• Vervain leaves – 4 stalks worth
  • Honey 1/4 cup
  • Florida water or other perfume (a few dabs)
  • 1-1/2 cups of water

Blend all ingredients in a blender. Combine this in a gallon jug and fill with warm water.

Stand in shower and dump mixture all over, then just towel off. Its an invigorating herbal wash that is great after ritual or when you feel slightly off kilter.

~Source Unknown

Note: I like the combination, and I do think it would be very grounding – however, if you’re worried that it sounds like it would be sticky, I would recommend this variation:

Combine the Honey, the Vervain, and the Florida Water (or perfume of your choice) with cornmeal to the consistency of a scrub. Scrub your body and then rinse with lots of warm spring water.

You can create a Solar Wheel or a Corn Man Wheel using a wire coat hanger, cardboard, and several ears of Indian corn complete with the husks.

Magickal Uses:

The wheel can then be used to decorate your altar, or you could hang it on your door as a decoration and a celebration of the wheel of the year. Corn is a symbol of fertility, and a Solar Wheel invokes the power of the Sun to bring health and happiness to your home.

Here is how to make it:

  • Bend a wire hanger into a circle keeping the hook to hang it by.
  • Cut out a small cardboard circle to glue the tips of the ears of corn onto.

You may want to create your Corn Man Wheel as a pentagram using five ears, or a Solar Wheel using eight ears to represent one ear for each Sabbat.

  • Attach the ears of Indian corn around the perimeter of the wire circle.
  • Wrap the husks around and glue where necessary, leave some of the husks hanging loose to fray out from the edges and make it more decorative.
  • Where the ears of corn meet in the center, glue them together. This is where the cardboard circle comes in to use.
  • Sprigs of wheat, dried flowers, and herbs can be used as decorative filler between the ears of corn.

Here are a variety of different wheels and wreaths that can be made to celebrate the season and the Corn.

And this is a simple idea to gift back to the wild ones who live all around us.

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