Get Rid of an Unwanted Suitor

Here is a good spell for getting rid of an unwanted suitor. Take a small square of paper and write on it the name of the annoying would-be lover. Use black ink for this. Many Gypsies also say that it is best to use one of the old “dip” pens and ink, rather than a modern ballpoint, but you could experiment.

Let the ink dry; don’t blot it. Then light a white candle and burn the piece of paper in its flame while thinking of the person running away from you. Catch the ashes in something (burning the paper over an ashtray is a good idea) and carry them out to a hillside (you can do this by putting them in a small plastic bag, similar). There you must place the ashes on the upturned palm of your right hand and hold it up, saying:

Winds of the North, East, South and West,
Carry these affections to where they’ll be best.
Let her/his heart be open and free,
And let her/his mind be away from me.

Then blow on the ashes so that they scatter to the winds.


To Bring Out The Love of Another

This is an interesting spell. It does not interfere with another’s free will. All it does is give them the courage to state what is on their mind. It is done when you feel very strongly that the person is in love with you but that they hesitate to say so. If it turns out that they are not in love with you after all, then it simply won’t work, so that’s why it doesn’t exert undue pressure.

This should be done at the same hour on seven consecutive Fridays, ending on the one closest to the Full Moon (before the moon reaches full, not just after).

Take a pink candle and mark six rings around it, at equal distances apart. This will give you seven sections of a candle.

Light the candle and call out the name of the one you think loves you. Then say:

Gana, be with me in all that I do.
Gana, please bring me a love who is true.
Give him (her) the strength to put into words
His (her) feelings, and sing like the song of the birds.

Think about the person for a few moments – think of them coming to you and declaring their love then repeat the chant. Keep doing this until the candle has burned dawn to the first line. Then extinguish the candle (by pinching it out, never by blowing) and put it away till next week. On the final week, keep it up until the candle burns itself out.


Gypsy Iron Protection Spell


This spell can be used to improve the health of an elderly person as well as to keep harm away from someone who is housebound.


Take a horseshoe or an iron nail and bless it by immersing it in salty water. Bury it in the garden of the sick person or in a potted plant. Leave the tip poking out of the earth, to act as a conductor to disperse the energy.

When you bury it, say:

Ill health I do tell,
Run through this iron.
(name of person) is free and well.

Found in: The Good Spell Book

Gypsy Justice Spell


If the law has treated you unfairly, invoke this spell and justice will be done.

Take the Justice card from a Tarot deck. Now light a blue candle and place the Justice card on the right-hand side. Write your name and address on an unused piece of white or green paper and place it to the left of the candle. Romanies sometimes use their thumb-print instead of their name and address.

Light thirteen votive candles, to represent the thirteen lunar cycles of a year, and place them in a circle around the candle and card.

Say a prayer in which you ask for protection to be placed around you and your family.

Write your wish regarding the legal matter on a piece of paper. Sprinkle it with rose oil and burn it on the blue candle’s flame. Place the burning paper on a saucer until it turns to ash. Leave the candles to burn out and your wish will be fulfilled.

Found in: The Good Spell Book

Healing Old Wounds


This is magick used when there has been a rift in the family, be it between two individuals or between two whole groups within the family. It can be recognized as basic sympathetic magick.

Take a long white candle and break it into as many parts as there are factions. However, be careful not to break the wick – only the wax.

On each section of the candle carve the name of the individual or the initials of the major figures in the dispute (for example: should it be one whole branch of the family against another, with perphas as many persons in each group, then just mark the initials of the leaders, such as the father, mother, or grandmother, etc).

Lay the broken candle on a sheet of clean parchment (paper will do). Light a pink (best), red (second best) or white (third choice) candle and hold it over the broken candle so that the melting wax drops down onto the breaks, sealing them.

The broken candle should be slowly turned, keeping it on the parchment, so that all sides of the breaks become joined by the falling wax. As you do this, say: “Heal! Heal! Heal!” repeating it as necessary until the white candle is whole again.

When the engraved candle is once again whole, stand it upright in a holder and light it. It should then be left to burn down completely.

From: Raymond Buckland

Gypsy Spell For Love

3C1315F7Perhaps there is someone in whom you are very much interested. He or she seems to notice you but makes no move to develop a relationship. This is not a spell to draw that loved one to you, but more to “open the way,” so that if there is interest there, he or she will feel free to make advances.

The Seeker should set a wineglass on the table. Then suspend a ring (traditionally the mother’s wedding band) from a length of red silk ribbon. Holding the ribbon between thumb and forefinger, as a pendulum, with the elbow resting on the table, let the ring hang in the mouth of the wineglass. Initially you should try to keep the ring still.

In a loud, clear voice, call out your own name followed by the name of your would-be love. Repeat the name of your love twice more (three times in all). Then, thinking of him/her, allow the ring to swing until it “chinks” against the side of the wineglass once for each letter as you spell out the name.

Now take the ribbon and tie it about your neck, allowing the ring to hang down on your chest over the heart. Wear it for three weeks. Every Friday repeat the above ritual. By the end of the third week, if it is meant to be, then the loved one will come to you.

From: Secrets of Gypsy Love Magick

Origin of the Name ‘Gypsy’


When the Roma arrived in Europe from the East, given their dark skin and eyes, they were believed to be from Turkey or Egypt. The word gypsy is derived from the word Egypt (gyp) and the people just called them gypsies. At that time the word did not have a negative connotation, but only identified the group as a people.

