may not want to be helped.

There is a fine line between what is an invasion of privacy and what is not. If you feel a person needs the Reiki energy, but are not sure if that person would welcome or refuse the Reiki, you can send it via a “bubble” (see Exploring The Reiki Energy), and send it out through your High Self for the greatest good, with the clear intent that it be accepted by free will only. If the person refuses the energy, it can go instead to healing the Earth, or to someone else who wants and needs it. Unwanted Reiki energy may be recycled in this way for positive use, while still not violating another’s free will.

To force unwanted healing on anyone is totally against healer’s ethics. People and animals have the right to hold onto their dis-ease if they choose to do so.

You may set your own fee as far as “treatments” are concerned. You can do this on a donation basis as well. However, do not let the fee be a major factor in helping someone. You can trade out the treatment for something other than money. Value for value.

Remember the spiritual law: ” As you give, so shall you receive.” If you want abundance in your life, then give freely. There are times when you may only receive a hug ~ but how much is that hug worth? Your main concern is to help others whenever you can without harm to yourself.

Please remember that you cannot legally claim to be a healer. According to the rule of law, that would be “practicing medicine without a license.” Call yourself a Reiki Practitioner, Energy Facilitator, or whatever you feel is appropriate.

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