Gypsy Cures for Freckles

While freckles are fabulous, they haven’t always been considered the trademark of a gorgeous person. For centuries, beauty was sought in “flawless” skin and perfectly porcelain complexions. Freckled girls everywhere were constantly told they weren’t beautiful because of the dots that patterned their faces.

No more! As of late, freckles have become the must-have beauty essential. Having freckles is no longer just something you have to live with; it’s something to be desired.

If, however, you are not enjoying your freckles, here are some old Gypsy cures:

All you need is horseradish and milk. Scrape 2 tablespoons of the horseradish into a basin and pour half a pint of boiling milk over it. Don’t strain. When it is cold, use the mixture to cover the face thickly, especially any areas which may be heavily freckled. Leave to dry for half an hour, and then wash off with tepid water. Repeat at intervals of two or three days until the freckles have vanished.

Another way to discourage freckles is to gather the youngest leaves from an elm tree after rain or when the dew is on. Draw the leaves gently over the face leaving the liquid to dry on. Not only will this discourage freckles, it will also soften the skin and make it more beautiful.

Don’t worry if you are caught unawares on a lovely day and have no patent skin protection handy. All you need is a cucumber. Simply cut a slice and rub it over the face, neck and hands, leaving the juice to dry on. Not only will it give protection from sunburn it will freshen and revitalize the skin and also soften it, if left on overnight, it acts as a gentle astringent.

Gypsy Beauty Secrets

2f19e10184caf66c36ea6256e8803cb7Gypsy women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. How do they get that way? Are they born beautiful? Many are, yes, but not all. And for those who are not, there are some closely kept beauty secrets.

To wash your face with dew every morning is believed to keep the complexion clear. Rain water also has been used, but these days of acid rain give one pause for thought.

Some Romani women will take a lock of their hair and bury it at the foot of a willow tree. This is said to promote luxuriant growth, making the hair glossy and attractive.

Many a Romani woman will never brush her hair in artificial light. She will either do it in the daylight or will sit outside and do it in the light of the moon.

~Raymond Buckland
~Gypsy Love Magick

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