Also called travelers in many countries, they were nomadic people who rarely set down roots, traveling in wagons from place to place—always on the move—and sleeping in tents until the mid-1900s.


Meet With Success

s251218603788300272_p1_i1_w735This is a “commanding” spell and will place you on the threshold of success. It may also be used to increase your personal power before an important meeting.

Have in your mind a clear idea of what it is that you want to succeed with. Light a blue candle in front of a mirror. Sit at the mirror and stare into your own eyes in search of your soul. Ask for a circle of gold light to be placed around you for protection and a circle of blue light to be placed around you for healing. Repeat your Christian name (or names) twenty-one times. Then speak your wish and repeat it twenty-one times. Blow out the candle and await success.

From: The Good Spell Book

Gypsy Names


Each gypsy had three names:

The first was a secret name whispered into the baby’s ear shortly after birth and again when the child reached puberty but never spoken aloud at any other time and never told to anyone else.

The second was a gypsy name, used between gypsies only.

The third was a local name, usually chosen to reflect the general names being given to non-gypsies in the country where the gypsy resided. This was the name the gypsy was to use publicly,with a gadje (non-gypsy), or for on official documents.

Popular Gypsy Names

Popular Gypsy Names – Feminine

  • Anelka, Anuaka, Armanka, Anselina, Athalia,
  • Babina, Bayana, Belka, Bena, Bica, Bilya, Bina, Binuca, Birka, Bizuca, Bota, Botana, Boyala, Bresa, Briya, Buna, Burgulya, Britannia
  • Cini, Cora, Cura, Camba, Cernyavka, Cilyana, Cilyanka, Cinderella, Clementina
  • Dana, Danira, Darka, Dena, Diamanta, Diduka, Dika, Dilinka, Dina, Domka, Donya, Draga, Duda, Dudarka, Dulca, Dundya, Dyana, Dyolbana, Dyombala, Dyula, Dotia
  • Feastra, Fairnette, Freedom
  • Gana, Gafa, Gafica, Gaftona, Grinza, Guda, Gentilia
  • Kali, Kapica, Kata, Katarina, Kati, Keza, Kica, Kokana, Kolombina, Krizma, Krizmarica, Kruca, Kumbriya, Kuna
  • Lina, Loli, Loyzi, Loza, Luga, Lukreciya, Lula, Luludi, Luna, Lutka, Luska, Luza, Lyalya, Lyanka, Lyuka,
  • Madoka, Mala, Malaska, Malika, Malyoxa, Mandica, Manevra, Mara, Marca, Mardyola, Marga, Margayka, Margoska, Maruca, Marulya, Matora, Matryona, Matuska, Mileva, Mina, Miyula, Mica, Morana, Mugulya, Murzatka, Muyara, Mentanya, Meriya, Mizelli
  • Nataliya
  • Ocean
  • Papin, Papina, Papus, Paralya, Parastiva, Patrina, Pavia, Pavlena, Persi, Pika, Pitoc, Piyada, Pucuranka, Puna, Pupi, Putya, Peperuga, Persuda, Pevuna, Phabay,
  • Rayka, Roseriya, Rufa, Rupinka, Rupla, Ruza, Reservoir
  • Sabina, Saveta, Sima, Sofa, Solomiya, Sonya, Staya, Stura, Senuca, Sana, Seryadya, Seyica, Sinfai
  • Taliya, Terenka, Tereza, Terka, Teza, Tinka,
  • Unity
  • Vandya, Vena, Vota, Volya, Volyana, Voronka, Voronsana, Vorza, Vorzana, Vorzank, Vancy
  • Xilya, Xilyka,
  • Yana, Yeva, Yela, Yelena, Yordana, Yoza, Yula, Yulyca,
  • Zaga, Zamba, Zambila, Zamfira, Zana, Zanda, Zizya, Zofinya, Zolfina, Zorpina, Zuzana, Zuzi, Zuzulya, Zofi, Zoska, Zuza

Popular Gypsy Names -Masculine

  • Amberline
  • Belcher
  • Brishen Baul, Bavol, Bersh, Beval, Bidshika,Brishen
  • Camlo, Chik, Cam, Chaine, Chal, Chavula, Clopin
  • Danior, Dukker, Durriken, Durril, Dangerfield
  • Elijah,
  • Garridan Gillie, Guibran, Goliath, Gilderoy
  • Hezekiah
  • Jal, Javert, Jibben, Jivin
  • Ker
  • Lel, Lennor, Lendar, Lensar, Liberty
  • Mander, Merripen, Mestipen, Major
  • Nehemiah, Noah, Nelson, Neptune
  • Pal, Pattin, Pias, Pov
  • Rye
  • Stiggur, Sampson, Shadrack, Silvanus
  • Tas, Tobar, Tobbar, Tawno, Tem, Terkari
  • Vandlo
  • Wen, Wesh
  • Yarb
Note: As you can see there are a lot more feminine names listed than there are masculine names. Some are more modern, some are Romani and some are English. As I find more, I will add to the list.

Sources: This post was compiled by Shirley Twofeathers for Gypsy Magic, you may repost and share it only if you give me credit and a link back to this website. Blessed be.

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