Need Money?

Find a quiet place, light a candle or two, and some incense. Sit for a moment and think hard about the exact amount of money you need. See the money. See yourself holding it; counting it. Imagine not that it will come, but that it has come that you now have it. With this in mind, start the chant.

The Chant:

Need, need, need;
Money, money, money!
Me, me, me;
Money, money, money!
Now, now, now;
Money, money, money!
Need, need, need;
Money, money, money!
Me, me, me;
Money, money, money!
Now, now, now;
Money, money, money!
Bring the money to fill the need;
Yes, bring the money to fill the need.
Now my power has done the deed.


Try to think of the words, of what you say, as you chant them. Get the rhythm so that it is automatic. It is the rhythm that draws out your power and sends it on its way. Sit, stand, or kneel; whichever is most comfortable. You can even dance around in a circle. Anything you feel will help draw on your desire and send it pounding through the air to its goal can, and should be used.

Whatever your financial need, you can meet it. Remember, though, that you are only to seek what you need…. if you want money just for the sake of having it, it is unlikely to work.

It is preferable that this chant be done on a Wednesday, but don’t let that deter you from using it any time you have a need. Suggested incense is a mixture of Pepperwort, Saffron, and Nutmeg, however any incense for success and prosperity will be fine. Spells for increase are best done during the waxing moon.

~Raymond Buckland

2 Responses to Need Money?

  • I seriously need money to start a business and also to take care of my family financially. I want you to help me to get some money.I you to cast a money or lottery spell for me. I am from Ghana. I am Godwin Anane Larkotey. Please help me. Hope to Hear from you soon

  • i am really in need of money to further my education
    please help me hope to hear from you soon

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